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  1. I'd hate to be my Minimates then. They'll just be sitting there until Christmas, doing nothing. Okay, that took my mind off of it for a little. I guess I'll go play some games or something... and hopefully I'll forget all about them... for now. *thinks about the starving kids and snowy hills* I once donated tons of food to them from a school program. I just don't get why tons of rich people and famous stars don't go over there and help 'em out. Greedy sons-of-... It's not snowing here... but I wish it was.
  2. Can't go for a jog, it's freezing outside and I don't have a coat, only a hoody. Can't read a book, I read all the books I haev but one, but that one's at school.
  3. I can't stand it anymore! My mom bought me tons (I mean tons! Nearly 40) Minimates and showed me them all so I can tell her if those are the ones I've been wanting, and she put them in the closet. These are for Christmas, and now I gotta wait for them! She won't even give me one 2-Pack! And she said I'm getting enough Minimates for Christmas, so I can't buy anymore. I swear I'm going to go crazy, knowing that there are 40 Minimates (probably more) just sitting in the closet, getting dusty. I'm so tempted to take a pack when my mom's not looking... but... I won't be able to live with the guilt until Christmas. I know Christmas is only in two weeks, but I still can't stand it! It's like going into a Minimate toy store with $100 but can't buy anything! Ugh... What do you think I should do to make me not feel like I'm going to go crazy? *bangs head on computer desk*
  4. Okay, I'm going to call my local TRU and see if they have any in stock. EDIT: I called. Took five minutes to be answered, and guess what!!!! Nothing in stock.
  5. The first time I've played this game I sucked... I hate it. But it was funny when on the first part, where there are orange blocks and one has the words 'it's a trap' above it, and then you go to the block next to that oe and it says 'this is a trap, too'.
  6. Okay, I contacted them and I'm waiting for an e-mail.
  7. *backs up in fear* Well they have stuff on that site (Mainly Minimate stuff) that I haven't seen for sale anywhere... so it'll be worth it paying all that instead of having to pay for an overpriced one on eBay.
  8. Man... I wish I had a Suncoast around where I live... good find, though. I have no stores with Minimates at all near where I live, and it sucks. I have to order them online and hope they come within a week...
  9. Wow. This is a thread meaning to ask if a store online ships to the U.S., not a thread for drama. Thank God we have that settled... And I agree with Mattallica, that was funny as hell. I laughed out loud after reading that quote... no offense Twisted Two-Face.
  10. Mkay. Thanks for the reply. *waits patiently for you to recieve your contest prize*
  11. The store for U.K. I have been wondering this for a while... does this place ship outside of the U.K. or does it ship only in U.K.?
  12. I actually got my first from a yard sale about two and a half years ago. They came without a box, but were in perfect condition. I got Daredevil and Ghost Rider (without their weapons) but liked them. So I asked the person who sold them to me what they were called... Also, they sold these two for a dollar. Fifty cents each.
  13. The newest Invaders set coming out with the four extra Skrull heads... ...but of course, those don't count. Can't you flip (let's use Beast as an example from that pack) Beast's head around and it'll reveal a Skrull head? Oh I can't wait until that set comes out... hello Skrull army! I just wish they sold seperate Skrull heads somewhere... or if that set came with more than four Skrull heads.
  14. Um... what are these tiles called? I wanna get some...
  15. I'd prefer if Sandman's theme song was Enter Sandman by Metallica.
  16. I was singing that song earlier... it just popped into my head again... dangit!
  17. Deathstroke - Trooper by Iron Maiden. Iron Monger - Riot by Three Days Grace. Ghost Rider - Down with the Sickness by Disturbed. Ma Hunkel - Chacarron Macarron by El Chombo. (heh.) Batman - In the Belly of a Shark by Gallows. (from that movie where the shark attacked Batman. I thought it matched...) All Marvel Zombies - Thriller by Michael Jackson. (picture them dancing. Wolverine, Hulk, Daredevil, etc. doing the moon walk.)
  18. You should get Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, Mario Kart Wii, Guitar Hero World Tour, Animal Crossing City Folk. Those are my top 5 games that you don't have.
  19. That's one of the worst Family Guy episodes I've seen, honestly. That and the cool whip one. For some reason, everyone I know besides myself like that episode.
  20. I meant, is there any specific comic book store you need to go to? Because there's one near where I live... and it never has Minimates.
  21. *TBT!'s eye burns a hole in my face* Ouch. TBT! the almighty! Guide me with your powers and strength! I am just a poor noob! Please help!
  22. I don't know if this was posted yet... but here anyways. If you wanna watch the original... then find it yourself. It isn't too hard... The song is Chacarron Macarron by El Chombo. I can't believe this song is real, it sounds so fake and funny, yet people take it seriously.
  23. Well I guess not, since TBT! said no, and he's always right. ;D But if they did make one, I'd want a Captain America one. Captain America's awesome...
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