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  1. Dang... I might've chosen a rather stuffed cover to do. Oh well! I'll try to get it in by deadline anyway Kinda halfway done... might let coloring slide a little.
  2. They look VERY awesome!! I love the new ones-- the Hawkeye pic looks very cool, and I guess that's Thor trying to hide from being Thor? Extremely intriguing and in the last one, is this an Iron Man-team?
  3. Wow, that's a great and scary poem! I was so intensely reading on-- it reminded me so much of The Walking Dead! Awesome job MINI_MYTE!
  4. WOW! The Metallo is amazing, Twisted Two-Face! I suppose using computer graphics sometimes ISN'T better than the good ol' fashioned way
  5. I agree with you, MiniFiend-- But it IS a pretty cool design! The face is the best part Chemo looks awesome! I love that it uses the DCU pictures for parts! Looking forward to some more great entries.
  6. Your Bioshock customs are awesome! I like the shiny effect on Elixir's face... would it have been comic-accurate to put some of that on his arms, too? And Vanisher's tattoos are pretty cool as well
  7. I have a question: By DC Universe, does that include all alternate realities like Wildstorm or Vertigo?
  8. It's in Previews now! My LCS says they won't stock it, but I can order... I plan on waiting to see what you guys think, but I'll probably still get it for the Spartans.
  9. ... Nice episode indeed, though i disliked ... About the And on the
  10. Awww.... Oh well! Congratulations to the winners and thanks a lot, Lurch77 for hosting this fun contest! (Who was fourth?)
  11. Oh my gosh! I just decided to make a poster. It's just my avatar in colour, but hopefully I can get it done today! EDIT: YES! I got to finish it. I basically just traced it and coloured in the picture, here it is : Not 100% exact, but compared to the original.
  12. @bhm: Hahaha! That would've freaked me out just as much! Whoever he/she is has a mean sense of humor! One time I just got home from Japan. I'd stuck my Nightwing minimate into the inside pocket of my down jacket. I got home and put it on the couch, then went to dinner... I got back to the couch to spend some more quality time with my (then) favourite minimate, but it just wasn't there. I looked everywhere and spent the next few days searching, looking back and forth and backtracking, but I never found it. To this day I still miss him. The only thing I have of him to remember is one of his Escrima sticks...
  13. Hey! Night Thrasher turned out great! The Iron Fists are my favourites though, especially Orson. Good job!
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