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  1. Ask Zach

    These things - they were awesome!
  2. Ask Zach

    Oh, yes please! I used to love seeing the control art, with the little section of sculpted extras, and the colour samples with the names of the colours.
  3. DC Minimates

    I would 100% be here for this. A BTA Freeze minimate would make my heart sing.
  4. shit, man. I'm so sorry to hear that.
  5. Sorry. My fault. Well - 'Facebook Memories' fault, actually.
  6. Deadpool 2?

    @The Scarlet Spider - apologies if i came off as scolding you. I probably came across stronger than I needed to. I grew up as a bit of a social minority, despite being white and male. Members of my family are chinese, and sometimes I get a bit worked up about asian representation in media. I don't think anyone would 'look up' to the Joker as a beauty standard. I think there would be room for an asian person to play a character like the Joker or Morbius where something happened to to cause their skin to turn pale (chemical accident or death). I think there are subtleties that warrant consideration in other instances though. Comics are a very visual medium. For a long time, the way a character looked was sometimes the most important thing about them. Storytelling hasn't always been every comic's strong point and I can understand for a lot of people how a character is defined by their costume or appearance. However, I think if the most notable thing about a character is the way they look, then they're probably not a great (see: well developed) character. For me, Domino is tough as nails; someone who is dependable and fiercely loyal; someone who's a capable leader; but also someone who talks back someone who's not afraid to have a little joke at the expense of someone who outranks her. While I think her comic book look is super cool, I don't think it ever had a huge impact on her character or how she interacted with others.
  7. Deadpool 2?

    Except that skin bleaching is a serious epidemic in many Asian countries due to years of western media influence and imperial systems that promoted the idea of darkened skin being tied to 'outside work' that was generally done by poor people. Comics were often created by white men and are a product of their time. We know better now, and we can show that in how we interpret characters on the screen in modern adaptations. Domino is often a pretty lazy character in terms of design in the comics now. Stealth assassin lady wears skin-tight black leather. Where's the 'design' there? Aside from casting a black chick to play her, this outfit seems pretty on point to me.
  8. So - I got a reminder on Facebook that this week marks 5 years since Agent 88 was successfully funded. Just thought i'd put that out there and open the wound for everyone else, so I didn't have to endure my rage alone.
  9. Looks like a different shaped piece to me. The official release had that pointy, Farrah Fawcett piece that was used on the first Dark Phoenix.... and then Shadowcat for some reason :/ Are these prototypes? I tried to buy some of them a few times from a guy online, but he always ended up backing out at the last minute. It was pretty annoying.
  10. Funko Pop!

    So - back to the original topic.... I am legitimately struggling with Funko Pops right now. The choices for some of their exlusives are a bit boggling to me. A couple of years ago, I ordered the White Phoenix variant. Long story short, it got lost in the post and was never recovered. I was a little bitter, as I couldn't find it anywhere here and had to order it from overseas. The shipping on that thing ended up costing more than the pop itself. When it went astray, I left it for a while as I already had the green and Dark Phoenix versions. The white was a nice to have, but not essential to a collection of x-men figures. Flash forward, and now she's being listed for $100's of dollars on eBay, so there is certainly no chance I'll get her now. But as I said, my collection has a Jean popo - so I'm not losing to much sleep over it. Now - The Batman Animated pops are another story. While the core line has been super cute and featured some great characters, some of the exclusives have been, what I would consider, core characters. I have been waiting with baited breath for a Freeze pop, to find that he can only be purchased as a part of one of those nonsense 'collector corps' type things where one also buys a T-shirt, badge, patch, and other assorted junk. I don't mind when a special variant is a little hard to get. Christmas Harley - sure! Make her hard to find. Robot Batman? Limit the numbers. But when they put a core character in a box of otherwise useless junk and limit shipping so that only those living in North America can find it, it means the rest of us have to resort to eBay and pay $50.00 + shipping for a $15.00 toy (assuming I buy it now, and not a year from now when it's $250 + shipping). I know collecting is not meant to be 100% easy, but this kind of decision really takes the fun out of collecting for me. /rant.
  11. Deadpool 2?

    I'm not usually a film-universe minimates enthusiast, but I would very happily take a Beetz Domino too. The big hair and the reverse eye patch are a really awesome look.
  12. You're probably correct. We're a colony of convicts. 'Nicking' stuff is what got us down here in the first place.
  13. Marvel Minimates Wish List

    We actually already got the masked/scarred thing, didn't we? It was the second Thing figure to ever come out.
  14. Marvel Video Game Minimates

    I would also have bought a Shuma Gorath if it'd been made.... not quite sure how that would translate as a minimate tho. LOL
  15. OMG! Do people outside Oz know that chant? How embarrassing. LOL