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  1. You and me both, brother! Here's hoping the line lasts long enough until that bonkers Dr. Strange sequel comes out and we get a trippy supernatural wave with Nightmare, Sleepwalker, and a new Man-Thing.
  2. Two questions: 1- Which Nomad? Steve in a cape or Jack with a baby? I'm partial to the latter myself. 2- Where can I send the check?
  3. It was on the John Wick slide during the presentation. I saw a picture of it at some point, I'm pretty sure.
  4. So, I can see where you're coming from and I understand your frustration, but I totally disagree. While I like slipovers when it comes to straight masks (like Captain America), the bigger bulkier stuff looks weird when it's sculpted. More to the point, I'm just really excited to see Darkhawk. It's so rare that we get figures of the off-the-beaten path characters, not to mention ones that are on my wishlist, that I'll take what I can get. I'd rather have a darkhawk than worry about having the PERFECT darkhawk. Now bring on a Deathlok!
  5. AGH! DARKHAWK IS WHAT I'M HERE FOR! Super stoked for the whole wave. What a great mix of deep fan cuts (I'm looking at you, Moondragon) with some new hotness and fun costumes. This is exactly the kind of comic wave I like: loosely related with something for everyone. Or most people at least. Great job, DST. Here's hoping it's the start of a new era!
  6. For the record, I would much rather a line of life support during this down period than giving it a definite ending. I am very pro 3-4 waves a year and the occasional movie (MCU or not) boxset. It's just like the old days when the line was just beginning. Anyway, also, I didn't realize those were two different sets on display. I'm super down for that Arana and maybe that Doc Ock. And that Venomized boxset isn't quite my cup of tea, but I can't deny that I'm intrigued by those designs. Color me excited!
  7. The more I sit on it, the more I disliked the movie. I don't like Peter being forced in the the Iron Man Jr roll and I don't like the global scale. It felt like they wrote a movie about Spider-Man in Europe and then were told they needed to service all this 'blip' nonsense, which made for an unsatisfying combination. You know what would have been nice? Seeing a street level view on how people were reacting to 'The Blip'. That first movie was all about Peter finding his place in the world, so why not see how the world has changed since the blip? Maybe focus on him being an inspiration to the community while the community is all focused on this new mysterio person. I dunno. It seems like a real wasted opportunity to not delve into the real personal effects of 'the blip' and instead make it a big handwave-y joke. That said, I really really loved Mysterio. Loved the reveal, loved the take, loved the actor. He really elevated the movie and I wish there was more of him in it. Also, I really liked Zendaya whom I'm still bummed is called MJ. Not because MJ can't be black or anything, but because she's nothing like that character. She's creating a wonderful, well-defined character of her own that I wish was just Michelle or Meesh or Shelly or whatever. Like the MCU Spider-Man, she's operating in a shadow she shouldn't be; let her break free! Lastly, I think that last credit stinger is setting up and I'm all about it.
  8. Oh! You know, I'm thinking of that Walgreens Enchantress that people were turning into a classic Sersi. Total brain fart. Thank you. Replace that non-existent Sersi with a comic accurate Dr. Minerva.
  9. I am a crazy person. I just spent the last hour or so casually flipping through the database (hail Ivan) looking for who could fit those clues. Best I came up with in the "It's been ten years and they've only been made once and long overdue for a redo" category is: Hercules, Sunspot, Photon, USAgent, and Mephisto. And the best I came up with in the "Only one but more recently" category is: Ms. Marvel, The Jackal, Sersi, and Man Thing. My best guess for a themed wave - based on what we know about upcoming Marvel shows/movies, weird rights issues, and all that gobblygook - would be either a Supernatural Wave (what with the Ghost Rider and Hellstorm shows upcoming) including a Mephisto and Man Thing OR maybe a Galactic Storm Avengers Wave including a Hercules and like, a Sersi. I'm more inclined to believe the former than the latter, but really, who knows. I'm in for whatever it is.
  10. Nah man. That Miles? Should have been The Jackal. But not the 90s, green monster Jackal, but the red suited Ben Reilly version. Net result would have been the same amount of bitching, but with the fodder to make an outted Daredevil figure.
  11. The standouts in the wave for me are: Kraven (such a great update), Motlen Man (Though I wish his face was angrier), and Hydro-Man's hair. It's really a stellar wave all around, even if Miles is a super dud. Also, now that I have two vultures, I was able to turn one into a blackie drago for maximum vulture goodness.
  12. I can see the reasoning behind that Miles figure (Like, it's a 'comics accurate' version of what he wore in Spider-Verse), but I agree that it's a trash figure. Cool goggles though!
  13. Man... Do you remember the days when we would all bitch about not having civilians? I remember in the old message boards, the constant cry for someone that wasn't in a costume. My how things have changed. That's not to say I don't totally agree with you. DST has totally overcompensated in recent years and I think have forgotten how much fun a colorful, toyetic figure is. And I feel like, even though I have no basis in numbers, that those mainly civilian waves - like Dark Tower, some of the MCU stuff, Pulp Fiction, or the View Askew stuff - didn't quite have the sell through everyone wanted them to. THAT said, I still think you could make a killer Rocketeer boxset. Give me, like, a Cliff in his Rocketeer getup, a Movie Starlett Jenny Blake, a secret nazi Neville Sinclar (with either a reversible evil look or a second head), and a monsterous Lothar (like a Joe Fixit size mobster); toss in some tommy guns, a Mouser, and a sword and I think you have a contender. Now that's a set I could totally see on the shelf; if it sells or not... well, I would buy one at least.
  14. You're making a big jump there. By all means, complain about the decisions DST makes in terms of the line. Hell, I'll toss out a few for you: 1- That 'first appearance' Miles is a wasted slot; 2- the MCU lines were terrible because it was just rehash after rehash; 3- DST should try to do another comic themed con exclusive and get back to their roots. All complaints, all from a place of love, and we both know none of those thoughts might kill the line. However, saying "This line is dead" is an entirely different magnitude of complaint. Years ago, I went to a Grant Morrison event where he spoke about his career, his life, and his philosophies. Among his stories of being visited by extra dimensional beings, he told the story of how The Invisibles nearly killed him. He said the book was a sigil, an object that he put so much energy into that as he pushed it out into the world, those things started coming true. He said as he wrote about the characters getting sick or being depressed, he would experience the same thing and when he wrote about positive things they happened too. Essentially, the power of thought and what we put out into the world is what shapes our reality. Yeah yeah, I know, it sounds - scratch that, IS - a bunch of metaphysical mumbo jumbo, but I think the nut of it is true. You put out good thoughts, you'll get good stuff in return; put out bad and expect the same. So listen, by all means, if you want to push the idea that the line is dead or dying go ahead, but be aware that you are probably hastening the end while you do it.
  15. FWIW, I think pushing the idea that the line is ending is a surefire way to kill it all together. Be it through negative thinking or just the powers of persuasion, it's a dangerous thing for the longevity of minimates to put those ideas out into the world. That said, I honest think we're in a lull. Right now reminds me of that mid 2000s era after the New Avengers/Astonishing X-Men waves when the line seemed to be in definte jeopardy; The designs were lacking, the character selection was dismal, and a wave got cancelled. It was really bad. But somehow, DST held on, refocused the line and rallied for 12 years and 60 waves. And now the world of retail is changing, so we need another reinvention. Plus, I've seen other long-running brands near the end and they rarely go out with a whimper. I guarantee that if Marvel Minimates cease to be, it'll be with a grander attempt than a nostalgia bait team line up from the early 90s (no offense to that X-Factor wave, but... come on). The world is weird right now and it's easy to fall into the idea that it's all ending. It's important to push against those easy ideas, hold onto the hope things will continue, and celebrate the releases when they come. Here's hoping for a big announcement at SDCC, lots more minimates in the back half of 2019, and a return to the normal gripes about character selections in 2020.
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