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  1. Some of the zombies from TWD might match. And they're relatively cheap.
  2. I have an extra original. Not really using it. If you want it PM me.
  3. Sooo... no images for the animated wave. Bummerโ˜น
  4. bilbofett

    DC Vinimates

    Can anyone post a pic of Darkseid vinimate next to some minimates. Just want to see size differential. Thanks.
  5. Hopefully during the comic-con panel
  6. I picked up Treebeard and a Balrog for LoTR mates. Ragnarok Surtur and molten man from Spiderman FFH. After some research I'm getting 10 in. Giant man and a 6 in. Giant man and putting the smaller head on the big body for a more proportionate MCU Giant man.
  7. bilbofett

    wave 79

    Custom Surfer black, Mr negative head, wave 9 Cyclops chest, black arms& legs. Can't really find good pic of him.
  8. Second. I've looked at that head 3 or 4 times and never thought to use it. I was going to use the old abomination head. Awesome idea.
  9. Got it. Paid it. Thanks. Looking forward to adding him to my collection.๐Ÿ‘
  10. Luke did you email invoices yet? If so I might have accidentally deleted mine. Just checking.
  11. So wave 13 is a cartoon with no prior mates. X-Men the animated series? A boy can dream.๐Ÿ˜
  12. Too much Havok in this forum!
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