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  1. I would be all for Lost Minimates. I got all the kubricks (minus ben ) I do love my kubricks but Minimates are just so much cooler!
  2. Sweet I never got around to picking up Hulk or Doom. I did now with site to store.
  3. wow the photos look awesome! Mine shipped the other day from BBTS. So hopefully it will be here Tuesday.
  4. I for one would be all for X-Files minimates.. Just thought of them is awesome!!!!!! Please let it be X-Files.
  5. It wasn't the best movie I ever seen.. I went in not expecting much. Like I did with the punisher and the same result I actually liked it. It was visually stunning as I was sure it was going to be.. Plus all the females were super hot that didn't hurt..
  6. A happy Belated Merry Christmas to everyone. No minimates under the tree for me. But there was plenty of Indy lego stuff.
  7. Every year i let my total toy geekness invade the Christmas season. I have at least one small scene with toys. Last year it was Star Wars. The year before it was spawn.. Anyway this year with there being an X-Files movie my display was with the X-Files.. I was curious if anyone else did anything like this? Here is a couple of photos.
  8. There no longer listed on Diamond store to pre order
  9. So far I passed on all of these. But a friend of mine picked up the one to date that I have wanted which was Batman. I am really happy with it and being in scale with Star Wars and Indiana Jones makes me happy.
  10. Just had to share my joy. Got a good deal on ebay on an Autopsy Scully so I am one step closer to getting a full set.
  11. I am totally obsessed with Madden Football and Mario Kart. Both Nintendo Wii..
  12. It's never been open and the package is in great shape. Only a ding in the right bottom corner. I won't be opening it. I have seen sealed ones go for a lot more than 40.00 on ebay.
  13. Wow sounds like you have a nice collection. Do you have photos posted anywhere of your collection? So far I know I want the Universal Monsters and I need to order the Indiana Jones and I would like to get the Planet Of The Apes as well. But I am not going to spend to much on myself till after Christmas.
  14. Well the X-Files is probably my number 1 all time fandom. So when I register for a board. If it's available I always grab Mulder. And as for the avatar. I love Scully.
  15. Mulder

    Kubrick Talk

    karamazov80 thanks for the links.. I am not sure what I am going to do. I prefer not to go blindbox. But I might.
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