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  1. Blackcat Comics in Milpitas I go there to and I also go to Comic & Figure Addicts in Union City.Last time I was there he had MVC2 with the Storm exclusives.He didn't have Sentinel & Ryu but he does carry TRU exclusives when they come out.
  2. What is your LCS jcastick?Are you still out in the San Jose area?
  3. Congratulations to all the winners...and Thank you to Bob and all the customizers out there for putting out awesome work!
  4. Thanks Boyd...if you need the decals just message me.
  5. Thanks WookieFodder! Thanks Bob...the belt actually is from the original Fantomex.I just forgot to put it back on him in the picture.
  6. Thanks mate..I use waterslide decals from
  7. Hows the back look? Jeff of the Miniacs If your wondering about how the sword is back there, well it's stuck on with putty.
  8. Valkyrie from Secret Avengers Valkrie top with Terminator 2 SWAT legs.
  9. Fantomex is looking a little paler and whiter in comics and in toys.So I decided to make that version of him. He was made by a minimate and Fantomex's jacket painted white.Black hands and feet and everything else is decals. Side by Side
  10. Here ya go, she has a star that goes on her jeans and W belt buckle. I uploaded all of her current looks over the last couple years You guys are awesome! I got some decal paper today so it will be painting time soon! Let me know if I need to adjust anything .
  11. I didn't want to disrespect the mans control art, so I left plastic man as is. I also unblurred your GL decal and didn't cut the corners off his mask.
  12. I also used Iron Cows control art and made a decal from it.I haven't tested it yet, but if his face size is off let me know so I can adjust it.
  13. Not sure if this is the one your looking for?
  14. Thanks boyd and hellpop, hopefully we get some more official Alpha Flight releases in the near future.
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