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  1. These look nice. Thanos looks awesome, Ronin hood is new sculpt, I think. I preordered 3 4-packs for the suits, I guess it's better than tracking down an extra Rocket/ThorCap.
  2. Ok. I missed what happened.
  3. Oh my god, where are the Walgreens mates....😭😭 I NEED to see them .
  4. Now that's a build-a-mate!!!! Very nice. I'll take 2 😁
  5. If it's a gold or silver Spiderman exclusive, I hate you.(kidding)
  6. If the Walgreens wave has Cap and Thor in quantum suits, then include parts to make regular versions. You can cram enough in there. Hell they got Mojo and Spiral into a 2-pack.
  7. Luke, I also appreciate your dedication. I have about 50 customs "in progress", can't find the time to finish them. Hey I wanted to ask when the Thanos head is going to ship? Getting really psyched for endgame. Thanks.
  8. bilbofett

    wave 79

    Yikes! Thor's hair is out of control.😁
  9. I know the outfit was a little different, but an Annette Benning(as Supreme Intelligence) head would've been nice.
  10. bilbofett

    wave 79

    Oooh, sounds like a challenge. 😁 You're up DST.
  11. Zach any word on a street date for the 4-pack? Need my Skrulls.
  12. Not quite finished, need to file down hands(mr fantastic gloves).
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