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  1. It never hurts to dream, eh? For what it's worth, I'd totally buy Maggott and Dr Reyes, but i feel like Marrow may actually have a chance one day. even if it's only a tiny little one.
  2. Ah - yeah, I've just read this over n the wave 74 thread. Red King sounds like a solid guess.
  3. I'd think of him more as a 'costume' variant than a new character.
  4. Could the Alien be a member of the Black Order? They're recent, but not current, and Avengers villains.
  5. I was being a tad facetious. I don't actually expect a *green* Scarlet Witch. Learning that Mastermind comes with the OML Duster is icing on the cake. Looks like i'm going to get to cross another couple of characters off my 'Top 10 wishlist'
  6. Real talk - the headgear was totally different in her first appearance. Plus it was green
  7. Yeah - that's because it was clearly a single-colour paint-swap (green for blue). I'll happily take QS as he is above, But i think light green gloves/boots/briefs would be awesome. I was going to say that I'd like Toad to have his tongue and his purple wrist/cuff/glove things, but after doing some quick picture research, it looks like he didn't have them in any of his earlier appearances. DST have really done their homework with the Toad look.
  8. WOW - That headpiece for Hela is fantastic! I wouldn't be surprised is she ends up getting a regular 616 wave release at some point. That headpiece is too extravagant a sculpt to not want to use it again. But as Freaqalizer said, she's close enough to a comic version that if we *don't* actually get one, this will do very nicely. I've been steering clear of MCU minimates recently to ease the pain on my wallet, but this is one release that I'll be chasing down.
  9. Holy Carp. It is literally everything I dreamed this set could be. *dies happy*
  10. Masked Shocker would be cool. Although, I noticed that the Lego minifig of Shocker isn't masked either. Perhaps this was all the reference that toy companies were given for the character?
  11. Oh - 100%. Like I said, I enjoyed the film. I think it's a success on many fronts. And Feminism is LOTS of different things to lots of different people. There's certainly no definitive model. I was just wishing for a little bit more. Maybe I'm too idealistic. Baby steps.
  12. Yeah - I take your point. Don't get me wrong - I still found it a very enjoyable movie. The clothes that she talks to the sectretary about are bought at the insistance of Steve though. And I would count 100% Zeus and Ares as men. Ares took the form of a man in all appearances. Dr Poison is a bit of a classic B villain for Wonder Woman, and she was kind of relegated to hench-woman. I don't remember if she and Wonder Woman actually exchanged words. Failing the Bechdel test by no means makes the film a failure in all aspects. It was very entertaining. But, as someone who owes a lot of their comfort and freedom to feminism, I wanted a bit more.
  13. It's the 15th here today. Can we know now?
  14. This was the best DC movie so far. I have a few little disappointments. As far as feminist film-making goes, this fell a little short. Had it not been for the first 20 minutes, I don't think this would have passed the Bechdel test. For a film staring a woman, directed by a woman and about the strongest woman in the world, that's disappointing. Which isn't to say it wasn't a fun movie - I was just hoping for the powerful, female vibe to continue through the whole film. To be fair, Avengers wouldn't pass that test either, and it was also a fun, action packed film directed by a feminist. Wonder Woman had a lot of flaws, but was still fun. If the DC trend continues in the direction it's going in, then hopefully JL will be quite a decent film. 3 out of 5.
  15. I gotta disagree about the accessories for this particular wave. This wave has a sh*t-tonne of sculpted parts. After Spiral's headpiece, Deathstrike's hands/vest/hat, Mojo's chair/tail/gut, Wolverine's arrow-chest, I'm in no way fazed about a "lack of" accessories. They've given accessories where needed (Spiral's spell hands and swords, spare hair for Weapon X, weapons for Hand Ninja). I'm not having a go at anyone who wanted 'spare hands', but if it's a choice between generic spare hands and sai/katana/swords/magic effects, then I'm happy to leave the spare hands out.