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  1. So which is worse, living in Aus and never having seen SDCC first hand or to have lived in San Diego for a several years/being within walking distance of SDCC then moving 1200m away and missing out on this years con knowing how much fun seeing this stuff first hand is!


    True, but living in Aus also makes it harder to get normal mates let alone TRU stuff just as much as SDCC stuff :)

  2. Looks like BBTS is up to their old tricks again:;mode=retail

    I'm not too thrilled with this set, so i'm not shedding too many tears - but that's a pretty tight practice. They're almost doubling the price. When you include shipping to anywhere outside the states, you end up paying at least 3 times the retail price!

    I like to think of it as more "As close as assured to getting a set as possible vs. ebay with a maybe and possibility of even more variable prices and postage and TRU's question mark distribution at bricks and mortar outlets".

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