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  1. bilbofett

    DC Vinimates

    Very nice. DST... The ball is in your court 😁
  2. I figured a lot of Kirby designs, original Invaders. Some outdated villains.
  3. ^THIS^ I've been waiting for Warlock since the dark world tease!!!
  4. Is that during a blood moon?
  5. bilbofett

    wave 79

    Zach, would you be able to post an official pic here? Or is it too soon? Thanks.
  6. Eternals and Shang-chi, I want a real MCU Mandarin.
  7. A 4-pack would've been perfect. 2 Spideys, Mysterio, and MJ(or Peter Billingsley's character)
  8. bilbofett

    wave 79

    Only 3 2-packs? Is DST cutting back?
  9. bilbofett

    wave 77

    I will in a couple of hours. Thanks to Luke and Heidi for getting these out. Hope you were able to enjoy your 4th.😊🎆
  10. bilbofett

    wave 77

    Sorry, I'm on vacation and got ahead of myself.😁
  11. bilbofett

    wave 77

    Anyone pick these up?
  12. Just got a shipping notification from Luke. woo-hoo!
  13. Cue the 'Twilight Zone' music.😁
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