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  1. Yet another vote for swivel biceps and improved paint apps, which like head holes and C3 feet are IMO minor design improvements, where some of the other described additions are starting to move them beyond the standard existing body into virtually another toy entirely. But what do I know, I'm wary about increasing amount of specific molded Minimate headblocks...
  2. *low wihistle of awe* I was skeptical that they'd be able to do small enough, but the examples are impressive. 'course the 3D modeling requirement is a bit of hurdle for some...
  3. Yes I match them up, which presents a problem with my Powerhouse Sandman, whose headblock is fused pointing slightly to the left... so the endless debate over weather to match them or use the mask to correct the "error"
  4. While it might be nice if Toyfare did do another Minimate exclusive, the sad fact it took the Wizard Online store almost two years to clear all their stock of Power Man/Iron Fist packs doesn't inspire hope...
  5. I don't know if I've been really lucky, but issues with only CC issues I've had with mates have been two right arms on Leader (Bit of extra pressure to "break" it and rotates the wrong/right way fine), Booster Gold with a arm joint pointed over (scalpel fixed that), older 4-pack that had the wrong contents and a missing torso extender on a Modern Cylon. You'd think with the much longer transport distances to get to me (China -> US -> Australia) it'd increase the odds of transport breakages, but nothing yet. And while I bemoan the delays in getting mates, the delay also gives me a chance to listen to people "road-test" them, giving me handy pointers about which mates I need to treat gingerly first out of the box.
  6. For stuff I've missed or can't buy on the spot, I use the Want/Have List here and Ebay. Of course may end up being more expensive than when buying them first run, but even for chases it's a viable options. Back on topic, I wouldn't mind being a completist, but baby expenses and lack of space prevent me so I've opted to go for Marvel and DC only. Given the fact that even Marvel I had to hunt ebay for older waves, it's possible I may turn around and opt to buy older stuff after the fact, but no a planned thing.
  7. Knowing the facts didn't prevent me from mis-reading what you said I guess we both agree on peg equals vehicle
  8. We haven't seen Harry Goblin's board without it's owner, but Marty McFly blows your theory out the water as the packaged shots of the first Back to the Future set show Marty's skateboard features a peg. Clearly the BTTF license doesn't include any vehicle restrictions ad DST had no problems making it ridable then.
  9. Prototypes were produced and shown, in the Preview's announcement of wave 1 rather confusingly, and unlike the Lab Coat Baltar DST were more forth coming about the fact they shopped them around but couldn't find anybody interested in take them on, to quote from DST Q&A 3 Photos are over at Minimate Headquarter's BGC gallery
  10. - 19/20 are a featured pre-order on their front page
  11. Sticking to the standard assumption that chases are mainly repaints and minor molding variations and not huge changes (feathered Angel wings = too major, Iron-Man with bulky armor instead of Stealth = too major) Series 1: Daredevil Yellow (more worthy than Elektra variation IMO) Series 2: Black Costume Spidey Perfect Choice Series 3: Not an X-Men fan so no idea of viable options, rather meh existing chase Series 4: Another vote for Matt Murdock, guy in suit with Bruce Banner headpiece (better match the Petey Parker's headpiece) with Kingpin's cane. Series 5: Unmasked Doom seem like good choice Series 6: Stealth is meh, but identical to comic version and not much other options without breaking the bank Series 7: Nice choice JJJ/Chamelon, even if it invalidates buying the non-chase version Series 8: Clear rules Series 9: Clear still rules, even more so with non-clear paint Series 10: Black Costume Spidey people are always good choice Series 11: Frosty seems nice, and variations Series 13: Phasing Kitty Pryde (Death to unrelated chases!) Series 16: Fantastic Four She-Hulk
  12. Of the listed IMO only Beast and Sabretooth count for re-releases as we have only ever gotten non-Classic styled versions of them, the rest I'm more than happy with in their present forms. Admittedly newer more detailed versions would be nice, Target Green Goblin a nice example, but I'd really rather have other characters who haven't been mated before first.
  13. Mostly because it's a sign that DST do listen occasionally to the fans, new molding after waves of part reuse, non-movie characters and pretty much every character has been long requested by fans. In my case it's simple answer of She-Hulk = Only Marvel title I actually buy
  14. I'm pretty good on older waves, so the sum total of Marvel Mates I'm missing are: (Series 14) - X:Men The Last Stand Storm & Colossus - X:Men The Last Stand Beast & Juggernaut - X:Men The Last Stand Wolverine & Jean Grey - CHASE: Phoenix Exclusives - Spider-Man Gold - Santa Spider-Man - Spider-Man Silver - Classic Spider-Man Box Set
  15. The only ones I guess it makes real sense to do old style cowls is for those who need clear goggles like Booster and Beetle, for everyone else the new style would seem to make the most sense.
  16. I sought it only as a way to complete the set so to speak, Minimate wise it's a classic Neon Puke variation. Definately not like the Mini-Jav which has Martian Manhunter or Batcycle which has Man-Bat, it's really only interest in the vehicle or completism for getting the Batcopter. That said I jumped at the chance to get mine despite all that
  17. Personally I think the increasing number of unique headpieces is more a threat to the status quo of Minimates as we know them than DCD reviving the 2.5" body
  18. As Marvel Zombie indicates, fad waves/boxes are possible but they have to have staying power and Civil War/House of M IMO don't have it, at least on the level of Zombies strangely seems to.
  19. Quick dig back a couple of pages on the forum and found a thread with pics: New ToyFare unveils new Minimates!, Updated with pictures! We only ever saw Iron Spidey and Unmasked Goblin mates, the other Target exclusives were never shown.
  20. reviving the thread because seems best active bet to mention this, but now that Spidey 3 mates were on show at SDCC in the flesh that the New Goblin glider looks more beefy than the photo we had before, and doesn't seem to have anything like useable peg for his feet to plug into...
  21. The benefit of competition. Not that much of a DC fan (Booster Gold is it), but anything that forces DST to take Marvel up a notch to keep up with the jones is good
  22. Well, DST panel confirmed it's an Amazinf Fantasy Spider-Man, so definitely Dikto style. Better choice too IMO
  23. Arms for Minimates tend to favor big "gloves", marry that with large chest plate and it'd be close enough. Legs either Omac style unique limbs (seems unlikely in Marvel line though) or something like the holster hanging off the thigh and bulky boots.
  24. Hindsight.... Does anybody now think the fact DST produced the Classic set was sign that they decided to play it safe and ensure that they got use out of some of the new designs if Target pulled out? If so, Target deal must of being shakey even back when it was announced...
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