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  1. Looks like Wave 1 Is sold out from - they removed the listings
  2. I checked and my variant pack has the silver nails like the ones you have pictured
  3. I found a shop in NJ selling these - Kinda pricey but hey at least I have one now They had a paperbag full of them It's interesting to note that the most recent white blanks I've seen have color issues - some have what seems to be specs of dirt and some different shades of white - one of them for example had pinkish white arms If your looking for one PM me and I will send you the link to the store - I'm not about to advertise for them at the price I paid
  4. I'm guessing these are gonna hit more now - I went to TRU last night and they had 2 cases on the pegs with the exception of the punisher/jigsaw packs - figures though the ones I want are the ones not there
  5. Just got my cancellation email from BBTS - Apparantly the new caprica set was cancelled @ diamond
  6. I saw these at NYCC and I think they look excellent - I wish I could add them to my collection by the lack of space and $ will make me have to pass on them ( at least for now)
  7. & the only reference they made to street fighter was the fact that when they were designing the mates - they were asked to tone down some of the concepts because they were too " sexy " I heard no reference that they were planning on making more This was all from the panel - I'm not sure if someone cornered someone from DST and grilled them for info
  8. I was at the panel & the question about DC mates was asked about 4 times - the reply was always nothing is planned for DC and that if you want DC Mates ask DC Direct The mattel booth had smaller superhero squad type DC figures so perhaps they are going that route now I think DC is pretty much dead and buried
  9. Thanks for the link - that is exactly what I needed!
  10. No, From what I understood the preorders for the last BSG Waves were 10% of what they should be - they basically said they need to get more orders in to produce them & that they really haven't been doing too well It's strange that they mentioned vehicles considering the above so my expectations to see the last 2 waves or any vehicles are extremely low
  11. Yeah, I read it the same way. But Modefan has supplied us with pictures of two seperate and unique blanks! All the more joy (and collector's anguish) for us blank lovers. Could some one confirm or deny whether they have specific convention markings on the label? I'm thinking these will be hand-outs at Toy Fair and SDCC also. Its a very general label so I'm sure they will pop up again - there is no mention of NYCC 2009 on the label
  12. No problem As I waited in line it was nice to see that people kept coming up to the register with 2-3 packs of minimates to buy Last year they had no minimates but this year they went armed with BTTF, Platton, Iron Man Mates, Hulk Mates, Wave 24 & 25 and from what I could tell they were flying off the pegs
  13. No Sir, there were 2 figures one given out Saturday and the other today
  14. They are different yes I can't say much though because I don't know if it would cause any issues for the site or if it would be frowned upon by DST
  15. They also mentioned BSG Vehicles - so those may be coming I think that was missed I did feel bad for the guys though for some reason different variations of the same question were asked multiple times specifically the 2.5" marvel question & the dc minimate question... I don't think some of the folks were doing active listening
  16. They gave out a special minimate to people who attended the panel - there was no giveaway today but the giveaway will be a white blank with the Diamond logo on one & the other will have the Art Asylum logo If the mod's allow if I will post pics MODS I mention the blanks because it is listed in the program for everyone to see - so not exactly a secret The panel giveaway though that is another story!
  17. If anyone is going today the panel has been moved - from nycc blog Panel Tweak -- 2009: Years of The Minimate Move We've got one tiny tweak to today's panels. 2009: Year of the Minimate's currently scheduled for 1-2 PM in 1A17. We'll be moving it into 1A07. The time's the same, but the room will now be bigger. We're working to get this change reflected on the online guide shortly, and there'll be signs on both 1A17 and 1A07 directing attendees to the new room.
  18. I wonder how they will work the giveaway on friday since the panel will be at 1pm and the con starts at 1
  19. I say take a camera and or a dictaphone and record it for us T. If they allow photography I will have my camera so I will definitely take pics and share with everyone If not I'll take notes lol
  20. I'm gonna try to make it to that panel If I do I will update that night
  21. They sold out in 07 I dont think they sold out in 08 Last year they had a minimate giveaway as well - it was a huntmate I'll be attending all 3 days so hopefully it will be interesting
  22. Thanks for the info & help TBT - and Maxcarnage - sorry to open old wounds
  23. I wonder if this is why bigbadtoystore added a disclaimer on all thier items that they are not meant for anyone under the age of 16
  24. I tried to google this but came up with nothing Does anyone have a scan of the batcave parts list or know where I can find one online? Thanks in advance!
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