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  1. Hey guys! Just so you know, the newer trutype bodies have improved strength in the knee joints. From platoon Chris Taylor on, the joints are stronger.
  2. HI GUYS! I haven't been here in a while, but I thought I'd show my oldest son Shawn's costume We actually ordered it from the UK for him.
  3. Hey guys, I'm in need of help trying to find a Doctor Who Cyberman backpack for my son Shawn. He loves watching Doctor Who and his favorite characters are the Cybermen. I'm trying to find him a backpack for when he starts 1st grade in September. Any help is appreciated. I've checked online and am having NO luck
  4. I have the Tardis set, but need everything else lol I can pay or trade some mates!! HELP ME!
  5. Not to highjack Rob's thread, but I'm also going to be saying goodbye to the mmmv. Got alot going on in my 1:1 life, and I kinda want to put a gun in my mouth. Anyhoo, I will sorely miss your wit, wisdom, and general kindness Rob. And I mean that sincerely, from the bottom of my black heart. If you want, Rob, pm me and I'll give you my email, and other ways of staying in touch. If you don't want to, I can understand that too. Doc
  6. Always appreciate your Toy Fair coverage, ASMDaniel! Anyone care to tell me what line these are from? I presume they fall among the Sony mates, I oddly really like the post-apocalyptic look of these. From the video game "Uncharted"
  7. I IS HERE!!!!!!!!!! As for the Mark IV Hand, there aren't many places that part out the Iron Man armor figures. Here are a few places that might. Toy anxiety Monkey Depot Evilbay (Probably your best option for the time being, although Toy anxiety hopefully will be parting them out. Sideshow freaks. I'll keep an eye out for you.
  8. I can't find them around me either
  9. Diamonds usually have that effect on the fairer sex. My wifey actually likes it when I sell some of my hobby stuff, although I am also lucky because there are certain pieces that I told her that I was going to get rid of to fund my hobby and she literally told me that if I got rid of my favorite piece (Sideshow Doc Holliday 1/6th figure) she would physically assault me. It was sweet.
  10. That is an exceptional deal. Thank you Sam! He is loose, displayed under glass. Missing box, and the crappy MP5 SMG. Otherwise in perfect condition.
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