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  1. This may have been already mentioned (and my apologies if I missed it), but did anyone search the Walgreens website for "minimates"? You'll be surprised by the search results for sure!
  2. Thanks for the heads up on the $0.97 price reduction. I went back to the North Brunswick store and bought the 13 they had left.
  3. I bought 6 and cleared out the Boonton NJ store. Very helpful staff, nice change from what I expected at a Gamestop. I bought another 6 at the North Brunswick, NJ store, there were about 15 still left in the bin. Also a very nice store, helpful staff. Have all of them except Illusive Man. Nice figures, some interesting designs for the aliens. GL or Nova Corps customs?
  4. Any comments on the season finale? Hide spoilers please for our DVR'ing colleagues who have not yet watched it.
  5. I just built the Brainiac Attack set (76040). As usual, Lego figures out a way to make something look like it's supposed to when you're done building it. I like that Superman and Supergirl come with an switchable angry or determined face. J'onn's cape includes the smaller upwards collar piece - nice attention to detail. The Brainiac ship looks good, although it would not get a good safety rating with the upper part of the skull face causing an obstructed view for the pilot (unless the pilot was a cybernetic12th level intellect, so I guess it's OK). Not a bad price a $24.99 at Target.
  6. Anyone else catch the trailer on YouTube? Looks good (in a "if you already enjoy the small screen DC universe" kind of way), I'm actually kind of annoyed that they gave away some surprises I would have rather found out in the pilot. I deleted some topic tags to not give away any new information.
  7. Got the Lego Hulkbuster set. Fun to build, rather ingenious use of parts (the hands are great!). Much better ball sockets than I have seen with the Transformers block figures, don't expect them to get floppy with age.. $29.99 at Target still seems steep even for Legos, though.
  8. He was in an extremely low budget "sci-fi" movies from the 1950's, "the Killer Shrews", which got the MST3K treatment. The aforementioned killer shrews looked like greyhounds with bath mats glue to them. Mr. Best was the "hero".
  9. My nearest TRU had them for $4.98 on Tuesday, picked up another Groot/Drax/Rocket Racoon and a Yondu / Sakaar pack
  10. There were 10-12 in the Watchung, NJ store. They look OK, did not want to spend $15 yet though - maybe it will grow on me. I like the armored Hulk.
  11. I saw what did you did there! Bill! Don't you get it son, that's a joke!
  12. I just read issue 1 of Parallel Man Great multiverse story without superheroes. A parallel earth where the ability to dimension hop was developed instead of nuclear energy leads to a parallel world-enslaving dictatorship. Our earth is the next to be annexed! Fun!
  13. Mattallica - how did you make that HALO Armor? My 14 year old was impressed (and she does not impress easily!). I am of course easily impressed. That was awesome!
  14. Is it a Neo-Luddite crunchy-granola completely biodegradable humungo-mate Sentinel? ("Humungo-mate" = larger scale than a maxi-mate; feel free to copyright it; or ignore it)
  15. Beetle would be great, bulked up if possible.
  16. From where did you get all those buildings, etc.? Some look like MegaBloks but not all. Looks cool. I agree with making dioramas, its a more rewarding display approach when you can make it work.
  17. Shanester (post 21) - I read Life-Eaters a number of years ago (it's somewhere in my boxes and boxes o' comics). I really liked the story. Very different idea.
  18. I got my set, thanks, Luke. I set it up on Friday evening. The Doc Ock is my favorite, but all of them are great. Lots of extra pieces.
  19. I ordered a set last night. I'm looking forward to Doc Ock the most - having him stand up on two of the arms is a classic look I could not do without.
  20. AIM, AIM, AIM, AIM! Hydra Vault Guards
  21. Thanks to whomever mentioned Starlight, I left that off my list. I tried a bunch of the "Millarverse" (did I get that right?) titles, am sticking with Starlight so far through #5 or 6 so far, I am enjoying the story.
  22. mostly DC Earth-2 World's Finest (Power Girl and Huntress) (my daughters read the first two as well) Multiversity (+ related one-shot titles coming) - I was glad to see Captain Carrot and the Obama-inspired Superman of Earth-23 return Infinite Crisis (I'll give it one more issue, #3) - not sure how ties into Multiversity Justice League (post-Forever Evil - I want to see where they go with Luthor associated with the JL); Forever Evil was great, pretty dark for DC Sinestro (my youngest daughter likes this one, so I get it) Superman / Wonder Woman (sporadically - I was not crazy about the Doomed story line, but it may be getting better) I tried issue 1 of "the First Hero" last week - looks interesting I have not seen any Marvels in a while that looked interesting enough to pick up. I'm always good for a WW2 Cap story or a one shot story with him.
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