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  1. Been awhile since a bought a copy, but Toyfare used to have Minimates in their price guide. 'course as mentioned that was awhile ago, and looooads more waves now so they might not.
  2. Voted Captain Marvel, so quite happy with this set.
  3. The fact it was one a case pretty much cemented that, but I guess the question is were earlier stuff like Gauntlet Stark/Stealth Movie and Union Jack/Wonder-Man packed to similar ratios, and if not, why the decrease? Has TRU expanding their minimate line-up with T2, BSG and GB forced this?
  4. Yes, international distribution would need Play Along Toys/C3 level mass production (which is of course the last/only time UK and Aus fans saw Minimates at proper retail chains such as Toys R Us) and based on the "spotty" distribution and limited volume this doesn't appear that much higher than standard DST specialty product.
  5. I think this is a tad misdirected. Once Diamond ships them to TRU then Diamond have absolutely no control over distrubtion so I don't see how this will have any benefit, not to mention at the end of the day the exclusives exist purely because TRU ordered and paid them, TRU are the people you need to keep bugging. Or perhaps being a non-North American I'm too used to insane price gouging on ebay as "the norm"...
  6. After the AA forums, doubt they'll have forums so here is safe...
  7. So far its just the Ultimate Sabretooth and the X-Men Origns Wolverine/Series 26 Sabretooth and the chase Special Ops Sabretooth mates, though the Series 28 Jim Lee Sabretooth is showing up early in present TRU wave packed with Jim Lee Wolverine if you can wait for 28 to come out.
  8. Another classic fan, I'd kill for a Jolt. Kill! KILL! Cyc (who really needs to finish drawing his updated "characters I want" banner)
  9. Perhaps, but even Silver Fox seems to be more frequent than Moonstone, so not hard and fast thing when TRU or any retailer exclusives are concerned
  10. In mainstream lines female characters, whether heroes or villains, are generally the peg warmers so they generally make up lower numbers per case and wave, of course Marvel Minimates are (or at least pre-TRU revival were) generally focused more towards the specialty market but DST have also tried to follow the same "rules" (chase figures, repeatrepeatrepeat your A-listers). Kind of a pity, as I'd definitely kill for a Titania for my Shulkie to pulp
  11. Two pack with two new exclusive characters = TRU exclusive?
  12. My full set from BBTS turned up today, I opt for slow boat postage to Oz, I can't rave about Iron Man enough, a perfect update from the earlier classic suit. Still boggles my mind how much they've progressed nowdays
  13. Why is my brain emitting a noise akin to gears grinding? This is.... unexpected to say the least...
  14. Hate Dark Avengers passionately.... so you'll excuse me if I pretend I'm getting the Classic 70's Ms. Marvel and not Moonstone faking it...
  15. Not a cosmic-Marvel fan, but very nice to see an updated Thanos.
  16. Boy, TRU really want to out-exclusive AFX don't they Not my cup of tea, but definitely awesome news for fans.
  17. Diamond offering specific sales figures are like line cancellation announcements, unlikely to appear in public because of the possible negative spin they may cause, but the fact they are continuing to pump out waves, Marvel seem to be signing off on the waves much faster to allow more "recent" events to be covered, andTRU coming back on board are a good sign of health.
  18. ....the impossible dreeeeam.... Savage She-Hulk: *Savage She-Hulk *Jennifer Walters *Zapper *Richard Rory Classic Thunderbolts: *MACH-1 *Techno *Atlas *Jolt
  19. Going off-topic, that's my only issue with BBTS, they don't remove sold-out stuff. Makes me weep to scroll past the Civil War boxset entry... Back on topic so not a wasted reply, I very much doubt that "mere" comic waves will get larger orders than other comic waves, even ones which are Movie Tie-ins by stealth with comic versions of the characters. Movie waves are more appealing to retailers because Movie = Mainstream Advertising, more so than the ever diminishing comic reader fanbase. 'course the flipside is the comic fanbase is fairly stable to gamble upon for production runs, where movie waves are much more volatile. Everybody assumed Spidey 3 would be massive, even Hasbro, and everybody really took a bath on it.
  20. Outside of comic waves, where fans are more willing to go older ideas like Secret Wars, I think Diamond and Marvel are more likely to go for newer cartoons like Wolverine & the X-Men instead.
  21. I got my lot from BBTS earlier this week, and confirm the same as you've pictured.
  22. X3 being rare definately raises the question of "Are all production runs of Marvel Minimate Waves equal?" Of course in that we can also only guess, based on the shipping boxes stores get and other handy things. At least with exclusives they are fairly more open about how many produced, or at least used to be. But are production run numbers based Diamond making a choice or on retailer expectation, if retailer demand "Blockbuster movie! Double the order!" for Spidey 3, Iron Man and second Hulk could explain why waves based on movies that were't as popular as expected are pegwarmers and Iron Man exceeded expectations and is hard to find.
  23. Yes, oh wow yes Worst: Gamma Hulk Best: Defender Hulk Fav: Jen of course ^_^
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