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  1. Guys. It's obviously a REAL HOUSEWIVES line. each set would be based on a city [NYC, ATLANTA, OC] and finally give us some glamor in the line. Trust me, that's a line of shows that ain't going ANYWHERE.
  2. Here's the QC I did. More of a mid 00s comics version than an MCU or Classic Comics version. Basically just a Ryu body on some Deadpool legs and some strikeforce X-Men cuffs. Yours looks fantastic, Wookiefodder. Great use of that wonky protoMiles torso.
  3. Update: I found those Seinfeld sets at Target and they most definitely do not scale. While it seems a minimate would fit into the set piece, everything is scaled to 1 inch, so the mates would tower over everything. Funko: Good for nothing.
  4. Well here's hoping they do something like they did for FFH and Spider-Verse and release a themed wave to coincide with the new movies. Like I would love a comic inspired line involving any of these new movie or D plus characters: A Master of Kung Fu Shang Chi, Death Dealer, White Vision, an updated USAgent, etc. Give me them any day of the week over the bland, overly complicated designs from the MCU. Uh.... er... no offense to the people who love those designs?
  5. They will potentially fit. The scale seems right, but you never know until you see them in person. I pre ordered a set a few months back; I'll let you know when it comes.
  6. If they released two $30 boxsets at once, y'all would have a fit over how expensive it was. I'm betting, given the huge reception for this first boxset, we hear about the second (and maybe third one!) during the convention season.
  7. Is April Fools Day the new Groundhog Day? Not nice. Also, is there a Burbank in Australia? Weird.
  8. I mean, you say that, but the next wave has Constrictor in it and the one after that has both Corsair and Lliandra. They might not be the depths of say, Dr. Druid and Slapstick, but they're still pretty obscure. Also, as a general sidenote, y'all is crazy. I am so jonesing for Wave 80 more than any other wave lined up. Here's hoping the future brings more of these general theme-d waves as opposed to the specific storyline stuff (which is also neat, but less exciting).
  9. These are incredible. Like, I knew they would be cool, but they somehow exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to see this set explode and become a whole new line of amazing Joes. Fingers crossed for the big army builder exclusive four set and the dreadnocks. 2021 is looking up!
  10. I like the way you think! ROM/Dire Wraith 2-pack please. Even if it's just an exclusive somewhere.
  11. The idea of Joe minimates has my brain on fire! Talk about a series that could run forever! Aside from all the classics that I definitely want to see, I think I'd be the most jazzed to get a full Dreadknock squad. With those wild looks and awesome weapons, I could kitbash a whole line of Mad Max figures on the side. The future is bright friends! Fingers crossed for good fortunes.
  12. Here's a crazy thought: Escape from New York/LA. It's been 40 years since the first one, they're easy customs I see all the time, and it could be part of a larger film library licence. I suppose we'll find out tomorrow.
  13. BHM, a hat tip to you sir. I agree that the span between 2010 and like 2015 was peak minimate; fingers crossed we get to that peak again. Onyx, that's a wonderful celebration of your library disguised as a great minimate commercial. Looks like it took forever to do. Great work!
  14. Zach I got your package today and couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to get them into our hands. And I already stuck him in a photo, check it out: [Excuse the link and not an embed image. It seems to be beyond my meager coding skills to figure it out]
  15. What a fantastic way to start the year! Thanks Zach!
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