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  1. Favorite Marvel-Mate

    Magneto from the Villains boxset
  2. Minimates M.A.X. custom thread

    Nice 'mates man! Fight the power, create lengthy backstories and names for your M.A.X. figures
  3. Tales From The Minibar!

    Very funny! I can't wait for your next episode :biggrin:
  4. Board software upgrade

    Move along, nothing to see here. I really like the new website guys! Good job :biggrin:
  5. I think Power Rangers would be an excellent liscense for DST. They're colorful and feature hundreds of different characters to make. If done correctly, they could be as popular as Marvel IMO.
  6. Hmm...haven't been here in a while. Things sure have changed! I've moved to LA (The name "Iowa" would be silly then ahah), missed about 5 TRU waves (Fantastic Four WHA-), and and completely gave up my nu-metal ways (I guess that happens when you stop being 10). Well, I felt like updating this thread to say I'm back.
  7. X-Men First Class moviemates

    Yeah, the movie looks pretty nice now. Can't say I'm excited about those 'mates though
  8. Anyone like Mushroomhead?

    ^This Even though I shouldn't be talking too much...coughusedtobeslipknotfancough
  9. doctor who minimates!!!!

    I assume this is the picture then, eh?
  10. How big is your Stilt Man?

    more like wincest, amirite?
  11. What are you watching?

    I'll watch anything on Travel Channel. Man V. Food FTW! Also, Big Brother is the shiznit...
  12. News from SDCC 2010

    Wow. Just wow. I'm surprised though that they show like a shitload of MAX and halo mates and we still haven't seen wave 38! But everything looks really good. You'd have to be a really selfish douchebag to not be happy with these sets. My favorite is probably the X-Force set; but I like 90s X-Men too!
  13. Predators

    Saw the movie a couple days with a couple of friends. A'ight movie, I guess. Boring scenes are BORING, but badass scenes are badass. I'd give it a 3.5/5. Its worth a watch...
  14. Kubrick Talk

    K thanks! :biggrin:
  15. Kubrick Talk

    Where are these Kubricks from?