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  1. Yay, finally its back! Some of us where waiting on a special substitute page on the Facebook
  2. Have a great day, if you can somehow hear us
  3. Happy new year, guys May we all have many more with each other!
  4. It really feels like the world is beating up my childhood with a stick lately...Just like with Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles
  5. And the second on to sculpt breasts Is this becoming a trend? Awesome job!
  6. Wow, awesome And the first time i see minimates with actual booby's Nice job
  7. Well, i sometimes steal my moms nailpolish remover to remove the top layer of paint, but you have to make sure to use the weakest remover, cause you might remove too much when its too strong
  8. We 'kinda sort of' had one with Wave 4 marvel 'Masked Spider-Man' ...... MMDB EDIT: pipped by my friend Aapje :thumsup: PS: ALL HAIL IVAN!
  9. They tryed something like that with the Masked Spider-man from wave 4, but like with Gambit and Longshot, they could just try a newer approach with that. I'd like that too!
  10. Awesome stuff, man! I'm getting really inspired to create a proper hall of armour
  11. around 12 or 3. Would that be American time or European time? So that'll be my reason tomorrow to come late in school Time to crack open a beer and wait till the poop hits the fan
  12. Somehow i'm hoping it involves the test screen of the television
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