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  1. A looooog time ago, I started work on articulating a MAX Galactus statue, fiddling with it on and off over the years but never quite finishing it. Now cleaning out my garage, moving on with life, etc, I realize I’m probably never going to finish it and it’s a dang shame. I hate for this rare statue to go to waste, and think if it were finished it would be a really special piece of someone’s collection. So, I’m looking for an enterprising customizer interested in picking up the torch and finishing this guy off. Where it’s at: • It’s separated into all of the component parts of a Minimate body; head, torso, waist, arms, legs, hands, and feet. • I’ve drilled out and epoxied in ball and socket joints at the neck, shoulders, and hips; these are the ball rods from a Stikfas jumbo figure, roughly in scale, and bored out sockets lined with hot glue and a friction-fit rubber (plas-dip). I’ve tested individual joint stability and it seems to hold pretty well, but I haven’t tried assembling the whole thing to see how it holds its own weight. • I’ve put in hinge joints in the elbows and knees using metal screwposts. The elbows have full range of motion; the knees are a bit restricted because of the boot cuffs. • I’ve put in peg joints on the hands and feet, so they work like regular Minimate hands and feet. So, the engineering is mostly done. What it still needs: • Depending on how fussy you are, the skirt could probably use some sculpting and finishing work. • Assemble and test joint integrity, possibly reinforce the resin if needed. • The whole thing needs to be painted. As I said, I’d hate for this project to be 75% done and tossed out, but I’m most likely never going to finish. If you’re interested, I’ll send to you at no cost, with only the hope you’ll make something amazing. PM me and I can give you any other information you need.
  2. Yeah, this damn year. Really, really sad for so many young kids of color who looked up to him as a role model.
  3. Totally random thing, but Dan Slott has Wave 8 Stealth Suit Spider Man as his Twitter profile pic! That is all.
  4. I... think you may be onto something.
  5. A comment about how DST "said they're not a video game company" and one about a missed opportunity for bottle openers, and I'll have Bingo!
  6. Funko is becoming the gray goo of toys.
  7. I noticed the other day that TRU was also deeply discounting Skylanders, Amiibo, and (also discontinued) Disney Infinity stuff. I guess the trend toward video game/IRL crossover toys was overhyped? As you mentioned, HP, I think all of these lines were way too expensive to collect on a practical level.
  8. Don't we all turn into Deadpool in some little way, in our hearts?
  9. Not just that, but consider the geek meta of the interrogation scene between Ross and Klaue!
  10. Does filing for bankruptcy really mean anything in the corporate world anymore aside from "we don't feel like paying our bills?" Seems like the social stigma is no longer relevant, and investment firms seem to like the prospects of companies with a lot of assets and a clean balance sheet.
  11. Because of course they did.
  12. Human sacrifice, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!
  13. Amazing that someone could be so knowledgable on the fine points of negotiating licenses and not have his own wildly successful toy company. Maybe he does, and this is just concern trolling?
  14. The Things I Used To Love are also way better than The Things Other People Love Now! Weird!
  15. So wait, you're worried we won't see obscure stuff like Defenders or Midnight Sons because Marvel is taking chances on... obscure stuff like Inhumans? I feel like, by and large, Marvel doesn't really "take chances" any more; they are part of the Disney marketing juggernaut and are able to compel things through sheer force of corporate will to be exactly as successful as they need to be to recoup cost. Other than the Iron Fist critical grumbling, I can't think of any MCU projects that have made people ask "wow, do they have their head on straight with this?" They tease stuff, people ask "is the magic going to work this time," then of course the magic works, because Disney is like a black hole that bends the laws of entertainment to itself. It'll be fine. Black Bold will blow some stuff up with his voice, Karnak will do some awesome kung fu shit, and everyone will be memeing Lockjaw and his non-tuning-fork tuning fork.
  16. What's the problem? Looks about on par with AoS.
  17. 1,000,000 internet points to whoever takes a pic of a Minimate on the Resolute desk.
  18. Happy Birthday, Zach, hope it was a great one!
  19. TMNT wave 4 Fugitoid, who you may be able to find on clearance at TRU!
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