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  1. I've thought of the ebay route, problem is I buy at least 2 of each series and if they are this hard to find and this expensive now I can't even imagine what's going to happen going forward
  2. I don't follow the show or the comic but I was a fan of the minimates - I'm pretty bummed that I can't find these in NJ and it seems like the option of ordering online is long gone so I'm probably going to stop collecting these I was waiting to see if I could find TRU Wave 5 before buying Specialty Wave 5 but ya it's not happening
  3. I love minimates because... They are awesome! I've been collecting since the beginning and I was immediately a fan. I love the amount of detail they put into such a small figure my hobbies have changed alot over the years and I've given up on alot of lines and even collecting comics but I can't see myself ever parting with my collection of mates Thanks for holding the contest!
  4. Alot of the Jersey stores are clogged with past waves
  5. I love the way this set looks - Even though it's a little pricey I'm sure it will generate a ton of interest in the line
  6. Do they have a special way of locking together?
  7. Yep, that's right, I only did the symbols. I did them all for two reasons, as a precaution, and it gives a sweet shiny glasslike look just to the symbol. I'll try to get a picture of them. I use a tamiya clear brush on. It only takes about a minute to do them all. Just one dip, get the excess off, then one stroke across the symbol. Hope this helps Which one works best? I'm seeing that they have gloss - semi glass and flat.... Thanks in advance
  8. I've been on the fence about battle beasts for a bit, I've spent a bit getting all the color variations only - but I think this gold one sealed the deal for me and I'm backing out from purchasing this line - Just canceled my preorder for the 2 pack exclusive from bigbadtoystore
  9. Femme Fatales is in stock, I got my order notice earlier today... why it’s taking them so damned long is a good question though, I’d also like to know why. I've been wondering for quite a while now why it's been taking them so long to get stuff in... also sometimes they just get a few in then back to preorder it goes... The only thing I can think is that they are having financial trouble and their suppliers have them on a cash in advance status
  10. Customer service is definitly lacking zach... for 3 months I emailed pictures of a bad excalibur set I got I also sent in a email through the art asylum page and on facebook and no one ever bothered to send me one reply.... I'm a loyal customer too so it sucks when this is the service one gets
  11. Got my online order today... Angry Pufts You'd think someone else would have found one of the happy ones by now! I've also seen numerous angry pufts in TRU's in the area
  12. Bad Apple comics used to have sets of these available on their ebay store... I believe I've seen series 1 locally in one of those machines too if you need help with them
  13. Do you have recovery disks? If you do those will format your system and reinstall the factory image Alternatively there may be a built in recovery partition... when you turn on your computer hit f9 or f10 and that may bring up toshibas recovery utility which would allow you to format the drive
  14. In repairs I've done most customers neglect to install updates for java or adobe flash which leave security holes that are exploited by code on certain sites
  15. You should boot into safe mode.. that is the easiesg way to run those utilitied without issues... malwarebytes will remove this... when its all cleaned up make sure you update java to access safe mode hit f8 when you turn on your pc.... if your running vista or win 7 right click and select run as administrator on malwarebytes
  16. Not sure if this was mentioned or not I am at the con at the moment and the heroes and adversaries set is supposed to be exclusive to an online store called toy brigade and ya....its chaotic here
  17. I don't think deadpool is 100% the identical to Wave 28 .... The mask details looked a little different I was kind of bummed that there was no DST Promo exclusive for NYCC And ya it seemed like every booth selling toys had the AOA minimates Juggernaut is sick... great minimate
  18. Thanks for taking the time to check that for me I appreciate it!
  19. I'm going to try to hit the con all 3 days
  20. Thanks everyone I appreciate any help
  21. Thanks - I'll be sure to check that out it's not looking good though
  22. Hey Guys Just unpacked a C3 Batcave and something doesn't seem right. I have a Bag marked "Console" & "2F" and the bag with the base plates... am I missing a bag? Thanks in advance
  23. They poped up out of no where this morning and all were sold out
  24. I got the lurch and witch king pack today... wish I had the other 3 too
  25. What part of Jersey? I haven't seen these either Central Jersey. We usually see them 2-3 weeks after release, seems to be taking a little longer this time. Hopefully this is the reason why TRU hasn't shipped them, maybe they plan on shipping them with the IM2. I can dream right? Yup I'm in the same part and It's weird they usually get them quick but I havent seen those or the second wave of IM2
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