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  1. For some reason the design seems to work marginally better for the NBA players as opposed to the WWE wrestlers. Bizarre. I wouldn't mind a Bryant or Nowitzki. Then again...i wouldn't seek these out either. They'd have to fall into my lap .
  2. ....oh COME ON! I've wanted well articulated 2'' wrestling figures for YEARS now (even before Jakks Pacific Micro Aggression line) and THIS is what i'm being offered? Efffffff I've got money in hand and i'm dreaming of buying a well articulated adequately *sculpted* mini wrestler line that doesn't look like Rumblers. I want to buy these. I want to pay for a mini hogan vs a mini macho man . I want mini Road Warriors / Legion of Doom. I want a mini royal Rumble. I want a mini articulated Ultimate Warrior! I just don't want them in this form. This is the ultimate **** tease. A part of me is in awe while the majority of me is flat out irritated. These figures are ugly and it's only the name brand (WWE) recognition that is making me even consider purchasing them (which i wont because i know i'll regret it). Dammit. This is exactly why Mattel / Mega Bloks needs to release a wrestlign line . I'll take generic Cal of Duty style wrestling figures that i have to customize over these. THis
  3. I'm really trying to stop myself from buying these but the temptation is growing. They are a step back with regards to body design when compared to Mega Bloks Call of Duty but beggars cant be choosers and this is the only best articulated wrestling figure line in town. Jakks Pacific Micro Aggression was more to my taste but 5 pts. of articulation gets old after a while. And that Intercontinental belt....i'm a sucker for titles.
  4. Yes they are showing up on shelves but the full release is still weeks away if i recall. None the less you can find them now. Trust...if you like minimates then you'll like these. They represent the natural evolution of the block based mini figure. Lego->Minimates -> Mega Bloks original HALO figures - > Mega Bloks new articulation micro figures (Call of Duty, Assasins Creed, 2014 HALO, etc). I can only imagine what the next leap forward will bring.
  5. You won't regret it.... They are the best thing to happen to toys in the last few years in my opinion.
  6. All credit to Dielectric for the images. So...French Soldiers are coming down the pipe...
  7. I thought "Marvin" (Roadblock from ARAH GI Joe * before the Rock took over the role) deserved a close up image. *side not..the guy on the left looks quite a bit like the actor on the show "Hell on Wheels" Common And once again i get the feeling whoever sculpts these heads is using ARAH figures for reference. One of these guys looks quite a bit like Bazooka and a version of Gung Ho that i recall. This ...i need a cannon
  8. I picked up several of the new blind bag Alpha Series HALO figures. They are everything positive you have heard and more. Especially the marine figure.
  9. New Image! Re: the Callof Duty line..... I own multiple Call of Duty troop packs and *really* enjoy them. They are sturdy ( and i pose and repose them a lot ) and the plastic is of high quality. As a life long action figure collector these are now my number one toy product. I also picked up the new Alpha Series HALO line and it's of the same quality just with slightly smaller (shorter) figures. I have a slight preference for the Call of Duty line . I expect to pick up my fair share of Assasins Creed if for no other reason than custom fodder.
  10. Mega Bloks Halo figures 2014 in-depth features & comparisons
  11. The Mega Bloks rep mentioned that Power Rangers will be released in a new updated body style (similar to their new Call of Duty and HALO figures). I've never been a Power Rangers fan but i will be after they release those. I wouldn't invest in 6' or taller PR figures but i'd collect the entire range of a 2 inch fully articulated line.
  12. 2015 Sneak Peek! ALL CREDIT TO TheSSMOTION ! These figures look better to me now than the initial pics that we saw months back.
  13. ...check out this custom figure created by Yrkane. WOW!
  14. That Jungle Trooper team looks damn good (with excellent weapon colors) but i might hold out for the Sniper Team. I really want that set.
  15. For folks like myself that previously hadnt bought into the HALO Mega Bloks line this is great but i can understand if a person who already has a large collection of figures skips these if articulation isnt important to them. Personally i parted with my Mech units solely so can justify buying them again with the updated figures later
  16. According to Toyguru Mega Bloks MOTU sets in the style of Call of Duty hasn't been ruled out.
  17. Believe it or not ...i didnt care much for the Marvel Mega Bloks aesthetic myself . They were cool ..but not enough for me to spend money on. Much like Minimates i liked and appreciated what they represented - miniature action figures with a stylized design and charm - but i've been a larger scale action figure fan for too long to get past the aesthetic. Minimates, which i've owned a fair amount of, were close to what i wanted. They were more articulated LEGO figures in my opinion and were superior in every way. My minor hangups were the cubed look and the ball and socket shoulders. Marvel Mega Bloks , of which i bought none from the store but several from the secondary market, were close to what i wanted as well. Full size action figure detail in a mini package. Unfortunately like Minimates they had ball / socket shoulders and friggin ginormous heads lol (before HALO. The HALO line is quite nice). I couldnt get past that. The Mega Bloks Call of Duty line continues the evolution - mini figures with just enough large scale figure detailing to impress , hinge swivel shoulders so no more weird gap between the shoulders and torso , heads that are to scale and the ability to fit building bricks and detailed accessories. But of course i like those things. A natural evolution of the mini / Micro figure: I'd buy damn near anything Mattel puts out using that body design and prior to Mattels Mega acquisition i had next to zero interest in Mattel or anything they made. So , yeah, i didn't buy in with regard to Megas older lines but i'm on my ...6th or 7th (?) set of Megas newer Call of Duty figure packs . Toys are evolving...and i'm damn happy about it. Can you imagine if MASK mini figures from the 1980's had this level of articulation to go along with transforming vehicles? It was a great line that would have given Hasbros GI JOE a run for its money as a top 3 toy line of all time.
  18. ^ I would lose it if a new superhero themed Mega Bloks line was released. Friggin LOSE IT! Looking at those pictures you can see how cool the previous line was and also what areas need improvement. The Call of Duty figure design addresses all of the faults the previous body design had while improving upon its strengths. I dont care if it's DC (although that would be cool) , Marvel (even better as long as i don't have to sift through 100 Wolverine and Iron Man figures) , IMAGE or any other comic book publishers IP. Just give me some super hero bodies!
  19. MOTU Roboto Multiples. I need this Mattel / Mega Bloks. NEED lol
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