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  1. Previewsworld has these on the list for 10/23. Oh joy!!!😃
  2. I use some of the larger funkos for minimates. The balrog works nice. Surtur and molten man movie ones are decent.
  3. If anyone can hook me up with wave 11 , I'd appreciate it. I have Paypal. Thanks.
  4. You also might want to check out bricklink. Sellers from all over the world. Really good for finding pieces.
  5. bilbofett

    wave 79

    I'm also on joining team Deathlok.
  6. bilbofett

    DC Vinimates

    Very nice. DST... The ball is in your court 😁
  7. I figured a lot of Kirby designs, original Invaders. Some outdated villains.
  8. ^THIS^ I've been waiting for Warlock since the dark world tease!!!
  9. Is that during a blood moon?
  10. bilbofett

    wave 79

    Zach, would you be able to post an official pic here? Or is it too soon? Thanks.
  11. Eternals and Shang-chi, I want a real MCU Mandarin.
  12. A 4-pack would've been perfect. 2 Spideys, Mysterio, and MJ(or Peter Billingsley's character)
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