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  1. Previews has these listed for 5/29 also. 👍
  2. I don't have these yet, could you go into detail what you did with the swords. Thank you.
  3. Atomic Empire has them listed for 5/29. So hopefully previewsworld has a shipping update next week.
  4. Also you don't need to buy 3 4-packs( I'm a dumb dumb)
  5. Haven't built the new set. I paid $60 for that. I think so.
  6. I got one on eBay (minus mini-figs) for $55. Had to build up each level. I just ordered a generic set off aliexpress to add to it.
  7. Rest in peace, old friend. In the words of Supernova 'what a Wookie '.
  8. Finally saw the movie today. Loved it. Without spoiling anything, has anyone started working different looks for the mates we didn't get. I have some ideas, but wanted to hear from others.
  9. These look nice. Thanos looks awesome, Ronin hood is new sculpt, I think. I preordered 3 4-packs for the suits, I guess it's better than tracking down an extra Rocket/ThorCap.
  10. Ok. I missed what happened.
  11. Oh my god, where are the Walgreens mates....😭😭 I NEED to see them .
  12. Now that's a build-a-mate!!!! Very nice. I'll take 2 😁
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