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  1. UNF! I hate how much I want this! I could pass on another Beast or Omega, but Team X (Mav, Logan & Creed) with Silver Fox and Shiva (Talos in the animated series) would reel me right in. Anything that gets us started on the MLF gets a thumbs up from me.
  2. CH'OD!!!!!!!! 😍 edit: ANOLE AND BEAK!!! WHA 😍😍😍 (I should have kept reading before posting my excitement)
  3. A JRJR Iceman would be EPIC! Frenzy would ALSO be amazing. I know I've harped on it MANY times before, but if you gave us a Fatal Attractions box set where two of the characters were Frenzy with alt parts for Scanner/Vought/Unuscione and Fabian Cortez with alt parts for Senyaka/Chrome/Milan and I will buy at least 4 sets. LOL
  4. This feels like the best option to me. Kingpin uses the most plastic... and if memory serves, the TRU Bullseye wasn't as easy to find for a lot of folks (and he came out like 15 years ago). I'm glad it's not one of the new characters.
  5. LOVE these. I have no idea who Badoon King, Mercurio, Space Phantom, and Lightmaster are - but they look cool and I will be ordering a set regardless! Can't wait to see who the last two aliens are and the rest of the monsters are. The slow reveals of the characters is making me shiver with antici......
  6. Oh - amazing! Thanks for the link. I'll give it a go and see if I can't print them off at work. The idea of being able to print off your own characters and add to the game is exciting. I've just ordered some very cute custom add-ons for my set: Senator Kelly as a game piece and Madrox minis to replace the tokens:
  7. Putting a plea out: Did anyone happen to go to Wondercon and collect the Marvel United promo decks? It's probably a little late to ask now, but CMON released two decks that enabled players of Marvel: United to use Grey Hulk and Juggernaut as heroes instead. I thought I'd try to pick up the Juggernaut deck on eBay after the con but because people are garbage, everyone seems to be charging between $80 - $140 (plus shipping) for them 😭 If anyone happened to get the Juggy deck and is happy to part with it for a reasonable price, I would be forever in your debt.
  8. @DSTZach - are there any plans for a Jennifer Coolidge Megazord set?
  9. Oooooh - I'm thinking maybe an updated YA Vision to go along with the recent Young Avengers set? And maybe stickers to turn Noh-Varr/Capt. Marvel into Speed? Or an Iron Man into Iron Lad?
  10. *SQUEE* This is exciting news. Do we have an idea of the format we might see? Because if it's anything like the G I Joe footlocker assortments with the retro style card backs, I *will* be selling a kidney to make sure I get them all. Nostalgia > Common sense 🤣
  11. The preview pictures are absolutely ghastly, BUT... I suspect they're only being used to illustrate an indication of what the set might look like. With the number of bricks falling in between the Sanctum Sanctorum set and the Daily Bugle, I'm hoping we see something enclosed and modular in design.
  12. Ooops - started a new topic about this, but seems it was already being covered here. Deleted my thread and am just copying me post in to here: Promobricks have recently leaked that we might be seeing an X-Mansion set from lego in the near future. The site is in German, but their article translates to: X-Men Headquarters measures over 10” (25cm) high, 21” (53cm) wide and 6” (17cm) deep. The two-story building is tan and dark-tan in color and has a gray roof. In front of the house is an entrance gate with a suggested fence. Nothing can be said about the interior of the property, but the back wall seems to be open so that you can play inside. At least 9 minifigures are included with Professor X, Magneto, Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Beast, Mystique, Sabretooth and Emma Frost. Others are imaginable. Cerebro or the X-Men's jet don't appear to be in this set. - Parts: 3122 - Pricing range: up to $390 - Most Likely Price: $300 The X-Men have been conspicuously absent from Marvel Lego ever since the release of the Blackbird and Deadpool Chopper in 2012.While a leak isn't always to be trusted, I'm hoping that the recent reverting of rights to Marvel/Disney and the Wolverine Mech set from last year are signs that this leak might actually be legit. I have personally being trying to track down instructions for DarthKy's X-Mansion in order to build it myself ever since his Lego Ideas campaign was denied approval. I'm not holding out hope that this will include everything that was in his design, but if it does actually happen, it could be a good nice set piece for ones X-Minimates (if you can overlook the scale).
  13. They're not really comparable to minimates, despite both items being stylised, chibi-like miniature figures. The sculpting on the game pieces is amazing. They're really stunning looking game pieces, but there's no articulation and they don't come painted.
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