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  1. Frankly - if we got Fang, I'd want a whole set of Imperial Guard figures. LOL
  2. Oh man - I'm so, so sorry Zach. I can't imagine what that's like. I'm sure you have friends IRL to talk this through with, but you have a community here who are here to support you too. @PadrinoThanks for sharing those links. That list is an invaluable resource.
  3. You, sir, know the way to this old collectors heart. Assuming Sikorsky & Cr'eee are 'accessories' rather than actual figures, who do you propose for the ramining two slots outside the core 4? I know I'd love to see a translucent Binary!
  4. YAAASSSS! This is a great choice, as I'm reasonably certain that LQ is pretty low on DST's list right now. Also - I *may* have cheated by guessing more than 1 character. LOL
  5. UNF! *THIS* is the Iceman I wish Marvel Legends would release. Interchangeable belt, head, and more to come. And that SLIDE! I don't collect Select (I already have too many different scales in my display cabinet), but might end up getting this bad boy. More pics.
  6. The formula would be perfect, but we've certainly had all of the original line-up made as minimates now. There are some obscure members from later line-ups that this would be a cool way to get tho! If they could include Boomerang, Trapster, Tombstone... etc. with a couple of big name mainstays, I can see this making collectors happy.
  7. "anti-mutant X-Men villain" gives a LOT to play with. Boliver Trask? Leper Queen? Graydon Creed w/ some FoH thugs? X-Cutioner would be a great minimate! V toyetic. Despite having some trading cards featuring him, and the 90's ToyBiz figure of him... I don't think I've ever read a comic that he was in. Imagine my surprise when I got to the end of X-Cutioner's Song.... and didn't see him once!
  8. My interest in Kubricks has only ever really been when they made a figure we were missing from the Marvel Minimates line, so any 'grail' has shifted over time. I wanted the hoverchair Xavier in order to customise a minimate of him for a while. I was *very* excited when AoA Morph and 90's Havok came out... but eventually, DST got around to all of them. Because collecting and team-building is my jam, Kubricks have never been super high on my list. Having said that, if they ever made Phoenix or Sinister, I would probably have to add them to my collection.
  9. I used it the other day to help identify a Toybiz accessory from the 90s. The accessory in question looked like a Minimate accessory I remembered and so I reasoned that Toybiz must have made a figure of the same character. The MMDB is useful even beyond all things Minimate. Long live (Hail) Ivan & the database.
  10. I don't know if anyone from this community is into customising Marvel Legends, but Bastian has a great video on how he gave the cheaper, single-pack Mojo a paint job to make it look more like the Pulse Exclusive Mojoworld Box Set version. He also went and added some of the liver spots later on too. A good option for customisers who don't want to spend the $$$ on the box set, but liked the better paint apps.
  11. LOVE that hairpiece. I've used it for a couple of Phoenix scenes. Looks great on Wanda too, I see!
  12. While I'm always grateful for d-list characters from the X-Men universe, Hasbro continue to befuddle me. Random is a figure I've wanted (in both Legends AND Minimates) for some time now. I honestly expected a pretty simple repaint of Thunderstrike w/ a new head and weapon hand, but they actually went ahead and sculpted him some barbed wire for around his arm?!?! I was sure this would and up just being printed on.
  13. Hasbro are arguing that the tiers are all 'demonic themed'. In which case, Goblin Queen loosely fits the bill. But so would 100 other supernaturally themed Marvel characters. Blackheart, Blackout, Lilith, Nightmare, would all work as pack-ins with an actual connection to the Ghost Rider stories (although not specifically Reyes-linked).
  14. Ok - I had to google Gypsy Moth too. Now you're just showing off! 😂 🤣
  15. Right? He's the sort of character you expect a kitbash of existing parts to go into, too. I do like the attempts to round out a team. Hopefully the follow the trend and make Feral Soon. Right now they appear to be holding them as hostages/bargaining chips for the HasLab - but it's hard to believe they'd prototype them only to get rid of them if this thing doesn't fund.
  16. A lot of folks have been ragging on the designs, and while not comic-accurate, I actually really like Attuma & Namor.
  17. Oh what?!?!? Congratulations to the winners! I love that they're all names I know from the minimate fandom ❤️
  18. Sometimes Hasbro utterly confuse me. I *just* bought a NECA T800 to make myself a dodgy quick custom Pretty Boy when Rektangular leaked that PB would be part of an upcoming X-Villains box set. I just assumed that he'd be a new head sculpt on an old Ultron body... But this looks like a brand new torso sculpt (and possibly new leg sculpt)? Don't get me wrong, I like how comic accurate the chest looks, but I can't think how it's going to be reused to get more money out of the buck? And it boggles my mind that a D-list villain is getting this kind of tooling when people like Jean Grey can't get an accurate head sculpt in the animated line. Anyway - I'm pleased to see that some of the more fun Rektangular are looking like they'll be true. We can always use more villains.
  19. Ooooph - the new Select Blade looks badass! 😍
  20. Tatterdemalion (Arnold Paffenroth) is a supervillain with gloves coated with a chemical solution that dissolves paper products, such as dollar bills. Created by Tom Sutton, the character first appeared in Werewolf by Night #9 (September 1973). What an oddly specific power! Thanks for the hook-up, @Chooch. Rather embarrassed to say I've never heard of him before.
  21. Oh nice! I should have known it was someone from here! Beautiful work.
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