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  1. A very, very belated welcome to you. Ah - the tragedy of loving minimates, but residing outside of the U.S. Very luckily, the community here are extremely generous and do an amazing job of helping folks out. I owe my collection to a combination of the lurkers on this forum.
  2. Super exciting news. Can't wait to start seeing some of the reveals.
  3. Oooooh - very excited. Will there be any X-Men characters/supporting characters?
  4. 2012 was the first (and only) time I've managed to make it to SDCC (from Australia). I was so damn jazzed to see a DST panel IRL and meet people I'd been chatting to online for years. AND this is one of the exclusives I actually have. Very cool giveaway.
  5. Damn - that *is* a nice surprise. I cry at the thought of what other BAFs were planned before they got the chop. Would love to have seen a Deathbird or a Raza in the Phoenix Saga wave.
  6. So - the 'all in' package was $290... which comes to like 380 in Oz dollars before shipping, so I couldn't justify that on a game I had never played before. I just got the base set, even though I'd love all those other add ons. I did get the game mat though... thought it would make it a bit more speccy when having mates over to play.
  7. They look so cool together like that. I've been thinking about pairing back my collection and maybe letting go of a few waves and some army builders, but this is convincing me to keep all of my Sentinels!
  8. I know people might be a little wary of Kickstarter campaigns after the 88 fiasco, but is anyone looking into the Marvel United X-Men campaign? It looks like a fun tabletop game with a bunch of cute minifigures/game pieces. There are also HEAPS of add-ons; Blue team, Gold team, First Class as well as a bunch of already existing Marvel Universe versions (Asgard, Black Panther, GotG, etc...) I'm very tempted to back this one. CMON seem to have had pretty good success with their campaigns.
  9. Right? As soon as I saw these Luke post online that they were up I pre-ordered! I know this is more of an indictment of the year that was 2020, but looking back through my emails it seems that aside from customs, I haven't ordered Minimates since 2019! I can't wait for these to ship!
  10. Are they interested in sponsoring foreign candidate's visa applications? Asking for a friend.
  11. *SQUEE* Most eagerly anticipated release in the last year or two of Minimates. Can't wait to get em.
  12. I have a loooooong drive interstate tomorrow. I'll see if I can stop a couple of times during the day and invite you (and @Onyx_6) to a couple Uxie raids on my way there. That should make them at closer to a reasonable hour. I'm DiscØnaut#0762 on Discord.
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