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  1. Awesome, thanks Zach. Are there plans for a Ringwraith?
  2. I wonder how big they are. Also maybe Ringwraiths? 😁
  3. No the head is fine. The minimate body is taller than the character should be. I'll try to snap pic. I actually bought a knockoff. You could try Bricklink also.
  4. Yes, that's the wolf head. The chibi spider-man body is a little big for spiderham, but it works.
  5. Oh, also put Spiderham head on the tiny Spider-man body.
  6. I used a gray wolf head for John Jameson (the name escapes me) worked pretty well.
  7. Wanda(final version), Moon Knight(parts to make both) obviously takes away accessories/ weapons, Sylvie, Ms. Marvel, Shang Chi, America Chavez.
  8. Anyone at the show, if you wouldn't mind picking up the America Chavez exclusive funko pop for me. I'd appreciate it. I have PayPal. Thanks again.
  9. I would want 2 main characters from the live action shows, i.e. Scarlet Witch(final costume), Any Vision or Agatha. Loki and Sylvie. Moon Knight and Harrow. Sam as Cap.
  10. Ka-zar and 5 pieces of a sabertooth tiger. Plus proper legs to turn Savage land reaper into Sauron.?
  11. So I went through Beyond toys. Got both sets. So I can be taken off any list for these. It was expensive and I should have been more patient.
  12. If and when there's a list. I would like 1 of each. Please and thank you. I tried to order them. Seller won't ship to the U.S.
  13. Luke's toy store has decal and sticker paper for customs. Also minimate factory has tutorials for designing and printing decals for minimates.
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