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  1. Nessex

    Where did everybody go?

    I'm not an OG, but have been on these board for a minute now. This was THE place to get information when I signed up. I was also *very* rabidly collecting EVERYTHING I could get my hands on. Between my mania cooling off, information coming from various other sources, and having other life priorities in the last few years, I don't get to rant in here as much as I once dd. This is, however, still the first place I check after every Con to see what's new and what the people who share my hobby think about it.
  2. Nessex

    Stan Lee passes away

    I'm actually kind of surprised by how heavy this news has felt today... I'll follow in Trekker's foot steps and share what I've shared elsewhere here: ‘Sworn to protect a world that hates and fears them.’ . . . I didn’t fully understand why this resonated so deeply with me as a child. As a gay adult man, it now makes perfect sense. Somewhere in my subconscious I knew that I was going to grow up to be a little different from the mainstream; a bit of an outsider. Reading the X-Men series as a boy taught me that being different was not only ok, but that it was important. Outsiders have a better understanding of the world. Outsiders have empathy. The X-Men taught me that even as an outsider, we have a duty to make the world a better place. We have to protect those who have even less power. I have the X-Men to thank for believing that I can help make the world better place. And I have Stan Lee to thank (at least in part) for the X-Men. Thank you Mr Lee. RIP.
  3. Nessex

    Pokémon GO - Friends & Trading

    Yeah - the nesting is pretty standard. There's a facebook group for Pokemon players in Canberra that tracks where all the nests in the local area are, and what monster is nesting there. If I remember correctly, the nests reset every two weeks. It's on a Thursday morning here, so it's probably Wednesday nights in the States. I was road-tripping and the event crapped out in the Asia-Pacific block, so I only got 1 shiny Beldum. Luckily, I had a 98CP Beldum saved in my 'dex. I was waiting for a double CP event to evolve it, but figured I should evolve something yesterday to get the Meteor attack.
  4. Nessex

    Pokémon GO - Friends & Trading

    Ha ha - thanks mate! It's not got the best IVs... but I'm glad I've got one.
  5. Nessex

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    Wait.... is that... Oh - Tenime seems to confirm that it is.
  6. Nessex

    Happt Birthday to IVAN!

    Hail to the Birthday Boy Joe V the Volcano! That takes me back to my youth!
  7. Nessex

    What if...?

    For the most part, I'd really only be into this idea if it enabled us to get more legitimate costumes. I'll buy a 'What If' Wolverine is he's packed with regular Cyber. I could take a SHIELD Daredevil, if we get a regular Typhoid Mary. etc...
  8. Nessex

    90's X-Factor

    I love seeing all these custom X-Factor teams. If/When DST get around to making them, I think desperately hope they include Random. If DST are looking for a way to update Quicksilver, a 'speed effect' that is attached between the chest block and the hip and trails behind could be really cool. Similar to what Hero Clix did with some of it's speedy characters.
  9. Nessex

    90's X-Factor

    Wow - the scale on those old toybiz figures was soooo rough. Wolfsbane the same hight as Strong Guy? LOL
  10. Nessex

    Symbiote Speculation

    I can't remember seeing him use anything like that. We saw transforming limbs that turned into giant morning stars, shields, claws or blasters.... but not a staff. The staff the toy came with also had a 'magic jewel' in it that you could slide up or down to expose it. It seems very specific. Perhaps it was from a story line that never materialised? For the record, that first X-Men wave from ToyBiz had some very hit and miss ideas. Nightcrawler has suction cups to mimic his 'wall crawling' ability. It was a nice idea but looked a bit unsightly. Wolverine's mask could be worn as a ring. Juggernaut came with a battering ram and roller skates.... so, yeah. I think there was a marketing person at ToyBiz just demanding accessories for every character that didn't fill out the blister pack on their own.
  11. Nessex

    Symbiote Speculation

  12. Nessex

    Symbiote Speculation

  13. Nessex

    WAVE 76

    How did it hold up all these years later?
  14. I would be SUPER excited if it was. I always thought that was a very cool design. Who's hair could be re-purposed for her? Luke - are your figures all parts re-use, or do you/will you 3D print custom parts?
  15. Nessex

    SDCC 2018

    ^THIS^ - We've heard moaning for literally years about TRU distribution, how bad the web site is and how poor their deliveries are managed. But the community has always helped eachother out. The same will continue on for Walgreens. I won't name names, but my collection exists because of the awesome peeps on this board. Other collectors outside the USA (BHM comes to mind) would probably say something similar. I feel you. There's not heaps to go crazy about for me either. However, I am surprised by how much I love the BC1M line. I will definitely be begging someone in the states to grab me that Phoenix! Also - I am super relieved to see that the TRU wave with Madame Masque, modern Rogue and X-Face Cyke has found a home. The minimates themselves are not a new announcement, but locking in a retailer and a rough date for release is actually huge news after the fall of TRU.