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  1. So sorry, have been replying via regular email, had no idea they weren't going thru... PM-ing you...Thanks!
  2. Sorry for the O-T post, but time is of the essence... I need 1 member with GOOD feedback who would be willing to accept a shipment sent direct to you by then I will pay you to re-ship it to me in USA. (Will pay all fees) Anyone willing, please send me your address (& real name to ship to) ASAP, as I don't know how long the item will be available, let alone a decent price (Amazon prices change constantly). Thank you in advance!!! ~batmite's mom
  3. Searching for Lego #3316 Friends Advent Calendar (for Girls) I have 2 people looking, but just in case we come up empty, the Lego Friends (#3316) advent is apparently much easier to find in UK than in USA. Star Wars advent is readily available here, and someone said hard to find (or at least very pricey) in UK? If anyone has Lego 3316 (Friends advent) and needs Star Wars 2012 Advent (#9509) I'd be interested in a trade (or if you have one you would sell & ship) if my current UK "helpers" can't locate one. TIP: Apparently they are marked down to $8.80 euro (I don't have a character for the right symbol) at John Lewis (B&M stores) in UK if in stock. If anyone can find one & send to me, or trade for Star Wars #9509 Advent (I also have last year's Star Wars advent with Santa Yoda NIB) please let me know! Thanks! ~Allie
  4. I need to order a Lego set that is unavailable in USA, would need to order online and have it shipped to someone in UK who would then forward it to me in USA. Of course I would pay for everything, and we could possibly work out a trade system whereby I could also ship things to you that are not available in UK but are plentiful here in USA. Please PM me & let me know if interested!! Thanks!
  5. Did anyone else notice it also suggests that the TRU retail price of 2-packs will be going UP, yet AGAIN?! boo to you, TRU (home of 'always above MSRP' Lego's)!
  6. Understatement of the year. Only two years ago I found the Batcave on clearance for 50$ now it's in the 400$+ range. And that's why everybody should buy the C3 Batcave =D *crickets Except the LEGO Batcave doesn't fall over or make you write to the manufacturer for a "patch" bag of extra parts to prop it up! The first reviews that came out about putting the C3 Batcave together put alot of people off that one, due to the sheer frustration of assembly everyone was reporting.
  7. Thanks, all. Paid with MasterCard, so I'm going to follow my first instinct, and reply to the retailer showing the Wave 33 listings from MMDB, as well as some current listings from ebay, which luckily are all correctly listed (for a change) and mention that I will be filing a dispute with Master Card if they don't remedy the error (I'm requesting RMA & exchange if possible, although they may have sold out on the other). The price wouldn't have clued me, either, b/c they were also selling another wave Variant pack at the same price (and I received the correct (variant) sets of those!), so they can't even say that I "should have known" by the price, since they were selling other variants at the same price. It's a smaller online comic book store; I've actually never used them before, but I avoid AFX now at all costs, ever since THEY screwed me on Wave 28 by canceling all the pre-orders without any notice to customers (still haven't managed to find the Deadpool packs to complete my sets)! Just frustrating b/c now I don't have the variants I needed, yet I'd be stuck with (4) Rachel Greys...Argh Q: If the retailer never comes through, do we have a section here on the MV where we can list "substandard" retailers (it seems bad form, in a way, but I'd also hate for someone else to get screwed AFTER I already have "poor experience" history with the same retailer)!
  8. Seeking input from you expert lot on this one: I ordered the set titled "Sentinel/Rachel Summers" from an online retailer. The web page said "Sentinel/Rachel Summers". The invoice read "Sentinel/Rachel Summers". What I got was "Sentinel/Rachel Grey". Retailer (who shall be unnamed until I get to the bottom of this) says I ordered incorrectly. Retailer sent this email in response to my inquiry: Here is MM Database's listing for this wave: I invite any of you to PLEASE weigh in on this issue. I don't want to pursue the retailer if I am truly in the wrong, but if the retailer listed it incorrectly on the site, or just plain doesn't know how the sets are supposed to be titled, I want to request an RMA, as I already own the Rachel Grey set and DON'T need 2 more!
  9. Thanks, Timbo!! No rush. Just LMK what info you need. yay! I'm going to shoot you a PM... I think I can resolve this. T.
  10. I've written to "admin" several times about this, and never have received a resolution. Didn't notice this section of the forum before, so thought I'd try here...can't hurt. I joined the site in 2006. Then went to grad. school & didn't have any time for it. When I came back, the system said my original user ID (the one with all my old posts, trades feedback, icons, etc.) didn't exist. Had to create a new ID, gave me a new signup date, and I have no access to all my old data & posts (although I can still see them if I'm reading an entire thread to which I contributed back then). I kind of gave up on a solution to this since I never got a reply from admin, but it still bugs me. I was really hoping there might be a way to merge both ID files. I'd settle for just getting my original one back, though. Anyone???
  11. My hopes of a Thunder Frog mini dashed... Still, glad I entered, if only to inspire BHM's veritable THOR-nucopia of Thor-isms!
  12. Ok, my pick is definitely "THOR THROUGH THE AGES": Dr. Thor (Donald Blake) --Suit/lab coat/walking stick/pipe Construction worker Thor (Sigurd Jarlson) --Glasses, ponytail hair Thunder Frog Thor (Earth-3515) (*bonus accessory: Destroyer Armor; accessory for wave 16 bearded Thor) --Wouldn't be part of a 4-pk, but bearded Thor really should have come with one!
  13. Just wanna give a shout out to all the fans...I feel the love! Seriously, thanks you guys!!! Had a great one--my oldest visited from San Diego with her baby (her hubby's on the Nimitz, docked in Afghanistan for the next 4 months so send out good thoughts if you think of it--thanks!!) and my little ones (the wonder twins, known individually as batmite (Yep, THAT batmite) and supergirl) made me the BEST cards ever! And hubby even had the day off. Life is good. ~Alissa
  14. My order was too late to get one (I ordered on 8/25). Thanks for sharing the pics! My favorites so far are Union Jack, the one with the helmet, and esp. Cpt. America. I like the Luke's face head on every body...the savvy marketing touch
  15. I'm in Phoenix. Went to 3 TRU looking for them on Tues, hubby's last day off, and they looked at me like I had 3 heads. Called today (Fri the 4th) and a guy from the back said he thought they might have pulled a box off a truck, but have no idea where it would be now. Said on tomorrow's truck they should get more. (Who knows if he even knows what he's talking about...?) As was mentioned before...If anyone has ITEM NUMBERS or SKUs they can give (come on, all you guys who picked up a case!) that would help us out enormously when we call around to the clueless TRU people to check on these. Save the ozone & reduce my financial support of international terrorism by helping me avoid driving all over town...ITEM NUMBERS, GUYS...Please?? (Oh where, oh where is the smiley with the batty eyelashes & the big...)
  16. I can't remember now how much I spent on my gold & silver Spideys, (although at the time I swore I'd remember forever)! I got them separately, so I got the thrill of obtaining an exclusive/elusive 'mate twice I've had the same dillemma re: to open/display, not to open/display, and so far they are still in the safe (haha, no money in my safe, but the two 'mates are there)! Since I bought them for my son when he was still too young to care about his collection, I decided it was not my decision to make, so I'll be waiting until he's old enough to choose whether or not to break the seals & display them. I'm playing catch-up right now with our collection, since I've been in grad. school the past 2 years & didn't have any 'mate money. Unfortunately, my new degree is in education, so I still won't have any money to speak of; Good thing I got those gold & silver Spideys when I did! I'll be frequenting the new 'Luke's Toy Store' until I get all caught up again And there's always the buy/sell I come!
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