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  1. I would very happily buy any/all of the Life Foundation symbiotes.
  2. Yup - this would wok just fine for me. Only 2 Max statues ever made it to retail; the Sentinel & Galactus. Prototypes existed of Spider-Man & Wolverine... and I think some lucky bugger here might actually have them! But no - they did not come with a Minimate figure. I am pretty sure they were licensed under a different agreement as ceramic statues. I wouldn't be surprised if the licensing had prohibited the statues and figures from being sold together.
  3. YB - why must you break my heart so?
  4. It's SUPER tenuous, but I'd kinda love a bunch of MCU characters in their unmade 616 looks. It doesn't really have a lot to do with the Marvel 80th, but a wave that paired any of the 616 versions of Mantis, Iron Monger, Whiplash, Malekith, Heimdall, Batroc, Nebula, Agent 13, Yondu, Ayesha, Shuri, M'Baku, Killmonger, etc... with big name classics would be kinda cool.
  5. Nessex

    wave 79

    Damn. NM was the film I've been looking forward to the most for some time. I didn't hold out much hope for Dark Phoenix, but NM looked like it had real potential.
  6. Call out to the collectors on here, particularly those from the U.S. Have any of you dealt with Bazooka Toys before? I've been looking for some recent, but now out of circulation, Marvel Legends. BT has the ones I'm looking for listed at RRP, rather than the insanely inflated seconds prices I'm seeing on eBay, but their website is a weird format. The logo is a little... busted. The whole thing looks kinda shifty. I haven't been able to track down much in the way of reviews. I'm a wee bit hesitant - I don't really wanna spend money there if they're not on the level.
  7. Having not bought Cyke or Wolverine in those costumes from Habro, I'm ok with this 3-pack, but I can understand frustration from those who only recently purchased the Jim Lee Cyclops.
  8. Well this might be it. I thought I was out, but between Jason's semi regular encouragement and this year's announcements at SDCC ... I might just be back.
  9. Nessex

    wave 79

    A cosmic wave! So freaking cool. I know a lot of people have been asking after this for a while. I'm excited to see it happen. Does anyone have a clearer pic from the panel? I'd love to get a better look at that Ghost Rider and Gamora.
  10. Unrelated to minimates, but: Damn! The cell shading looks so bloody cool on these! Jean's not *quite* right (can't put my finger on it. Maybe the hard black lines don't suit her face as much?). But the others look freaking cool. Link:
  11. This. Absolutely this. DST have *just* given us the much requested, but still exceptionally niche X-Factor wave. Luke got a Multiple Man exclusive. The line is going strong with Marvel. I love that people want more and have passion for the figures, but forecasting and calling for the end of days when we're still getting great stuff is a bit much.
  12. The accessories that come with Minimates are often second to none. Maybe I'm misremembering, but I feel like we saw additional unclawed hands for Wolverine, Spinning Mjölnir, Phoenix Forces, alternate looks, etc... before non-deluxe waves like Marvel Legends made them more standard. I think that contemporary storylines are too hard to do. the turnaround time makes them a struggle, and it's hard to predict which storylines will do well. I remember the Fear Itself minimates clogging up pegs for ages ay my LCS. I have no data on how they sell, but the themed waves with classic costumes always seem like a winner to me. Waves centred around older/classic stories like Maximum Carnage and Jean DeWolff were both great waves with a solid mix of characters that seemed to sell through. Team themes with well loved costumes like the 'X-Men Strike force' and 'Outback X-Men' waves appeared to do well. Classic costumes that play on nostalgia, with waves that fill out a team or story arc seem to be a bit of a winner. I don't know if Minimates have a 'next level' to get to. Seems like they have a winning formula that could keep the line chugging along for a good while longer tho, and that'd make me pretty happy.
  13. DTB is great and is updated daily (or close to). I spend entirely too much time on there.
  14. I wish there were some other way to get that MossMan...
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