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  1. I know it won't happen, but I've really been missing the MCU mates.
  2. They're adorable. Take your Cylon to work day. 😁
  3. Maybe sell a full sticker sheet and people could get the parts for themselves(similar to the previous sheets). Also what hairpiece did you use for Piledriver? Thanks. 😊
  4. Any new news on the animated X-men mates? The new figures and jet look nice. Maybe a chance to update 90's Storm with the new look......😬
  5. Ok my list. Arsenal, Atom, Beast Boy(original), Katana, Tempest. Hush, Obsidian, Weather Wizard, Terra, Poison Ivy, Amazo(JLU and comic).
  6. Got my sticker sets yesterday. Really excited to start making customs. I would like to throw this out there. Hopefully a DC set could be considered in the future. Thanks again Luke for doing this.
  7. My picks Daredevil(obviously), Echo, Typhoid Mary, and Kingpin. I know people would want Elektra. Maybe a 2-pack exclusive or another 4-pack down the road.
  8. Awesome, thanks Zach. Are there plans for a Ringwraith?
  9. I wonder how big they are. Also maybe Ringwraiths? 😁
  10. No the head is fine. The minimate body is taller than the character should be. I'll try to snap pic. I actually bought a knockoff. You could try Bricklink also.
  11. Yes, that's the wolf head. The chibi spider-man body is a little big for spiderham, but it works.
  12. Oh, also put Spiderham head on the tiny Spider-man body.
  13. I used a gray wolf head for John Jameson (the name escapes me) worked pretty well.
  14. Wanda(final version), Moon Knight(parts to make both) obviously takes away accessories/ weapons, Sylvie, Ms. Marvel, Shang Chi, America Chavez.
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