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  1. I bought the set from the TRU ebay store and got a immediate refund. I finally got the set from I got it in today and of course the package was crushed. My last 2 minimate purchases from them have arrived damaged. Anyone here have the same problem with the TRU shipping? Will they resend you a new one?
  2. YOU. No, please question my delivery dates. If Minimates show up early, everybody wins. For the most part. In true nerd form, I gave Zach a hobo Jem doll as a gift. The pic was printed in Toyfare issue 85 page 8. PS.. I'm sorry for the necklace it was a phase. Kisses, jason
  3. Yes, shipping dates are sometimes late -- since I've been here, I have not seen them go earlier than what we have indicated on the blog, but I've only been here since May, so I'll defer to you guys on that. But I can't even imagine how you would have gotten Minimates before they were listed in Previews, unless they were offered somewhere else first. Diamond's retailer site says "shipped 12/28." I knew many retailers get their items on Tuesdays, but I had no idea they got them this early. I guess they sent shipments out early for the holidays. I met Zach at a Wizard World Texas in 2003 (or maybe 2004). He is a man of his word! You better believe his delivery dates. But he sucks at video trivia. I beat him at classic rock video trivia in the bar. Good times! I think he has a restraining order against me now. Come back to me Zach!
  4. I found all of wave 12 (Civil War Cap/Arnim, Armored Thor/Beta Ray Bill, 1st app Thor/Balder and Cap/Crossbones) at the Toy R US at 249 and FM 1960 in Houston. I was there around 1:00pm and they loads of 'em. I still can't find the Galactus Box Set. I'm not even sure if it's still out. I might have to run to ebay on this one but I was hoping to save on the shipping. Edit: Let me know if anyone needs theses and you have stuff on my trade list. Let's trade!
  5. I just fixed it. I just forgot how to do it all. I owe you a beer! Thank you!! Old Man Jason
  6. Hey Bob! I think that is it. Let me try it out. Thank you brotha!!! jason
  7. I think this is the right area to post this...if not please advise. Anyway, I'm having a signature problem. Can someone please help me? At the bottom in the signature area I have my links to my "trades and want to buy section". For some strange reason my codes are all jacked up and you get a error. question is. Can someone please remind me (or send me the link) to the correct area so I can type in the code to fix my codes. I know it start with <a href="http:// or something like like. Basically, I need help fixing my code. Thank you in advance. Old Man Jason
  8. I know your pain! I started in 2000 slowly re-buying them on ebay and in my local comic shops. This is what I have so far.
  9. I agree. But I want 'em both. I like my original box but would love to have a fresh perfect one. I think the Alien displays pretty awesome in the box. Go Go 1979!
  10. I'm working on a reproduction box for my 1979 alien figure. This is kind of a test run. Here is my original box. I flattened the box and scanned it. The image is 31" X 34" and cost $50.00 just to print it. I wish I would have waited and corrected all the flaws on the original scan. The 2nd box I make I'll correct all the tears and bends. Like I said this is a test run. If all goes well I'm going to repair my Jumbo Shogun Warrior boxes. I welcome all tips, questions and comments. jason
  11. You had me at Booooooo-urns.
  12. No Spider-Man? No Wolverine? :tongue:
  13. Note to self......these fookers on here can find you. :biggrin:
  14. This is relevant to my interests. I have a Wizard World Texas promo that has discolored parts. I wanna try this. Thanks for the info guys.
  15. Hey Superjayd49, It's not really a big prized possession on mine. Send me a pm if you wanna trade something for it. Easy, Jason
  16. It's funny cos I have none of the other figures. I'm not into them. My brother won a Muppets prototype. I think it was a rat or something like that. I need to get that off of him. Do you know what kind of valve this Pit Witch has?
  17. I forgot I had this and thought I would show you guys. I won this prototype Army of Darkness Pit Witch at Wizard World Texas. It was in 2002 or maybe 2003 I can't remember. Anyway, I was walking by the Palisades booth and bought one ticket. I got lucky and they called my ticket number and gave me the figure and the card describing the auctioned item. Check it out!
  18. Yeah! You are right. I have been casting them face down so I get a true flat surface on the front. But I could easily cast them face up and position the arm out.
  19. Hey Bob, No problem. I had someone tell me that I used too much catalyst that's why some look clear and some have moar bubbles/rough areas. I like 'em all. I was going for the frozen ice look so it's win win. The first mate I did was the white one. I wanted to see if it would work and how it looked. I really like how the 3rd Cap turned out of in the pic above. The face area is very clear. This was the only one I cast different. I'm new to this and a lot of this was trial and error. The biggest and really only problem I had was at first I put the mate in and poured the resin and waited for it to dry. Well after a few minutes the figure would start to float up. So I was checking it about every 5 minutes and pushing the mate down until the resin started to harden. This was crazy important cos I didn't want the mate to harden with him half way out. One mate took me about an hour just checking on it. Anyway, on that last mate I did (3rd from the left). I poured half the resin in, dropped the mate in and waited for it to dry. Then I poured the other half of the resin in. Maybe this is common sense to most ppl but I didn't know. I just got lucky on the face area being clear. The last thing I did was very lightly sand down the mates. A few of them needed the edges trimmed with a hobby knife. All in all very simple and anyone can do it. Oh yeah, I hot glued the shields on the back so they would stay in place. If anyone wants I can take a pic of the resin I used and the tools needed.
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