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  1. Welcome! DST has much love for Wolvie You can always expect a new variant of him around here
  2. Congrads on the beautifull baby girl! Pretty name btw
  3. Thereasonsy, is there a reason why Johnnie Storm has boobs?
  4. Good luck and be safe, my friend!
  5. Hail Ivan!
  6. Iron Lad always will have a chance as a Iron Man variant
  7. Too bad about Banshee, though But as popular as he is, he'll probably will be released in the future anyway And there is a lot of X-vers love, so there's that He'll probably pop up in a TRU wave or something Hopefully sooner than later
  8. The hair from female Nova(Galactus set) is clear too Big hairdo, though
  9. Welcome! I still have some Heroclix, I always thought they where awesome, but than Minimates took all my money so i stopped collecting
  10. Sorry that i'm not up to speed, but i didn't really know that the GoG are restarting Is that Starlord? And is he coming back? ('Cause that would mean Rich Rider's coming back too, right?) Edit: Totally off topic bwt, sorry 'bout that
  11. Oh lol, didnt read the last sentence of GH's post Thats the gentleman who's a really really big fan of symbiotes, right? The same person who wrote DST a long question about them in last Ask DST about minimates, i remember because it was long and about symbiotes and it was written by some guy names Lee
  12. Heh, i hope i remember to press the record button on my camera when i enter my rage tantrum, but it'll probably be something like Hulk smash or something There's a bigger chance of the parrot eating me, as i still have some scars on my hands from the last time he got a hold of me...Couldn't even hold a pen normally the last time, but hey, he's older than me and a part of the family, so he gets to live... Using the bat or taking the battery's out is the best way to avoid him from killing me in my sleep That thing scared the crap out of me sometimes when i was small! Still the best pet ever Its very hard to find usefull info on an 10 year old toy
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