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  1. Yeah dude, here's the assortment: As you can see, the spell effects scale pretty nicely (I'm gonna use them for a Dr. Strange pic) where as the objects are close enough. The Dumpster is a tad small, but works well enough and the concrete barrier works for what it needs to be. Meanwhile, that big tombstone statue might be a little too small for it's own good, but I can still figure something out. I got'em from Atomic Empire online, but they're all readily available at gaming stores so you got options if you want to dive in.
  2. Man, with that Master Mold head and a handful of minimate sentinels, you'd have a very epic and pretty scale accurate scene. Can't wait to see what you do with it.
  3. Most of it doesn't because as Augie mentioned, it's too small. However, I've found that some incidental stuff scales pretty alright - crates, oil drums, the occasional computer console - so don't totally write the 40k stuff off. I just bought some Reaper Miniatures spell effects and they look awesome.
  4. Yeah yeah, I know. And this forum has been pretty down on its namesake brand for longer than a year. AND AND I know that DST is trying (or so I'm lead to believe), even if they have little success with anything outside the marvel stuff. That said, I still think it's wild that in a community of dedicated fans no one has noodled about future franchise lines in over a year. Noodled about non-Marvel adjacent lines, I mean. Now that I think about it, did those Pacific Rim DFormz ever hit the shelves? I haven't seen them, but I also haven't really been looking.
  5. Wow! There's been no discussion about new licenses in over a year. Wild man. Anyway, I had a brainwave last night and I need to get it out of me. I'm shocked that DST didn't go after the Bill and Ted license. It's fun, colorful, on the verge of a reawakening, and total nostalgia bait. The perfect thing that could sustain a handful of waves/boxsets like the view Askew stuff did. Imagine a box set for Excellent Adventure with Bill, Ted, Rufus, and Abe Lincoln. Another with Socrates, Billy The Kid, Ghengis Khan, and Napoleon. [or that collection of characters, but with bill/ted split up]. Bogus Journey would be even more fun with the titular characters, a newer rufus, good robot uses, Death, Station, Dead color drained versions of B/T, Denomolos, etc. Plenty to work with and plenty to complain about when they inevitably skip Joan of Arc, the Princesses, or Ted's Dad. I still think it's be pretty fun and reasonably viable, especially now. Anyway, thanks for coming to my TED talk.
  6. Really really great stuff. Love how massive it is, and how versatile it seems to be. Also, question: Where did you source that cityscape behind the building? Was that something you created yourself or did you find it somewhere?
  7. Ugh. While I'm down for whatever could help sustain the brand, I gotta say, all those costumes look terrible. Overly complicated, too 'realistic', and muddled; Personally I'd prefer an inspired-by wave than sacrificing a wave to these crummy designs. Besides, we all know what would happen: It'd be six figures, ultimately some important character would be left out, and then everyone would complain. Thems my two cents.
  8. Great article. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Oh snap! By this time next week I could be holding a Darkhawk minimate! Color me excited
  10. Yeah dude. Those designs are classic, super toyetic, and would look GREAT as minimates. Here's hoping that rumored Thunderbolts movie happens and we get a corresponding Thunderbolts wave.
  11. Man, that X-Men show hit me right in the sweet spot. I was between 10 and 12 when it started (I forget the year), just started reading the comics, AND was super into the toys; Man, it was THE BEST. Rewatching the series since has been very hit or miss. The episodes I remember really hitting (anything with Bishop, Cable, and The Phoenix Saga) still hold up, while everything else is pretty not great (especially after season 2). My favorite thing about that series is how they would just drop in cameos for the fans - comic accurate and generally non-speaking - it was everything I wanted from a Marvel show.
  12. That's a great looking Wasp! Makes me want to get one now. Also, great shots all together.
  13. Such a great looking wave. I can't wait for it to hit.
  14. YES! Deathbird. Here's hoping that last two pack is a Wolverine as Fang and a Deathbird. Please and thank you.
  15. Honestly, I think high numbers are scary for adult collectors who don't want to feel like they missed out. It's the same reason why comics feel like they need to restart at a new #1 all the time. Personally, I think it's character selection and proper fanbase management that attributes more to sales than a dumb wave number. If someone wants to buy a figure, the wave number probably won't stop them; they might say it does, but I don't believe it. High wave numbers (or issue numbers) is an easy excuse to not buy something, but if it wasn't there, I think they'd just find a different excuse.
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