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  1. nice work! it looks great.
  2. WOW! That E is for Extinction pic is brilliant! The reflection is amazing. Are the just shot standing on glass?
  3. Damn, this series looks good. I'm very keen to get my hands on these. Loving the cyber-detailing on LD's chest block. Thanks for the pics, Onyx.
  4. That Cyclops blast tutorial is great!
  5. Love that x-men 101 cover recreation!
  6. #75 Yeah - that decision reeked of 'cross-pollination for the sake of cash/sales'.
  7. There is room for a whole bunch of character duplicates here. Every Wolverine wave has had 3 or 4 different looks for him. There's no reason to think we won't get Flashback/start of movie thor with long hair and hammer, Gladiator Thor with short hair and swords & battle damaged Thor. The same could go for Hulk. They could include Regular, Gladiator and Bruce. There's 6 figures right there, and we've only used up 2 characters. And really - Hulk and Thor are the headliners for most people watching the film. It makes business sense to have multiples of those characters.
  8. We know she's in the works, though. That's a deeper list of Marvel characters than i was expecting. Where did you find this info?
  9. 8 Characters doesn't go very far.... Thor, Hela, Loki & Hulk would all have to be locks. With a little luck, the remaining characters will be new ones, although i suspect we'll see Strange (now with yellow gloves!). So the remaining 3 are hopefully Skurge, Valkyrie, and Gandmaster or Hogun (Fandral doesn't even get billing on IMDB). Whoever we get, I'm not thinking the Warriors 3 in their entirety will be likely.
  10. It looks like the Helo lego minifig comes with the massive headpiece. If DST do the same and do her justice, i fear that I may have to eat my words about buying movie-minimates...
  11. High Ev would make such a great looking toy!
  12. That dio looks great, too! What's it from?
  13. Great review of the Cyclops/Banshee set. Makes the wait for mine to arrive seem even longer!