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  1. I don't know, man... I reckon Miss Piggy would be pretty damn scary to face off against. Serioiusly tho - love your work , man. I hit up MMDB all the time to check on which figure was from what wave, or to find accessories, or sometimes just to have a look at what's new.
  2. Blade Runner & Blade Runner 2049

    I saw this the other night. A hugely enjoyable, beautiful film that is let down by one or two actors who can't quite carry the weight of their scenes. Having said that, the supporting cast act circles around the leads. They are fabulous. The sound design is incredible. The cinematography is immaculate. Every shot is a painting on it's own. Even if this were a bad film (which it isn't) it would be worth watching just for the audio/visual experience. I would definitely take a Luv minimate!
  3. NYCC 2017 - Reveals

    Yeah - I think it's like the Dark Avengers... no-one in canon actually called them the Dark Avengers in public, that was for the readers - to distinguish them from the actual Avengers.
  4. Fantastic Four: Informal Character Poll

    I miss voted - I'm here for Thundra! More villains and more women! I don't really mind about the army builders. Punisher Robots would look great, but I think I'd want Alphas as they'd make for a good base to create Unus. I have never read a comic book with Psycho Man in it, but I do remember an issue of either Wizard or ToyFair where the staff posed the old ToyBiz figure on his 'emotion machine' and was trying to convince another F4 villain (Doom maybe?) on his plan to over come Richards by making him sad, then glad, then mad. I don't retell it well, but I had a bloody good chuckle when I read that as a kid. Those old ToyBiz marvel lines had some ridiculous accessories sometimes, and some weird, obscure characters. So much fun to collect.
  5. Welcome, buddy. What lines are you currently collecting?
  6. NYCC 2017 - Reveals

    This is probably exciting no-one else but me, but the listing of Mastermind as 'Mastermind as Professor X' is awesome. It's actually a Mastermind figure!! I know it's a technicality and is still packaged as Xavier, but i'm calling this a win. Smoking jacket Chameleon was announced a little while back in the SDCC panel (about 20:25 in the video). He turns into MJ.
  7. Unofficial Vinimates Photo Thread

    Nice shot! Is that just against a flat, printed background? It looks remarkably good if it is!
  8. ABCs Inhumans

    I'm probably in the minority, but I just can't get into Cheadle as WM. Terrence Howard seemed much more suited to the role. It's a shame he didn't come back, because I would have very happily watched a TH War Machine solo spin-off, or even been happy with him as IM. Cheadle just seems... kind of... out of his element. Sorry - took that a bit off-thread there.
  9. Happy Birthday, fellow 'Versers!
  10. Aside from the oddly coloured Clayface, that's a really nice set...
  11. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    While most of the blank or logo minimates that have been produced as promos didn't see a wider release, heaps of character promos that DST have done, while not available in exactly the same paint deco, became available with the lines they were advertising. We got a Goblin in the Pathfinder series. There were purchasable versions of Vorin & Merc from Battle Beasts. Technically, even BB Gator became available to buy with the carry case. If this does become a line, I'm optimistic that we'll see slightly different versions of these characters show up in the line. Perhaps a metallic paint variant of Civil Warrior or a slightly darker red version of Guillotine.
  12. Marvel Minimates Wish List

    He does! He's talking about Chris Bachalo's Edward Scissorhands knock-off. (She's one of those 'never gonna happen' characters I like to keep in my list)
  13. For context, the mark-up in Australian stores is ENOURMOUS. I went in to browse their Marvel Legends figures the other day. The Dark Phoenix/Cyclops 2-pack is $80.00. Despite the difference in the value of the US$ and the AU$. That is a BIG chunk out of a persons weekly wages. Prices at Australian TRU stores are generally like this. On top of that, Australian stores don't do mark-downs the way the US seems to. When a toy has been opened and had parts removed, or is replaced with a newer line, TRU will discount the product by 20%... maybe up to 35% at the most. There are no 1/2 price sales to help clear out all stock. That stuff tends to just sit on shelves for months. Sometimes years. While I love having a store here dedicated to selling toys, I'm a bit surprised that TRU are still going strong. Perhaps we're just a very different toy buying market to the US.
  14. Marvel Minimates Wish List

    Animated Medusa counts enough for me to cross her off my list, and so: Lilandra Stryfe Exodus Sebastian Shaw Wasp Penance Strong Guy Deathbird Medusa Mockingbird - I'll happily take modern or classic. Random