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  1. Oh dang. I think Sin City alone might get me back on the wagon.
  2. Welcome, back, Iceman! Now haul your butt over to the post-Kang threads and pick a side already!
  3. Just so we're clear, as of this moment the movie STILL isn't out in the States? So it appears I've just slept through the Kangpocalypse, but our local theaters are already getting jampacked with Avengers. All I can say for everyone else is, See y'all in a week or so!
  4. Can't see the image now, but is it a bad sign that I was immediately suspicious of the name "BellaSwan"?
  5. Guilty. I guess it depends on which property you're looking for, though. I haven't poked around the new-and-improved MMC much yet, but I remember some of the old promo art and prototype pics from their archives. Obviously the official AA gallery is also a good place to look, you'd be surprised what you'll find if you go back far enough. Can you put up a list of what kind of images you're looking for, Jeff? I'm sure loads of us here can help you out
  6. Are my eyes deceiving me... ... or is that a BROOD minimate?!
  7. If it's any consolation, I am vaguely intrigued by the idea of the prequels and I'm still not buying them. :tongue: The way I see it, the problem with the Watchmen prequels comes in two parts: the necessity of extending the story given the self-contained nature of the original miniseries (i.e. "Do we really need to read about the good ol' days of the Minutemen or Rorschach and Nite Owl II fighting crime?"), and the overall impact of the prequels to the legacy of Watchmen itself (its "sacred cow" status among longtime fans, if you will). On that first point, I'm still somewhat torn on the necessity of telling new Watchmen stories at all. Some parts, like the previous adventures of the Minutemen, might stand a chance if only due to their retraux appeal and how obscure some of their backstories still are. However, I believe it's redundant to tell new stories featuring Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, etc. due to the generous backstory-related subtext already present in the books. This might be an arbitrary observation on my part though, and it certainly doesn't help reconcile how new stories are going to mesh with Moore's original "deconstructing comics" conceit. As for the second point, I'm probably not the best person to sound off on Watchmen's "sacred legacy" seeing as I've only recently been converted to the series. I may revisit the old Watchmen movie discussion thread here to collect my thoughts on it, but right now I feel like this is something of a Canon Defilement versus Death of the Author kind of debate.
  8. Oh, heavens no. Where's Couch-Sitting Darkseid when you need him?
  9. No joke, I really, really like these. I watched more than a few episodes of the old cartoon and these look spot-on indeed. Still not sure if I'll actually get them (I don't collect this scale) but DAMN, those are some beautiful prototypes.
  10. Speaking of TV shows, this picture might be able to give us some ideas...
  11. I agree that HIMYM mates would look pretty boring, however I still think Big Bang Theory has some potential if only due to the recognizability factor. They may all be in t-shirts and jeans, but if you've seen the show then you'd know how weird and brightly-colored their outfits actually look at a distance. I'm still drawing a blank at accessories, though. Laptops, maybe? Paintball guns? Comic books? (A minimate-sized Roommate Agreement would be hysterical.) Going back on topic, I wouldn't mind Gilligan's Island or Mr Bean mates. Heck, let's go crazy with the comedy minimates: Three Stooges, Monty Python, Top Gear (that counts as comedy, right? :tongue: )
  12. I probably said it before but I'll say it again: this is probably one of the few times I actually don't mind battle-damagedravaged variants. :biggrin:
  13. Huh, for some reason the stylophone reminds me of one of these. Pretty cool! I took up piano for about a year in grade school, and can only do about two chords in guitar. The last musical instrument I took up half-seriously was the harmonica, I can only play it at a skill level that annoys other people and only vaguely sounds like recognizable music
  14. Welcome to the Multiverse, Garrison! Don't let these weirdos scare you off Ooh, ooh! What does the prophecy say about Falcon?! I also know of an "Around the World" by a and a . How many points do I win?! :tongue:
  15. Not much readily comes to mind, except maybe the prospect of more Game of Thrones and Sherlock. Movies... consulting this list, I'll probably check out the requisite Marvel movies (Avengers, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider? :tongue: ) and maybe Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit if the reviews are exceedingly good. GI Joe: Retaliation and The Raven are winning me over only because of how silly they sound (though you can't beat the White Stripes remix in the Joe trailer), and Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows is only now coming out here. And of course there's World War Z... *shudder* And I can't wait for December 21 to come and go without incident, if only so everyone can finally shut up about the Mayan apocalypse.
  16. Sounds really cool! my birthday's on January though, I'll probably go nuts waiting a full year for my elephant to get moving. (Yeah, classy as hell )
  17. Happy Holidays, Multiverse! [insert deity of choice here] bless us every one! BTW, nice picture
  18. You're not gonna bring in every single one of the 'mates from the 12 Days series, are you? Your camera might explode from the awesome :biggrin:
  19. Is that yellow clearmate sobbing in defeat? You are a real jerk Lurch :tongue:
  20. The only thing that bothers me about that is that Medusa's supposed to have really long hair, at the very least Starfire length. Personally I'd swap that out for the X3 Jean hair, can't imagine DST coming out with a new prehensile hair sculpt (though I'd really appreciate it if they do, something along the lines of Stretch Attack Mr Fantastic's display base perhaps)
  21. ... I can't tell whether to laugh or be creeped out I'm guessing Curse of the Mutants Jubilee? He might be less interested in the girls themselves than if any of them are emitting an Ectoplasm signature :tongue:
  22. Oh good grief, at this rate we'll probably be making a poll featuring every single non-Minimated character in the Marvel Universe. If Genis-Vell is on here, why not Phyla-Vell? If Imperial Guard Gladiator is here, why not Lilandra or Deathbird or D'Ken? How can we be getting Jean DeWolff before Uncle Ben or a comic version of Harry Osborn? And I am shocked, SHOCKED, that we have an extensive Spider-Man rogues gallery and STILL no Minimate of the Spot. And while we're at it, where's Diamondback or Scourge of the Underworld? (See, I can play this game too )
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