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  1. Yeah, this damn year. Really, really sad for so many young kids of color who looked up to him as a role model.
  2. Welcome back to the annual MMMV Birthday Elephant gift exchange, which you possibly never left. 2014 expanded to dozens of members in more than two countries! A big thanks to all of last year's participants for making it a success. I will be posting positive feedback for all of the board members who took part in last year's exchange. A lot of people have already expressed interest in this year over in the other thread, so we'll get on with the show. The Rules: Participants in the MMMV Birthday Elephant gift exchange will be assigned a "birthday elephant," another board member who remembers y
  3. DST just put up pics of the newest Femmes statue: Atom Eve. So, they obviously have the Invincible license. One step closer to Minimates?...
  4.'re probably going to like this a whole lot.
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