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  1. The style of packaging is great. I love having a bright art piece cover for each set & it seems like a good opportunity for comic cover recreations, a la Giant Sized X-Men #1. I assume the offset in packaging balances out having cover art made for each new box. Can't wait to see what future sets look like. I'm letting myself hope for some cool VS style box sets based around major comic events like a Mutant Massacre set with X-Men vs Marauders, or similar.
  2. That serrated shield is brilliant! They must take a bit of time to make.
  3. Damn, @MisterMiracle... you are JACKED! That move with the twisting of the arm and then the sudden yank literally made me gasp in shock and cover my eyes! This is so freaking cool. What a fun world to be a part of. I am utterly in awe.
  4. This is actually a really good guess. Luke has a soft spot of the GOTG and has done some exceptional customs of them in the past!
  5. Despite the helmet not being quite long enough, I still adore the Silver Centurian from the exclusive 2-pack. That silver made the red stand out in a different way... it was cooler - almost a cherry red compared to the gold Iron Men. Hail Ivan! Despite the figure being a bit bulky, I also had a strange amount of love for the "movie" stealth suit (Spoiler: doesn't actually appear in movie). Something about the colours again - the deep metallic not-primary-blue with the red eyes just also looked great. Honorable mention to the comic Hulkbuster.
  6. I watched that series recently. They weren't given a chance to succeed. The MCU could pretend it never happened and launch them as a film franchise if they wanted to and no-one would bat an eyelid.
  7. I went all in and collected EVERYTHING Marvel for a while. I would decide on what you want to collect (MCU, Classic 616, 90's, etc...) and then check out the Flea Market section of the forums here. It's not as active as it once was, but if you post what you're looking for, people will no doubt help you out. Minimates aren't so easy to come by here in Australia, so I owe a large portion of my collection to the friends I've made on here.
  8. That whole boxset is a fave of mine. I don't collect non X-Men mates anymore, but I can't quite convince myself to let go of the Invaders set.
  9. Not super excited for this particular release as I'm not one for random mech suits on popular characters who don't actually use them... BUT - I am excited to see the X-Men get a look in for the first time in about... a decade?
  10. For a storyline themed grail... I'll take anything that gets the hole in my collection filled. Especially from the X corner of the universe. I'd take a Fatal Attractions wave if it got us Exodus, Random and some Acolytes. I'd love a Phalanx Covenant series if it resulted in Harvest, Douglock, and Gen X minimates It's lower on my list, but I'd eat up a zero Tolerance wave if we ended up with Reyes, Maggot, Marrow and some Prime Sentinels. I wouldn't say 'no' to a Runaways themed wave if they could figure out a way to make Old Lace (I suspect I'd have to sub in a lego raptor though).
  11. I got really excited for a moment and thought this said Comic Stryfe 😭
  12. I gotta say, I'm kind of a sucker for the older Thor minimates. The first 'Bearded Thor' we got (which might technically be Eric Masterson) has always looked the part to me. But I'm no Thorficionado.
  13. She might have…. There was a Hasbro Superhero Squad figure of her debuted at a Con, but I’m not sure if she ever got an official release? I ended up finding her loose on eBay. She’s also had a Heroclix…. But as far as articulated figures go, Minimates would be a first. And I would warmly welcome her (and the rest of the Starjammers) to the collection
  14. all this nay-saying bums me out... Especially with the hype around Hasbro's X-Men TAS figures. I'm still hopeful that 4 pack happens and is just the start of a series that gets us a few much-wanted characters. I need me a Morph minimate, damn it.
  15. Ease up, mate - they look great. Still very much respected (if it's who I think it is). I owe a large part of my collection to that legend ❤️
  16. Thanks for the kind words! The avatar is from a review of the figures over on I'm currently in the capital, but looking to move south as soon as I can find work in Melbourne. Hope you're surviving and thriving, despite our extended lockdowns too, friend.
  17. I have not, I have to say. I don't see these giving me the kind of rounded out rosters that I like to collect. I'm pretty sure they're only 4 or 5 POA as well: hips and shoulders... and maybe neck?
  18. A very, very belated welcome to you. Ah - the tragedy of loving minimates, but residing outside of the U.S. Very luckily, the community here are extremely generous and do an amazing job of helping folks out. I owe my collection to a combination of the lurkers on this forum.
  19. Super exciting news. Can't wait to start seeing some of the reveals.
  20. Oooooh - very excited. Will there be any X-Men characters/supporting characters?
  21. 2012 was the first (and only) time I've managed to make it to SDCC (from Australia). I was so damn jazzed to see a DST panel IRL and meet people I'd been chatting to online for years. AND this is one of the exclusives I actually have. Very cool giveaway.
  22. Damn - that *is* a nice surprise. I cry at the thought of what other BAFs were planned before they got the chop. Would love to have seen a Deathbird or a Raza in the Phoenix Saga wave.
  23. So - the 'all in' package was $290... which comes to like 380 in Oz dollars before shipping, so I couldn't justify that on a game I had never played before. I just got the base set, even though I'd love all those other add ons. I did get the game mat though... thought it would make it a bit more speccy when having mates over to play.
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