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  1. Many happy returns, mate. Hope iso-life is being kind to you and that there's still access to cake!
  2. IMPERIAL GUARD! Super Exciting. I have bought some figures to help me kitbash members of the IG, but would very much welcome a real custom of any/all members. I would LOVE to see Oracle, but if the hints are 'he' and 'green', I'll have to go with Mentor. Hobgoblins antennae seem like they'd present a bit of a challenge.
  3. Yeah - I put in money for two sets of rewards to ensure I got all the minimates. I ended up with a digital download of the movie, and a hardback book 'The Art of 88'. I never saw the movie, and the book looked like a collection of fan-art for something that. no-one was a fan of. Despite the sh*tty experience with Kickstarter in this instance, I'd be willing to roll the dice on exclusive Marvel Minimates if DST wanted to try crowdfunding. I wouldn't expect DST to act the way D****r did. Neither of the peeps I've dealt with at DST (Chuck & Zach) ever seem interested in promoting themselves. They're promoting the products. They're out to run a company that makes cool toys that people like. D****r always seemed more interested in being a rock star than in letting his work speak for itself. Also - D****r was trying to make a film. He made a film. He got what he wanted. He didn't *really* care about the toys. DST would be making toys and making money *from* the toys. The toys wouldn't be an incentive to support some other product. Similarly, DST wouldn't be luring in connoisseurs of amateur, low budget, Tarantino knock off, handy cam films with the promise of a bonus DVD with every Minimate sold. If it meant getting a chance at characters like the Mutant Liberation Front or the Imperial Guard, and it was handled by DST, I'd give it a go.
  4. I never thought I cared much about giant man, until now. Amazing work, friend!
  5. Guh! This shot is making me want Thunderbolts minimates so bad.... and I didn't even read the original run! Source: Marvelous News
  6. I'd be down for some characters we haven't seen yet that complete other line-ups sprinkled in. While I haven't read X books for a while, there seems to be some roster shake-ups on the new covers. Hellions is giving us Wild-child, Scalphunter & Nanny. I'm not sure how they'd ever do her, but Armor has some currency again. I've always wanted a minimate of her. I also wouldn't mind a Captain Britain-looking Psylocke that seems to be floating around the books at the moment.
  7. You are correct... but I was also pointing out how silly it was to end such a bad film with a fight scene that occurs on, and literally wrecks, a train
  8. The film ending was an absolute train wreck 😆
  9. YAASSSS! Love the totem/shrine accessory! Beautiful work Luke. Aaaand... ordered! Can't wait to get my little stash of customs from you at the end of the year!
  10. I would happily buy either of those options!
  11. Given how the film was received, I suspect DST re probably glad they didn't produce merch for it, even though the costumes would allow for almost the whole team to be made pretty easily.
  12. This is a really cool looking wave. I think Spider-Woman's modern design translates surprisingly well to Minimates. Looking forward to some Deathlock/Cyber-Spidey team up pics!
  13. X-Men First Class Emma Frost? Hail Ivan!
  14. The packaging looks a bit like it's walking the line between film likeness and comic book adaptation - kind of a bid to appeal to both markets. I'm not mad about it - I think it looks pretty cool.
  15. No apology needed man. I was just scoping out possible new innovations. Still stoked to get the blaster piece.
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