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  1. mechman2021

    art by mechaman

    hey... thanks, what are detailed lines? like the muscles???
  2. mechman2021

    art by mechaman

    I'd say their fairly good... you tell me. and most important I hope I'm posting my work right.
  3. mechman2021

    "Secret" Minimate Drawing

    is it too late to enter this drawing, and how do i??? and do i click on reply when asking questions, or should i have clicked on new topic?
  4. mechman2021

    i need a custom ghost rider hell cycle

    thats a good idea, but i really want one with the skull on it, i've seen one custom and the other was a hot wheels ghost rider bike... just don't know where to get it.
  5. i'm just posting this message, wondering if any one is interested in making me a custom ghost rider hell cycle, and how much you want.
  6. dude that bike of ghost rider's is sweet!!! how much would you want if i asked for a couple customs??? seriously dude awesome.
  7. mechman2021

    Aapje's Customs

    wow dude, do they actually have those he-man and thundercats minimates for sale or do you gotta request it???
  8. mechman2021

    Ye Olde Thread of Randomness

    fuck u bastard
  9. mechman2021

    Ye Olde Thread of Randomness

    uh...really? well like i mentioned before i'm new here, and i dont know how to tell when a contest is new or old or even which are the new ones.
  10. mechman2021

    Ye Olde Thread of Randomness

    no idea what soever if i'm adding a reply correctly but... i love minimates not only because their flexible, fit in my pocket, but i'm just addicted because their super cool and the possibilities are endless. :batmanblack: :deathstroke: :blackspidey: :colossus: :hulk: :spiderham: :blackcat: :emmafrostdiamondform: :emmafrost: :six: :powergirl: :GreyHulk: p.s sorry for getting carried away with the smileys.
  11. mechman2021

    Skull Buster's Customs

    dude like i said you awesome stuff!! any ways i heard from deadpool that you make customs and sell them $10 a piece. think you can make me a ultimate gambit?
  12. hey whats up everybody? i don't know how to leave feedback so hopefully this works, but i just got some stuff i traded with nestly, and he told me t leave feed back well i just wanted to say he is absolutely terrible i would never do business with him again... no i'm kidding thats a joke for if he reads this, but for real he is great to do business with, he through in some extra stuff. he also understood when i told him i couldn't afford to send his package right away, so i just wanted to let you all know how great he is. Mecha