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  1. Like.... kind of not really. If they're a mutant,
  2. I would be all over this, but damn - what an odd choice it would be. And of that line-up.... to miss out on Nanny would be criminal. She's such a fun, ridiculous design. Think I'd ultimately break it up to put Wildchild w/ the AOA stuff, Greycrow w/ Marauders, etc....
  3. Can I ask for clarity: is the minor 7th member the second woman and also *not* included in the new set?
  5. YAAAASSSS! I was JUST saying in a Marvel Legends thread how it was criminal that the cheapskates at Hasbro hadn't given us an Ogun on the Hand Ninja base yet! Please pre-emptively sign me up for one immediately!
  6. ooooh - just read his bio - that's a REALLY good guess.
  7. This one has me stumped. My first thought was Magus, but I'm not convinced that the clues line up for him. 🧐
  8. Love all these lists. Marrow is a great choice. Love seeing her on so many peoples lists. It's hard to draw the line for heroes/villains these days. Most people on my wants list have been both. If it's characters that have *never* had a minimate, I'd want: Random Exodus Penance/Hollow Marrow Deathbird (she's worked with the X-Men before. She counts!) but I'm totally up for costume variants of some of the non-Wolverine mutants like 90s X-Force Sunspot, 90s X-Force Warpath, All New X-23, or a real Hellfire Sebastian Shaw. I'd also eat up more AOA sets if we got Storm, Colossus, Abyss, Shadowcat, etc...
  9. I reckon he's going to look awesome backlit or lit with lasers. Can't wait to get him.
  10. This is *THE* costume I've been waiting on for Wasp. If it's the only other comic Wasp figure we ever got, I'd be content.
  11. Very cute to see the Mojo minimate (bottom left) used as a set piece for a Hasbro Livestream. This tracks with the rumour that a deluxe Mojo figure is coming, but I was mostly just tickled pink to see Minimates appear in the media.
  12. Price is always a concern, but it's why minimates were such an attractive offer in the first place. 2 figures with a bunch of accessories, surprisingly good articulation for the size, interchangeable parts and a huge capacity for team building was pretty amazing for the price. The issue here in Australia is the double handling of shipping. Items made by one of our nearest geographic trading partners are shipped to the US, and then back to Aus, meaning that whatever price hikes happen in the US are generally doubled here. For some context, Marvel Legends are currently $45 a piece here, and will soon be $50+ per figure. It's gotten to the point with all lines where I can't be a completionist anymore. I have neither the room, nor the budget. I'm curious to see what the 6 packs will mean for the line. I won't be able to just by the choice 2-pack I like out of a wave anymore. But most recent waves have had a fairly cohesive theme for the last few years. Minimates prices are on the rise, but so are the prices of every collectible. Minimates still seem like better value. And I can fit more of them in a display. Plus I like you folks better than the people on other toy forums.
  13. Young Avengers would be awesome. And it feels like a real possibility for an upcoming wave, given then number of characters we've seen popping up in the MCU. Unfortunately, I feel like the ABC series has absolutely buried any hope of the Inhumans merch until Marvey/Disney decides to have another go at them.
  14. From the colonies - Many, many, many, many, many happy returns good sir.
  15. I have got to say, I felt like it was off to a very rushed and rocky start. But I suppose they needed a bit of rushing in order to establish the scenario and all the characters with enough time to let the actual movie unfold. Once it did kick in, I had a very good time. There were a few laughs, and I will fully admit to shedding a tear or two. I feel a bit badly for the Amazing Spider-Man villains. They just never had the gravitas or screen presence of the original trilogy's antagonists. There were a few too many 'in jokes' made You know, the sort of joke that borders on breaking the forth wall and giving the audience a knowing wink. I will, however, give the team absolute props for finding a way to let I'm currently watching my way through the series from the start with my partner (he's never seen any of the MCU films), so I'll be curious to see how I feel about it on second watch.
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