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  1. jason4444

    New TRU Herald of Galactus Box Set

    I bought the set from the TRU ebay store and got a immediate refund. I finally got the set from I got it in today and of course the package was crushed. My last 2 minimate purchases from them have arrived damaged. Anyone here have the same problem with the TRU shipping? Will they resend you a new one?
  2. jason4444

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 minimates

    YOU. No, please question my delivery dates. If Minimates show up early, everybody wins. For the most part. In true nerd form, I gave Zach a hobo Jem doll as a gift. The pic was printed in Toyfare issue 85 page 8. PS.. I'm sorry for the necklace it was a phase. Kisses, jason
  3. jason4444

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 minimates

    Yes, shipping dates are sometimes late -- since I've been here, I have not seen them go earlier than what we have indicated on the blog, but I've only been here since May, so I'll defer to you guys on that. But I can't even imagine how you would have gotten Minimates before they were listed in Previews, unless they were offered somewhere else first. Diamond's retailer site says "shipped 12/28." I knew many retailers get their items on Tuesdays, but I had no idea they got them this early. I guess they sent shipments out early for the holidays. I met Zach at a Wizard World Texas in 2003 (or maybe 2004). He is a man of his word! You better believe his delivery dates. But he sucks at video trivia. I beat him at classic rock video trivia in the bar. Good times! I think he has a restraining order against me now. Come back to me Zach!
  4. jason4444

    New TRU Herald of Galactus Box Set

    I found all of wave 12 (Civil War Cap/Arnim, Armored Thor/Beta Ray Bill, 1st app Thor/Balder and Cap/Crossbones) at the Toy R US at 249 and FM 1960 in Houston. I was there around 1:00pm and they loads of 'em. I still can't find the Galactus Box Set. I'm not even sure if it's still out. I might have to run to ebay on this one but I was hoping to save on the shipping. Edit: Let me know if anyone needs theses and you have stuff on my trade list. Let's trade!
  5. jason4444

    sig line pic

    I just fixed it. I just forgot how to do it all. I owe you a beer! Thank you!! Old Man Jason
  6. jason4444

    sig line pic

    Hey Bob! I think that is it. Let me try it out. Thank you brotha!!! jason
  7. jason4444

    sig line pic

    I think this is the right area to post this...if not please advise. Anyway, I'm having a signature problem. Can someone please help me? At the bottom in the signature area I have my links to my "trades and want to buy section". For some strange reason my codes are all jacked up and you get a error. question is. Can someone please remind me (or send me the link) to the correct area so I can type in the code to fix my codes. I know it start with <a href="http:// or something like like. Basically, I need help fixing my code. Thank you in advance. Old Man Jason
  8. jason4444

    Repro 1979 Kenner Alien Box

    This box is coming along..
  9. jason4444

    Repro 1979 Kenner Alien Box

    I know your pain! I started in 2000 slowly re-buying them on ebay and in my local comic shops. This is what I have so far.
  10. jason4444

    Repro 1979 Kenner Alien Box

    I agree. But I want 'em both. I like my original box but would love to have a fresh perfect one. I think the Alien displays pretty awesome in the box. Go Go 1979!
  11. I'm working on a reproduction box for my 1979 alien figure. This is kind of a test run. Here is my original box. I flattened the box and scanned it. The image is 31" X 34" and cost $50.00 just to print it. I wish I would have waited and corrected all the flaws on the original scan. The 2nd box I make I'll correct all the tears and bends. Like I said this is a test run. If all goes well I'm going to repair my Jumbo Shogun Warrior boxes. I welcome all tips, questions and comments. jason
  12. jason4444

    Wave 42

    You had me at Booooooo-urns.
  13. jason4444

    TRU WAVE 12

    No Spider-Man? No Wolverine? :tongue:
  14. jason4444

    Flea Bay Problem!!!

    Note to self......these fookers on here can find you. :biggrin:
  15. jason4444

    Discolored plastic

    This is relevant to my interests. I have a Wizard World Texas promo that has discolored parts. I wanna try this. Thanks for the info guys.