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  1. Thanks Punisher, totally gonna do that! Lol, thanks, Bob! Yeah, i guess i've been around for a long time I've had that Toxin body lying around for 3 of 4 years now Never really had time to update/finish my customs though
  2. Just added a pic on the FB page, but here's it on my page since it has been years since i last posted on it. I think its time to actually finish the WIP's i have lying around a while Updated my Darkhawk with saving only the body from the original And i also finally made my 2.5 Toxin
  3. The New Warriors is a team i'd love to see, but really unprobable If i could wish i'd like 2 four packs and a 2 pack for the TRU wave Four pack 1: Firestar Justice Namorita Nova Four pack 2: Night Trasher Rage Speedball Silhouette And for the TRU 2-pack either: Bolt and Aegis Or Darkhawk and Slapstick But hey, when'll that ever happen? I'll just keep my hopes up that they'll be produced one day
  4. Have a good one, Matt! Happy birthday!
  5. Favorites: -The improvements of details along the line -Vehicles -Sculpted pieces like bulked up characters and much more -Characters that are being updated -The fact that they're starting to make smaller mates -Other interpretations of the standard Minimates (Snarf and Dogs/Brood) -Army boulders -The scale of the characters compaired to each other -That DST actually listens to us and that Zach is here among us as a community -The growing community and this place! -Bases -The variaty of licences -C3 feet for standing -The many characters they make for the Marvel Universe -Accesories -All the different kinds of Iron-men they have Less favorites: -The lack of Marvel vehicles(with the exception of the gliders especially the green goblin glider, i totally loved that!) -The dissapearance of 3 and 2,5 mates -That the Maximates aren't being made anymore -That some mates are so hard to get, especially the older ones -TRU mates and exclusives, only because they're pretty hard to get for europeans with small wallets -The variaty of characters being overkilled(like brown suit wolverine and black suit spiderman)
  6. I wish i lived in America We don't even have stores that carry Minimates :'( On second thought, it wouldn't be wise, 'cause i'd go broke really really fast...
  7. Welcome, we too are broke, but rich in minimates
  8. THIS! Lol xD But, have a very nice birthday, guys!
  9. How about the hairpiece from cannonball from the new mutants? You just have to paint it red Hail Ivan!
  10. Dude, awesome! Whats your recipe for the Barney Barton(Trickshot)?
  11. It never hurts to help undeadpool created the page, i'm just helping out where i can
  12. Hey guys, Since the topic was deleted with the big change, i'm starting this up again This is about the Facebook page, that serves as a back-up for when the 'Verse is down, so we don't have mass hysteria on our hands We also have a list with a who is who on it, so the names don't confuse everyone. I forgot to include Dondi(his screen name), buttheadsmate(... Cornholio) and the correction of kostisfire's name, 'cause i dont remember their names The list is on Fb, because the message board is very public, so if you add me on Fb (Wesley de B. Watson, I'm the only one on Fb with that name, I'm from Holland) and PM me your name, i can add you to the page and add your name to the who is who. So pm me your name or add me on Fb and i'll try to add you to the page and to the list
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