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  1. Anyone want to grab a case or split a case with this Canuck? I want to get the full set somehow!
  2. Holy moly, Mohawk wins! Thanks! He's my second favourite after Spidey The shelves are modified debbie travis shelves. The hanging shelves are from Michael's. They are shotglass displays, I used them mostly for when my minimates were in the babies room. Now that I have a mancave, I can display them much more freely.
  3. I'm pumped for this line! Mass Effect is one of my favourite game series. I'll just buy a full box if I can.
  4. I've got the whole set in my mancave!
  5. Happy Birthday Zach. May is the best month!
  6. I'm with you K80. I enjoyed it as a popcorn flick, the CGI was amazing. It was too long though, they could have cut out a bunch like the Airplane scene. It was unnecessary at best. I have to say it was an improvement on the first one in almost every aspect. As for Venom, did anyone get the feeling they were focusing on Gwen's big blonde brother? in both the scenes? They seemed to linger on him quite a bit.
  7. Probably not in Canada (or at least Calgary). Boo urns. Although we did get ASM mates last time. The TRU in my mall has had next to nothing for months. The only package I've seen is one Tomb Raider. Other than that, zilch. Damn you TRU! Probably have to hit a TRU in San Diego.
  8. You can bet I'll be there Zach!
  9. Thanks Zach! I did enjoy it, it was a fun popcorn movie. I loved the CGI this time around, it felt as if you were swinging with Spidey.
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