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  1. Nessex

    wave 79

    That would have been great. Deadpool 1 ended up helping us get Siryn & Copycat. I was hoping we might see another 616 wave when D2 came out.
  2. Nessex

    wave 79

    So - I just looked into this... 'Feral' wolverine was only a thing look for about 10 issues? In my mind, it was a theme that went on for years...
  3. Nessex

    wave 79

    I very seriously doubt we're getting AoA minimates. Pretty sure DST is done with that story line. Was just wish listing something with almost zero chance of being made like a lot of other folks.
  4. Nessex

    wave 79

    If we're gonna finish off a team... I still want Wildchild to finish off Rogue's west coast team.
  5. Nessex

    wave 79

    Well - if you insist. We're coming up on the 25th anniversary of the Age of Apocalypse. My guess is we'll see some of the remaining heavy hitters & villains fill out a wave: Colossus & Shadowcat Storm & Iceman Nightcrawler & Abyss X-Man & Bishop Sugarman BAF
  6. I have zero experience with Mega Construx as a brand. Aside from the frustration in finding parts during a build, how do they stack up against Lego? A couple of years ago I bought the Lego Batman '66 set, took 3 days off work and had a nice little mini break at home watching Netflix and building my Batcave. I was thinking I'd do the same thing when Castle Grayskull comes out. Is the quality as nice as Lego? Do the bricks have a similar torque? etc...
  7. My earlier post was meant to point out that the names that Lego have given these characters are very different from what other sources have given them. I was originally under the impression that the villains were
  8. Has anyone pre-ordered Castle Grayskull? I'm tempted... but it's going to set me back about $400.
  9. So.... not sure if these are the official set names, but it looks like Lego has listed Source with possible spoilers.
  10. YAASSSSS! I would be so down for a revamp of this era that gave us Armor, Blindfold, Ord & especially Danger!!!
  11. If we're going hard on a 'never gonna happen' wish list 10-pack, then this year is the 25th anniversary of of Generation X: Banshee Emma Frost Jubilee Skin Chamber M Husk Sync Penance Emplate If you can find a way to include a Mondo somewhere along the way, have at it.
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