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  1. Man, I know The Crossing is terrible, but some of those costumes are pretty stellar. Specifically, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Black Widow. The rest, along with the event, are best left in the quarter bins.
  2. Same on all counts. Hell, my comic store still has minimates for Civil War hanging on the shelf. In my experience, it's the big colorful waves that sell through the fastest (barring a few outliers like the Old Man Logan/Maestro set at TRU or Ms Marvel/Kang at Walgreens) and the movie waves that just linger FOREVER.
  3. An MCU through the Ages, natch: General Lee (From Winter Soldier), Watcher Fan (From GotG2), "Hugh" Lee (From Iron Man), and Cranky Old Neighbor Lee (Spider-Man: Homecoming). There are some fun, toyetic costumes AND they'd fit in with the MCU stuff people already have. It's Win-Win! However, we all know that would never happen. Instead, what about a Marvel Through the Ages: Top-Hat-ed Flashback Stan (from the Flashback issues), Wedding Guest Stan (From Reed and Sue's Wedding), A young Editor-in-cheif (you know as the head of 616 marvel comics), and I dunno, Spidey's bestie (from that issue where Stan and Spidey meet, but when he was older). Tied with continuity for fans, without the licensing headaches involved in the MCU, AND they'd fit in with any era of marvel stuff. It's also a Win-Win! Double however, it would never sell. Who wants a four pack of an old man in a top hat with some comics? In the end, it should just be a single pack, sold as a con exclusive. I'd totally buy one.
  4. I've had similar experiences as Gillbob here in Los Angeles. I can find all the new movie waves and the BC wave fine, but the animated stuff seems to have dried up. The newest animated wave I've been able to find is wave 7 (the red hulk/capt Marvel, Cap Buster/Zemo, etc), but mostly the shelves are choked with those dang Ms. Marvel packs. I keep holding out hope I'll find that Warlock or Ghost Rider though, but I'm beginning to doubt I'll ever see it.
  5. For the record, I'm totally shocked that we're actually getting a 90s X-Factor team. I thought it would forever be a pipe dream like the Wrecking Crew, but here we are. And they look great! I can't wait to fold them into my collection! Fantastic stuff! Can't wait until these hit the shelves.
  6. I found'em at a couple of random places around Los Angeles (Wackos in Los Feliz and A Shop Called Quest in Claremont, to be specific), but I did find a link to buy them online at Claires of all places.
  7. If you're interested, I found these great blind bagged arcade machines that are the perfect scale for minimates. I think they're pretty neat, even if I don't quite know what to do with them yet. Also, I seem to only get Tapper.
  8. This is really solid and I hope this is what we get. However, on that same line of thinking, we could end up with a Fatal Attractions wave: - Psychic Battle ready Professor Xavier / Be-mulleted Magneto - Acolyte Colossus / Exodus - Battle Damaged Jean / Adamantium-tendril Wolverine - Gambit / Rogue BAF Fabien Cortez I'm super down for either.
  9. I gotta say, I sympathize with those that are upset about the lack of Far From Home figures, but I am OVERJOYED to hear we're getting more comic waves instead. That said, I'm pretty confident there will be a big 'bleh' response to whatever the wave ends up being. I'd put my money on a Dark Phoenix wave with half the wave made up of characters we've already gotten six times over plus one wildcard (Llandra, obvs) and an overdue character or two. That said, I'm still going to hold out hope for a cosmic wave that involves a Darkhawk.
  10. I'm pretty stoked for this wave. Yeah, there's a few I don't need (I'm looking at you Mysterio and off-duty Miles), but on a whole I'm pretty stoked for the revamps and new characters. Plus, now I can have kitbash the old Vulture I have into a Blackie Drago and finally have the Vulture battle of my dreams. My dreams have gotten weird, y'all. Regardless, love love love that it's another comic wave. Here's hoping we're overrun with comic waves this year.
  11. Given what DST did with Ant-Man and this boxset being solicited in December (for a feb release), seems to me the likely option is Captain Marvel. Further, I bet it would be followed by a small assortment as a Walgreens exclusive (ala Black Panther), with something like three new figures just to ensure maximum impact and maximum complaints from the board (Kidding, I love you guys!). Plus, the PG13 Deadpool is only running the 12 days before christmas and would be a something of a gamble PLUS by the time the set came out Spider-Verse would already be passe'. Or at least, this is what I hope because I hate those movie waves taking up valuable slots that could be reserved for awesome comic waves.
  12. You know, every time a Comic Wave comes out I'm reminded why I like this line so much. There's something about the format and the simple lines of those classic costumes (and even most of the newer ones) that just work so well together. it makes me wish we lived in a different timeline where instead of every MCU movie getting it's own wave of boring civilians and "Realistic" takes on the costumes we got a comic waves that were inspired by the movie. As for this wave specifically, I think the standouts for me are the Demogoblin (though I echo Stack's thoughts on the glider), The Doppleganger, and Carnage's hands. It's a real fun wave and even though I'm kinda set for standard issue spidey's for the time being and didn't really need ANOTHER Black Cat so soon, I'm happy to have them if it means I could get the rest of the figures. Great stuff. Now hopefully there isn't another 8 month(ish) gap between comic wave again.
  13. I keep having this rogue thought that it's going to be a Red Goblin Wave based on three things: It's similar to Maximum Carnage, Molten Man plays a role, and that rad demogoblin glider. That said, I can't figure out the character selections in a way that fits the clues - all I know is that it would involve a Red Goblin, a Spidey, Molten Man, and probably Agent Anti-Venom. However, I'd be totally in for some kind of Hulk wave involving a new Abomination, a new she-hulk, and like a Doc Green Hulk. But that is a total, unsubstantiated shot in the dark.
  14. Just in time for Halloween, I have my newest custom: Terror Inc. (or Shreck is you remember your Shadowline books) It's the head and hand from the Zombie Hulk, the other hand from a T-800, a body from janoz, and a hat/jacket combo from someone, I forget. The only thing he's really missing is his whiskers, which I'd need to go do some actual crafting to figure out. Until then, this works for me. Hope you dig it!
  15. Finally found these in Los Angeles, or more specifically, North Hollywood. They're pretty fun. Now I just gotta figure out how to display them.
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