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  1. Are there any websites in paticular that sell Lego/Mega Bloks (blocks) furniture?
  2. I only stopped buying LEGO because I have so many LEGO pieces and people. I'll buy some LEGO sets that come out, if I like them. But until then, I'm not getting any more.
  3. Female Body Inspectors (I put three words, even though we're only supposed to put one, right? Just doing what many other people did.)
  4. Dhalsim and Vega would be the top two on my list.
  5. I feel so very stupid right now. About three hours ago, my friend that I haven't seen in a while came over my house. (A long while, about a year) and I showed him my Minimates. After, he was thinking of buying some, too. So he asked if he could have one. I said sure, and gave him one of my least favorite ones. (I had two of the same, both being Wolverine) He said he really liked my Deathstroke and Taskmaster. So he switched up their outfits. (Put Deathstroke's mask on Taskmaster, and Taskmaster's cloak on Deathstroke.) After trying to get them off (they wouldn't budge) I put them in the freezer. We were hanging outside for hours, then he left. I got home, and hated myself because I thought he stole them, yet I knew he couldn't have. He's my best and most loyal friend, but those two Minimates were gone. About half an hour of searching my room, I was smart enough to remember where I put them. In the freezer. So I checked, and they're good. But... now Deathstroke's hand comes off easily. Oh well, at least I have them still. But I still feel dumb. One for accusing my friend of stealing them (behind his back) and two for forgetting that they were in the freezer. Has this ever happened to you?
  6. Does anyone know of a good webcam that's clear and maybe cheap? I was hoping to post some pics of edits I made (which suck, but I need criticism).
  7. Face. Minimates. *Sorry, first thing that came to mind*
  8. Well that's fine then as Zombie Wolverne is a crappy Minimate anyway. And none of my DCs are screwed up. I've had a harder time with Marvel, but I also have more Marvel overall. I actually would've liked it, but I sorta do like it with one leg, it adds to his zombie-likeness.
  9. All of those Minimates that I have are perfectly fine, except for the Cyborg Superman whose hairpiece (with the Superman mask thing) comes off too easily. I got the Marvel Zombie five-pack, and all my Minimates were fine except for one, whose leg came off with the peg inside the hole, so he has one leg. It's Wolverine.
  10. It's somewhat like that, yet not really. It does involve cards (using them to power up your monster, etc.) but it's not so much like those. It's like a completely different game. Each pack comes with several ability cards and metal 'gate' cards. Those cards are made of a magnetic material, so when you roll your Bakugan onto it it pops open. It's hard to explain.
  11. I've seen kids playing them where I live. They're not really for playing with exactly, because they break pretty easily if you move a join too far back. It's like a card game, but with small figures that represent the monsters.
  12. Haha, this reminds me of when my cousin stole one of my Minimates and painted all over it with white out and drew on it with Sharpie. He gave it back to me, and I washed it off only to reveal my Captain America was screwed up. Anyways, I'll get my cousin to enter. He's a pro at painting stuff, I'll give him a Minimate and I'll see what he says.
  13. My TRU had two left in stock, both being the Black Suited Spiderman and Kraven packs. I only got one, because the other package was damaged AND opened. Wish they had more.
  14. Does anyone else here have any Bakugan Battle Brawlers? My friend bought a three-pack of the Brawling marbles (if that's what you call them) and he kept telling me to buy some, so I finally did and I actually really like them. I bought two three-packs for about ten dollars each, and I bought a heavy metal one for eight dollars. Pretty awesome to have, and pretty fun to play if you play it right and with someone who has some, also. If you didn't know, Bakugan are small marble-like toys, if you will, that when placed on a magnet or anything magnetic, they will transform into small figures. If there's any other Bakugan thread, I'm sorry, but I searched Bakugan and nothing came up.
  15. For Lego weapons, I need a hobby knife to shave the handles of the weapons down, right? What are these hobby knives called and where can I get them?
  16. I was about to ask the same thing about World at War for Wii, because my cousin said he saw a review on it on G4, and he said it looked pretty good.
  17. Merry day before Christmas Eve and happy holidays.
  18. 1.) Super Smash Bros. Brawl (sucks that they kept changing the release date and delaying it.) 2.) Guitar Hero World Tour (haven't gotten it yet, but played it at my friend's house.) 3.) Animal Crossing: City Folk (ever since the first Animal Crossing game on GameCube, I've been hooked!) 4.) Rock Band 2 (I'm a sucker for any guitar game.) 5.) Mario Kart Wii (my favorite Mario Kart game since the first 3D Mario Kart Game.) I love the Wii. And Nintendo. I bought Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games hoping it'd be one of my favorites, but it sucked. I hated it. Now, I wish Soulcalibur IV came out to the Wii, I loved Soulcalibur II for the GameCube, it was so fun. . .
  19. Ouch. That sucks MisterPL. What 'mates did you 'trade' him?
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