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  1. That's a pretty solid lineup, @BuffaloDelorean Though I'd swap a Classic Vision for a White Vision and that Odin for a bulked up Destroyer. Also, maybe I'd swap out that Winter Solider for a US Agent. Also also, more to the point, I think after the fizzle of the netflix waves and the drying up of the movie waves, I too would bet more on a symbolic comic wave tie in than a full on true-to-screen wave.
  2. FWIW, I also liked the Modern Blizzard. It's a strong design with some fun accessories and it's nice to have another Iron Man (?) villain in the ranks. Now, the Silver Age Blizzard on the other hand... well. I'm still trying to figure out what I can use that base for...
  3. Are you implying, @Heinous that a wave full of flaming skeletal people wouldn't be enough to entice an unwitting public? I say thee nay sir. I have faith enough in the public to believe that the sheer awesomeness of it all would be enough to make it the best selling wave the world has ever seen! Though yes, motorcycles (and cars, horses, and weird pocket rockets) would make it even cooler.
  4. As much as I'd love a Danny Ketch Ghost Rider wave with the likes of Deathwatch, Blackout, and Vengeance; I want to put out into the universe the idea of an all-Ghost Rider wave. The classic, the 90s one, the lady one, the car driving one, the future one, and the other future one that's in space, maybe with an OG horse guy as a BAF*. Now that's a wave that would sell like no tomorrow.
  5. If Marvel Legends can have a Serpent Society so can Minimates. I'm also in! Assuming, of course, Constrictor, Diamondback, and King Cobra make the cut.
  6. I've been reading comics for 25 years and I've never heard anyone refer to that version of Wolverine as 'bunny wolverine'. Pirate Wolverine, sure. "Noseless", yes. That said, I would love to have that weird-ass version of Logan in my collection. That as him as Death.
  7. Yeah, but with a decal like that, how far can it crouch? Also, very cool. I'm very jealous.
  8. And here we go. With the arrival of a few parts from Luke, I was able to complete this weirdo duo: The Brothers Grimm. Made from various black limbs, an old Taskmaster head, and torsos from an AOA Magneto and the old silver centurian Iron Man (Hail Ivan!). The collars are both made from scrap book paper after an hour of experimentation and the pies are from a couple of legos I had sitting around. Why pies, you ask. Because the Brothers Grimm make no dang sense. Anyway, hope you like these G-Listers.
  9. Thanks guys! And yeah, RE: the Aim Agent, I forget that not everyone has a 15 year back inventory of figures to pick and choose from. I suppose then, you could potentially use an extra Strong Guy head when wave 78 hits. Hopefully the head is packed with Multiple Man!
  10. I posted this elsewhere, but just for prosperity, here's the newest figures I've been working on. First up is Bonebreaker. He's an AIM solider head, Storm's Mohawk, Space Cap's arm, Movie Wolverine's torso, and a weird blind box tank I stumbled upon while at an Armenian Market. Which goes to show, you should always be thinking about Minimates, even when shopping for Lavash Bread. Next up I have Marvel Boy's nemesis, Doctor Midas. He's exactly what you think: A classic Iron Man with a black trenchcoat (this one was from the Thunderbolts Punisher). Simple, effective, and a good use of the nonsense in my junk bin. I'm working on one more and barring any weirdness, I should have pics of him (or technically them) up soon.
  11. Reading the back and forth about Bonebreaker got me inspired. Here's my take: The lucky find was that tank base. I found it at an Armenian Market in their candy/toy section as a blind box. Apparently it's from a Russian company, so it might be a little scarce in the US, unless you live near a weird local market like me. Here's the link to the manufacturer, Sweet Box. The rest of Bonebreaker is pretty simple: An AIM agent head, A movie Wolverine Torso (I think), Storm's mohawk, Space cap's arm, a shoulder harness from someone, and the bandolier from a T2 figure. And then I attached him with some putty just to hold him in place. Hopes ya dig!
  12. Man, I know The Crossing is terrible, but some of those costumes are pretty stellar. Specifically, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Black Widow. The rest, along with the event, are best left in the quarter bins.
  13. Same on all counts. Hell, my comic store still has minimates for Civil War hanging on the shelf. In my experience, it's the big colorful waves that sell through the fastest (barring a few outliers like the Old Man Logan/Maestro set at TRU or Ms Marvel/Kang at Walgreens) and the movie waves that just linger FOREVER.
  14. An MCU through the Ages, natch: General Lee (From Winter Soldier), Watcher Fan (From GotG2), "Hugh" Lee (From Iron Man), and Cranky Old Neighbor Lee (Spider-Man: Homecoming). There are some fun, toyetic costumes AND they'd fit in with the MCU stuff people already have. It's Win-Win! However, we all know that would never happen. Instead, what about a Marvel Through the Ages: Top-Hat-ed Flashback Stan (from the Flashback issues), Wedding Guest Stan (From Reed and Sue's Wedding), A young Editor-in-cheif (you know as the head of 616 marvel comics), and I dunno, Spidey's bestie (from that issue where Stan and Spidey meet, but when he was older). Tied with continuity for fans, without the licensing headaches involved in the MCU, AND they'd fit in with any era of marvel stuff. It's also a Win-Win! Double however, it would never sell. Who wants a four pack of an old man in a top hat with some comics? In the end, it should just be a single pack, sold as a con exclusive. I'd totally buy one.
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