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  1. The film ending was an absolute train wreck 😆
  2. YAASSSS! Love the totem/shrine accessory! Beautiful work Luke. Aaaand... ordered! Can't wait to get my little stash of customs from you at the end of the year!
  3. Given how the film was received, I suspect DST re probably glad they didn't produce merch for it, even though the costumes would allow for almost the whole team to be made pretty easily.
  4. This is a really cool looking wave. I think Spider-Woman's modern design translates surprisingly well to Minimates. Looking forward to some Deathlock/Cyber-Spidey team up pics!
  5. X-Men First Class Emma Frost? Hail Ivan!
  6. The packaging looks a bit like it's walking the line between film likeness and comic book adaptation - kind of a bid to appeal to both markets. I'm not mad about it - I think it looks pretty cool.
  7. No apology needed man. I was just scoping out possible new innovations. Still stoked to get the blaster piece.
  8. I would be exceptionally happy with either of those options.
  9. Like - It's crazy... I've seen a few people comment on this wave potentially hitting Wave 100, but when you think about the TRU & Wallgreens waves (even if you discount the duplicate figures), they've got to be up over 100 waves by now. When they do "officially" get there, I hope the marketing machine goes into overdrive to celebrate.
  10. Oooh - can you share pics & recipe when this comes together?
  11. It *looks* as though Cyke's optic effect is actually loose now... like it fits into the visor, but doesn't have to be displayed with it? @DSTZach - Can you confirm if that's the case?
  12. I have the same anxiety. Smaller waves mean less characters, but I doubt we're going to see heavy hitters cut from waves. Having said that, DST has managed to give 3 brand new, second/third tier characters in a wave with 2 Jean Greys. I've got a fair bit of faith based on the contents of waves 80 & 81.
  13. Dark Phoenix a very apt reuse of the Avengers 1,000,000 BC Phoenix effect. I'm glad DST found a worthy place to get some mileage out of what was a very specific piece. 3 brand new, much requested characters, and 3 re-do's that are gorgeous looking and with serious value-adding accessories. Can't say I'm mad about any of this. This wave, and wave 80, are what excited me about Minimates to begin with. Diverse, deep, roster-building characters. Bright, comic book designs. I'm looking forward to ordering this series from Luke's. Sidebar: I hope this does well and opens up the chance for the rest of the Starjammers & key Shi'ar to appear.
  14. Yeah - Wolverine could defs use an update. I thought the treatment of Cage was innovative though: printing on a clear block so you could have large portions 'missing' from the figure. I think having Wolverine's skeleton printed in silver on a clear block would look pretty cool for a Zombie set.
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