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  1. I'm in two minds about it. I think that the X-Factor wave was a pretty good balance between the two. We got a BAF, but still got some cute pack-ins (alt hair for Cyke, power effects for Havok & Polaris, Flight stands, etc..) I could have used an alt head for Mutiple Man or an optic blast for Cyke, but if it meant not getting the BAF - then I'm fine with a couple less accessories being packed in.
  2. DST - If you're looking for a way to cash in on a bankable, well known a-List character, I can vouch for this lady. I'm currently only collecting X-Men themed figures, but I would make an exception for Grey Widow. Pack in arms so she can go with or without her 90's leather jacket. And those smoking wrist blasters!!!!! Marvel Legends is really taking a page out of Minimate's playbook with the extra pack-in's on this one. Thanks to Jason for the heads up on these!
  3. Guh - every time i try to give up on Pops, they do something like this. The new X-Men and MOTU pops all look bloody cool too!
  4. Voted! There was some great stuff in here, and an amazing mix of characters and eras. It was a lot of fun seeing what people had come up with.
  5. YAASSSS! Very excited to see this one. And very glad I held onto the TRU King Pin figure!
  6. Nessex

    wave 79

    These look like prototypes to me. I reckon the final products will be bloody lovely. Keen to see how GR looks with the transparent helmet.
  7. Ooooh - I hadn't thought of that. I could totally go a Kingpin style Shadow King with an astral form monster cutout! TO be honest - that formula would work just as well for Proteus. Might not be a bad idea for an Armor custom, either.... just sayin'
  8. Ah - I didn't get Quicksand. That's where I missed it. Yeah - As soon as you said the Animated series, my mind went straight to Proteus. That was the first place I saw him too!
  9. I think I missed a clue - where'd we find out it would be an Omega level mutant?
  10. It has been huge. As someone who's been thinking about getting back in - it's, frankly, overwhelming. AoA is my childhood though - so this wave is hitting all the nostalgia notes for me. I'm a bit surprised by the character choices. X-Man & Dark beast make sense since they crossed to the 616 and have a bit more value in terms of display. We don't really end up with any one particular team/book from AoA with this wave tho.
  11. Looks like we're getting a full Age of Apocalypse wave. BAF is yet to be revealed. Most peeps seem to be talking about Sugarman or Sabretooth. I kinda figured Victor for a regular sized figure. I'm hoping we see someone who's a bit bigger (Nemesis/Apocalypse/Colossus) or a character who's a bit less likely to sell well on their own (Abyss/Mikhail?). I'd really like to see an alternate head and collar piece for Clarice thrown in with one of the characters that makes her previous figure more in line with her AoA look.
  12. New Crossbones, AOA Sunfire & AOA Wildchild Marvel Legends announced. Looks like AOA is getting a pretty serious wave. With Kyle announced, one would have to assume a new Victor isn't far behind. Not sure if CB or Shiro are very different from previous releases tho...
  13. Ha! i screen shotted this when I saw it was your walking buddy so I could show my partner. We both loved demon hula girl.
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