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  1. I... think you may be onto something.
  2. A comment about how DST "said they're not a video game company" and one about a missed opportunity for bottle openers, and I'll have Bingo!
  3. Funko is becoming the gray goo of toys.
  4. I noticed the other day that TRU was also deeply discounting Skylanders, Amiibo, and (also discontinued) Disney Infinity stuff. I guess the trend toward video game/IRL crossover toys was overhyped? As you mentioned, HP, I think all of these lines were way too expensive to collect on a practical level.
  5. Don't we all turn into Deadpool in some little way, in our hearts?
  6. Not just that, but consider the geek meta of the interrogation scene between Ross and Klaue!
  7. Does filing for bankruptcy really mean anything in the corporate world anymore aside from "we don't feel like paying our bills?" Seems like the social stigma is no longer relevant, and investment firms seem to like the prospects of companies with a lot of assets and a clean balance sheet.
  8. Because of course they did.
  9. Human sacrifice, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!
  10. Amazing that someone could be so knowledgable on the fine points of negotiating licenses and not have his own wildly successful toy company. Maybe he does, and this is just concern trolling?
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