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  1. In general those McFarlane sets scale really nicely with minimates; it just becomes a question of aesthetics if it works for you. I tend to like the stuff that's a little more realistic (Like the walking Dead stuff) more than the stylized cartoon-y stuff (Like Steven Universe or some of the R/M stuff), but that's a personal preference.
  2. Ah, I missed the little "more" button. Two things: 1- That Cap shield is wild. Accurate (I'm assuming), but I do not like. 2- Very much looking forward to the complaints that we won't get 'fill-in-the-blank' key character. That said, very happy that those of you who wanted this line got it. Hooray for new sublines!
  3. WHAT? Crazy. Is there anything else in that wave or just those two?
  4. Well, if it's any consolation, TRU probably wouldn't have been able to survive 2020 anyway. Lousy retail apocalypse. That said, I still deeply miss my trips to those aisles.
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