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  1. Not to shine any hope on everyone's doom and gloom, but are we sure it's cancelled forever? Like, that list, if I'm reading it right, seems to have a lot from dst on it. Maybe there was some weird other crisis that made them cancel all the existing preorders, or something. I don't know, it just seems weird that SO much DST product is getting cancelled. Unless the company is going under (which, in this economy is always a possibility), I wonder if there's something deeper going on. Regardless, fingers crossed that things work out and I can get that dang Darkhawk.
  2. Aw man, that's so kind of you to take the bullet for the rest of us. I've been wanting a modern Boomerang.
  3. I mean, given the reaction to the minimate boxsets, are you really that shocked? Seems to me that Alpha Flight is never a strong seller and those exclusive box sets always do poorly. That said, thanks for the heads up!
  4. I'm kinda surprised we didn't get an Iron Man/Gwendom set. That seems perfectly in the zeitgeist. Also, great job DST getting those figs out on time and looking great.
  5. Dear god, it's beautiful. This line could use more Genis.
  6. That motion effect on the axe is fantastic. Did you make it? Regardless, great stuff as always.
  7. You know, with DST doing a great job of knocking out the most demanded figures, it gets harder and harder to guess what the new waves could be. In times like these, we need BOLD GUESSES! Let's do it! How about a new USAgent (Long awaited hero redo AND starring in the upcoming D+ series) and a Batroc Ze Leaper (Villain they've only done as a movie version)? What about a Machine Man (never before made male hero AND starring in a new series next year) and Jocasta (never before made female hero AND a big player in Iron Man right now) And like a, I dunno, The Hood (never before made villain AND perennial fave) and a Kate Bishop Hawkeye (Never before made female hero AND just cool, okay?) That leaves one female hero in a new costume. Obviously it would be Black Widow in her 80s grey suit? That divisive Spider Woman costume with the jacket? OH! The Wasp in her black and yellows! There you go, a collection of bold, semi-plausible guesses that we can all laugh at when it finally gets announced.
  8. I could see this box set happening and it disappointing almost everyone. A Dark Phoenix, a Byrne Cyclops, A Lliandra, and probably a Wolverine (maybe as fang, but probably not). Hopes and dreams for the Starjammers, the Imperial Guard, and the rest would be dashed quickly and mercilessly. Personally, I can do without even if my Dark Phoenix is looking a little long in the tooth.
  9. I finally found Wave 10! In Santa Monica! Which is super far away from my house and a pain in the butt to drive to (I was there for work). They had a complete wave, or they did, until I snatched up that Adam Warlock and Rocket two pack. Good luck out there!
  10. Not for nothing, but a box set of Ghost Rider (traditional), Daimon Hellstorm, Satanna, and Blackheart, seems like the perfect tie-in set to release around halloween next year. I doubt it'll happen, but one can hope.
  11. Vineland and Magnolia; it's the one that's just East of the big arts district drag. Noho, while still a little weird, has really cleaned up it's act in the past 5-10 years; Some real fun spots now. How long ago were you living there?
  12. I found a single remnant of Wave 10 (Venom and Hammerhead) in North Hollywood today among a sea of Kang/Ms. Marvels. Again, I didn't buy it (I prefer my QC Hammerhead) but it was nice to see something just a little different on the shelves.
  13. Would you believe, I actually found series 9 (Enchantress/Executioner, Star Lord/Collector, Kraven/spidey, and Hobby/Spidey) today in Burbank. Not as exciting as finding that Adam Warlock wave, nor that Spider-Girl wave, but a nice change from the Kang/Ms Marvel's that have been clogging up the shelves for the past... eight months? It was very exciting, even if I didn't buy any of them.
  14. You and me both, brother! Here's hoping the line lasts long enough until that bonkers Dr. Strange sequel comes out and we get a trippy supernatural wave with Nightmare, Sleepwalker, and a new Man-Thing.
  15. Two questions: 1- Which Nomad? Steve in a cape or Jack with a baby? I'm partial to the latter myself. 2- Where can I send the check?
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