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  1. What a fantastic way to start the year! Thanks Zach!
  2. I totally want one of these. Talk about a crown jewel of a collection. Great find!
  3. I found the FWS packs like mid December and haven't seen a Walgreens restock since. And not just minimates, but like the entire toy section is always super thin. Either Los Angeles is in some weird black hole of distribution (which, it very well could be, my closest Targets are the same way) OR the Pandemic hit the Walgreens distro hard OR OR Walgreens is re-calibrating how they stock their toy section. Either way, it all stinks.
  4. YES! Give him some weirdo iconic, yet dumb, name like Arachnoid or Spyder or World Wide Webs and he'd fit in perfect.
  5. Very much dislike. And not for the standard, "Not muh spider-man" reasons, but because it's very cold, too busy, and doesn't look like Spider-Man. It looks like the second 2099 suit and the Big Time suit (the black and green one) got thrown in a blender and this thing came out. I give it six months before we're back to the traditional red and blues.
  6. I'm all for the ragging on DST, but to be fair, their were no minimate waves for the first two Raimi movies because there weren't minimates. I mean, I suppose the line was getting started in 2004, but they were still figuring out how to make the line work. To the rest of your point though, totally. It does seem odd that Chuck skipped some of the latter movies, even though I prefer the waves we got to what would have been a boring looking and redundant MCU/animated wave.
  7. For what it's worth, I think the move would be to make ''Versus" box sets. So like, Hydra v SHIELD, Kree V Skrull, SWORD v... Brood?, err.. you get where I'm going: Instead of a big mixed bag of various henchmen, or a straight set of the same figure (like the crazy 88s set), you'd have a bit of variety and a built in play structure along with your army building. I still doubt it would fly off the shelves, but it would be worth a shot.
  8. My goodness that is a lot of MCU. Remember when it was crazy that we'd have two MCU movies a year? Meanwhile, here's hoping for some 'MCU-inspired' waves for Specialty and mini MCU waves hitting Walgreens. Also, Fingers crossed for a wild Spider-Verse inspired wave next fall with Morlun, Madam Web, Karn, Spider-Man, Spider-Man, and Spider-Man. Feels like a layup for DST.
  9. Hey! There's a sale happening at Walgreens! Buy one get a second half off. PLUS they have a toy drive happening (at least they do here in CA). So I grabbed fate by the ears today and bought a couple of those Kamala/Kangs that have been gumming up the shelves for 17 years and donated them. Not only does it secure my place on the nice list, but it moves figures off that shelves and potentially into the hands of some budding fan. If y'all have the resources, I suggest you do the same.
  10. I went to like six walgreens last week and the shelves were still choked with Captain Marvel sets. The newest thing I found was the Gamerverse stuff. Distro in this area sucks.
  11. Seems like a missed opportunity for a Deathlok through the Ages box set: a red-eyed, American flag brandishing Luther Manning, a terrible AoS-inspired Henry Hayes, an energy-clawed X-Force Deathlok Prime, and (the forgotten one) the long-haired sewer dwelling aged Luther Manning. It would be a super rad set that would haunt shelves for a lifetime. But I would buy the heck out of it.
  12. I wonder if this will end up hitting in early November like the X-Factor wave did last year. Without doing a ton of research, it seems these releases have been hitting pretty regularly in that late October, early November spot for a few years.
  13. In general those McFarlane sets scale really nicely with minimates; it just becomes a question of aesthetics if it works for you. I tend to like the stuff that's a little more realistic (Like the walking Dead stuff) more than the stylized cartoon-y stuff (Like Steven Universe or some of the R/M stuff), but that's a personal preference.
  14. Ah, I missed the little "more" button. Two things: 1- That Cap shield is wild. Accurate (I'm assuming), but I do not like. 2- Very much looking forward to the complaints that we won't get 'fill-in-the-blank' key character. That said, very happy that those of you who wanted this line got it. Hooray for new sublines!
  15. WHAT? Crazy. Is there anything else in that wave or just those two?
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