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  1. Marvel Minimates Wish List

    Top Ten List: 1)Falcon (Of course.) 2)Winter Soldier 3)Virginia "Pepper" Potts (Both normal and as "Rescue") 4)Northstar 5)Ghost (Classic and Dark Reign Version) 6)Maria Hill 7)Baron Zemo 8)Sin (Red Skull's daughter) 9)Reptil (Cuz' I <3 Reptil. Expecially in SHSS) 10)Crossbones and.... Honorary minimate(s): Edwin Jarvis and Harold "Happy" Hogan Comments? Questions? Concerns?
  2. Do we need or want a movie Watchmen for minimates?
  3. Unofficial AFX Marvel Box Set Poll: Finals!

    Can we do all for the Inhuman box sets.
  4. Inhuman Minimates Boxset

    If someone can write to DST or Art Asylum that they should create a eight set pack of the Inhuman Royal Family, then that would be sweet as hell. Also add in the Hercules and Black Panther minimates too, they would be cool too.
  5. Inhuman Minimates Boxset

    I can speak out to everyone saying... LET DST CREATE A MARVEL MINIMATES INHUMAN BOXSET, AM I RIGHT? I can see it now... Black Bolt Medusa Crystal Karnak Gorgon Triton Maximus the Mad and of course drum roll please (duttta dutta dutta dutta) LOCKJAW! I'm talking about having an eight figure set of the Inhumans. Tell me if it's a good idea or not? But, has anyone tried to make Inhumans minimate figures?