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  1. DST seem to believe in the star power of Jean Grey. She's got more minimates than any other female character from the MU. In fact, she has more minimates than Magneto or Xavier, too.
  2. I think Toad is perfect for a minimate. He's the definition of 'toyetic'. He's bright and colourful, while also being a classic part of the MU. The costume isn't sexy, but he's meant to be a sniveling court-jester-type circus performer. I'm really hoping we see him in the classic purple and orange/yellow duds. A bonus head with a long tongue like what we saw for Venom back in the day would be cool too.
  3. It would be great if we could get Mastermind AND Toad, but we received a brief stating only 1 new character, right? Having said that, a Green QS, Wanda, Toad, Magneto pack would be very welcomed. And a Mastermind/Miniskirt Jean would make a great TRU tie in
  4. I think I read that F4 and X-Men were out. But it would be nice to get a Wasp update - even if it's a MCU inspired one! Comic GoTG would be awesome as well. I just assumed they'd use the looks from the films, but that's only my assumption. I'd be very happy to be proven wrong.
  5. February officially marks the end of the BE cycle. A huge thank you to everyone who participated this year, especially those who had to wait on a response from me regarding their queries. If you haven't received your BE gift for the 2016/17 cycle, please shoot me a PM asap so i can chase it up for you. As for a new BE sign-ups, some of you may have read the posts that were made last year looking for new volunteers to take on BE and Secret Santa. I've taken on some additional responsibilities in my life (I'm currently the VP of my state's roller derby league) and in my work (bucking for a raise) recently and don't have the time to dedicate to these projects for the foreseeable future. Mysterious Stranger has very kindly taken on Secret Santa for 2016 and did a fantastic job of it! Unfortunately, we had no luck in finding anyone to run BE. At this stage, Birthday Elephant is on hold until either a ) my life calms down enough to allow me to manage it, or b ) someone new takes the reigns. Both events have been a huge success each year thanks to the generosity and creativity of the board members who have participated. I've loved seeing all of your custom figures, cards and artwork, as well as the extremely kind care-packages you have sent. Learning more about foreign candy has been a bit of a highlight for me! I hope you've all enjoyed being a part of Birthday Elephant too!
  6. Just saw this with some mates last week. It's a shame that it took 3 films to get it right, but at least they did finally get it right. Very enjoyable and a little bit moving too.
  7. Unfortunately, I've heard that the game will only be featuring MCU characters. If that's the case, I'm guessing we'll be seeing costumes closely aligned to the characters on-screen looks. Unless the game features B/C-list characters from the MCU like the Collector or the Warriors 3, then I don't think we'll be seeing very new looks for any of our heroes. Having said that:
  8. Not sure what the go is Hela.... the front cover makes it look like her costume has green highlights (Awesome!), but the still image makes it look like it's allblack with black detailing (less awesome). I'm hoping it turns out to be the green version. Black on black might work on film, but it doesn't make for great looking toys.
  9. Many happy belated returns, good sir!
  10. Iceman coming up in the Specialty Series. Looks like he has a nice little ice effect.
  11. Sorry I missed it, multiverers! I've been away from my computer for the last couple of weeks. A very happy, and *very* belated birthday to you all.
  12. Sad news, indeed. I never realised just how many films he was in until i looked him up after finding out he had passed away. Suddenly, a wave of supporting roles came flooding back into my memory. He was upsettingly effective in The Last Supper. Game over, man RIP.
  13. We can always live in hope. But I think the chances of seeing MotU are still pretty slim. But it's a line that I would probably go completionist on.
  14. I suspect (and i'm not in the toy industry, so i could be completely wrong) that if DST *were* to really push a blank 8" minimate to retailers, and it were a commercial failure that ended up in the clearance bins, then they would have a harder time justifying new product said retailers in the future. Having stuff end up at clearance might be a short term gain for collectors, but it's a long term loss for the line. No retailer wants to buy stock and have to sell at or below wholesale to move it.
  15. Absolutely - Thor's supporting cast and villains could really get some love. Between the Warriors 3, Hela, Skurge/Executioner, Ulik and the Wrecking crew, you have more than enough for a wave.