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  1. Lurch77

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores it wasn't me but it's a very nice gesture by someone.
  2. Lurch77

    3DS anyone?

    sorry to necro this thread but just in case someone wants a free Mario Mustache theme for their 3DS here's a download code for you: B11Y N2XP 1RQF BPVV I forgot I already redeemed MyNintendo coins for it before. Enjoy!
  3. Lurch77

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    Oh wow, I talked to her (Reinhart) during checkout when I was there a couple weeks ago. My brother-in-law worked at her store in Durham many many years ago when he was in high school. I feel bad for these employees that are getting the short end of the stick.
  4. Lurch77

    The Marvel Select thread

    Is there going to be a Marvel Select Gladiator Hulk from Thor: Ragnarok or is there only the Planet Hulk comic version at the Disney store?
  5. Lurch77

    Lurch's Custom-Like Stuff

    ^it just had to be done TRU Exclusive
  6. Lurch77

    Where in the World is Carimate Mindiego?

    ^it sure is; Duke Gardens is a great place to walk around and take pictures You're up next Capt.
  7. Lurch77

    Create Your Ideas Contest

    And the winners are .... everyone! All entries get prizes! Onyx_6 & jcastick win the random drawings 3rd place is Captain Paco 2nd place is Matallica 1st place is Ivan!! Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone that entered and also to Zach/DST for hooking us up with prizes!
  8. Lurch77

    Where in the World is Carimate Mindiego?

    Spider, you can jump back in if you want but here's a new one to keep things rolling. Name this university, city, state
  9. Lurch77

    General Minimate Pictures Thread

    Antman with a buddy. Our neighbor found this polyphemus moth caterpillar in his yard and my son loves checking out bugs so he brought it over for us to check out.
  10. Lurch77

    Create Your Ideas Contest

    Time's up and looks like everyone that entered is getting prizes. Send your ballots to me. Each submitted ballot must list in order, the top three most creative entries. 1.) Most Creative Entry 2.) Second Best Entry 3.) Third Best Entry
  11. Lurch77

    Create Your Ideas Contest

    Few more days left; I'm hoping everyone is just waiting till the last moment to post With no entries so far you could literally put a quick custom in a ziplock bag and be in the current top 3.
  12. Lurch77

    The End of Minimates?

    *dreams crushed*
  13. Lurch77

    Create Your Ideas Contest

    single or full is up to you; for those short on time or rather not do packaging you could always go with simple baggie like the giveaway promos 1) yes 2) yes