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  1. Oooooh- I remember him from the mid-90s Spider-Man trading card series. I know literally nothing more about him than what was printed on the card, but he would make a good looking minimate!
  2. There's an X-Men boardgame that has a cute, flying Lockheed that's kept aloft by his flame effect. I'd love to see DST do something similar. Or at least have a little flame effect for an updated Lockheed.
  3. I am genuinely surprised that we haven't actually gotten a Doop already. I bought a Slimer back in the day to try and convert into a Doop, but never got around to making him.
  4. Right? I went ALL IN on this series when it came out. I think it was the first non-marvel line that I got really hyped about. I was pretty chuffed that they found a way to sneak the Giraffe and Hammerhead into one of the follow-up lines.
  5. That's pretty cool news! Unfortunately, I *am* going to have to start brainstorming a wish list of accessory-sized 7th characters now. LOL
  6. So, the new Marvel packaging format includes 6 figures per wave, but we've lucked out in the first two waves with the inclusion of a bonus 7th character in the form of an unarticulated accessory (H.E.R.B.I.E. & Lucky the Pizza Dog)! While we've seen these before in the old two-packs as well (Redwing, Rocket, Grott, etc....), and Zach has clarified that not every wave will have the opportunity to include an appropriately themed mini-character, I thought it would be fun to brainstorm some ideas. What accessory-sized bonus characters would you like most to see get included in the new wave format? I'm hankering for a Widget accessory to go with my Excalibur minis. And I know it would be something of a design miracle from DST, but I would LOVE to get a Martha/No Girl. I think she'd make such a damn cool looking toy!
  7. @DSTZach - Under this new wave-structure we've seen the first two box sets released with a 6 minimates, but also include a 7th character in the form of an unarticulated accessory (H.E.R.B.I.E. and Lucky/Pizza Dog). Is this a trend DST are trying to maintain going forward? Will we see it in Wave 84's street-level assortment??
  8. Holy smokes! Are you telling me you have planned out the next 41 custom minimate characters? You're working 3 and a half years ahead?
  9. I never went in for the Micros, but I bought a couple of Mighty Muggs. I picked up a Venom, just because I thought he looked kind of cool. I bought a Phoenix because I'm a Jean Grey fan (I do *not* recommend. Yet another in a loooong line of rough looking figures that poor Jean has suffered through). I do, however, recommend the Galactus Mighty Mugg. It's a cheap alternative to the MAX Statue, and while it is by no means the right proportions for a minimates stand in, it's vibrant, at a good scale, and looks great with minimates Fantastic 4 / Silver Surfer mininates posed around it.
  10. It's not exactly a classic costume, but the printing on Cosmic Spider-Man was just beautiful. It was crisp and clean with little/no bleed through. But if we're looking at Spidey's actual costume, it's really hard for me to go past the bright blue and red on the wave 2 and wave 4 figures. If you were keen for a bit more body shape/shading, then Greatest Hits wave 1 is also a beautiful figure.
  11. Or maybe 'Friends' is the important part? Friends of Humanity... Graydon Creed? With a Cameron Hodge Phalanx head that can go on Warlocks body? Ok... I officially have no idea and am just taking shots in the dark here.
  12. Hmmmm.... is the clue perhaps the word 'Oldest'? Are we looking for a particularly old person affiliated with the X-Men like Exodus or Gideon? Though... I can't think of what accessory-character might come with either of them 🤔
  13. I have several folks who are x-men adjacent but not actual x-men high up on my Wants list Would we call Val Cooper a 'friend' tho? I'm going to guess Moira McTaggert & Yukio.
  14. Bloody great set. Seeing so many never before released characters as minimates in one line-up gives me a great deal of hope for the future of the line. Can't wait to see box art and yay shots.
  15. Like.... kind of not really. If they're a mutant,
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