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  1. Clearly the mystery license is Yellowstone: A super popular show about old cowboys that ain't getting cancelled anytime soon. That's about as 180 from 'cult cartoon about a girl rock band' I can think of.
  2. Fingers crossed for that 'There's No Place Like Springfield' set with older versions of Shipwreck, Duke, and Roadblock, Profession Mullaney and a pile of grey goo. I'd buy at least one boxset.
  3. I got an inkling and I need to put it here for prosperity: I think this set is going to be based on The Last Ronin. Either a two pack with the titular turtle and casey jones or a four pack with those two plus like, I dunno April and Baxter Stockman? Honestly, I'm not reading the book cause it's too dang expensive, but I'd still buy the heck out of a set.
  4. Perfect time for a supernatural wave/boxset ala what they did for Spider-Verse. A new Strange, comic accurate Baron Mordo, Mr. Knight, Bushman, uh... Ghost Rider? and Man Wolf? Something like that. It won't happen, but man can dream.
  5. In no particular order: - Mimic - Marrow - Maggott - Caliban - Nate Grey I need crucial weirdos to really make my setups sing. And not for nothing, but you toss a Wolverine, Storm, Beast, and Cannonball in a box set with Maggott and Marrow and suddenly you have that great (and massively undrerated) Joe Kelly team from the mid-90s. I am so IN for this plan.
  6. Has anyone guessed that it might be Fortnite? I mean, lots of accessories and plenty of new hair pieces seems way in line with that wacky aesthetic than say some kind of sporting event. I don't play the game, but I definitely wouldn't say no to any of those figures, if for nothing else than the sheer customization options.
  7. Man, if you had me bet which character between Galvatron and Hot Rod was more of a lock; I would be out of so much money right now. Regardless, VERY excited.
  8. So is this reveal still coming this week? I'm hoping for a Hot Rod and/or Galvatron in this set.
  9. You know, with Kate Bishop showing up in Hawkeye, Billy and Tommy in Wandavision, Eli in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Cass being aged up in Ant Man; clearly the stage is being set for a big Young Avengers push on the big screen. So you know, therefore, we should have their comic versions first. I'm all in for a Young Avengers box set with any combination of costumes I can get. That said, I feel like the money's gonna be on a HOX-POX X-Men wave.
  10. Just to be clear: Tentatively, the plan is to have THREE SDCC exclusives? A GI Joe set and two, non-Joe offerings? That sounds awesome! Just like old times!
  11. Guys. It's obviously a REAL HOUSEWIVES line. each set would be based on a city [NYC, ATLANTA, OC] and finally give us some glamor in the line. Trust me, that's a line of shows that ain't going ANYWHERE.
  12. Here's the QC I did. More of a mid 00s comics version than an MCU or Classic Comics version. Basically just a Ryu body on some Deadpool legs and some strikeforce X-Men cuffs. Yours looks fantastic, Wookiefodder. Great use of that wonky protoMiles torso.
  13. Update: I found those Seinfeld sets at Target and they most definitely do not scale. While it seems a minimate would fit into the set piece, everything is scaled to 1 inch, so the mates would tower over everything. Funko: Good for nothing.
  14. Well here's hoping they do something like they did for FFH and Spider-Verse and release a themed wave to coincide with the new movies. Like I would love a comic inspired line involving any of these new movie or D plus characters: A Master of Kung Fu Shang Chi, Death Dealer, White Vision, an updated USAgent, etc. Give me them any day of the week over the bland, overly complicated designs from the MCU. Uh.... er... no offense to the people who love those designs?
  15. They will potentially fit. The scale seems right, but you never know until you see them in person. I pre ordered a set a few months back; I'll let you know when it comes.
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