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  1. Finally finished The Female! There was a ton of detail on her costume: the unicorn on the shirt, the pandas on her pants, not to mention the dirt and blood splatters!
  2. Thanks, Shanester! Can’t believe it’s been so long! Thanks, guys!
  3. Finished one of the WIP’s on the ol’ workbench: MOTHER’S MILK from The Boys! I made this as a gift for Laz who plays MM on the show! The background is two cubicle pieces from The Cubes line glued together with the holes filled with Green Stuff and dremelled/sanded down. The watch face was sculpted from Green Stuff as well. I decided on an actual necklace as opposed to painting one on as anyone who’s used gold paint can tell you that it’s finicky especially when trying to cover darker colours. In this case, I would have had to start with a yellow base and THEN use gold and I figured an actual necklace would be easier.
  4. Wow, I knew it had been a long time since I posted but not THAT long! Anyway, I’ve got a few projects on the go on the ol’ workbench that I’m excited about. Hoping to be finished in a few weeks!
  5. Apologies for the thread necro! I'm looking to complete my Weaponeers of Monkaa collection and was hoping some Multiversers potentially had some figures they wanted to get rid of? I recently picked up an eBay lot of 11 Weaponeers but I'm still missing a few figures. Looking for the following: Bloodlust Umbreus, Uncle Overlord, Lifespring Empyreus, Brutok Novum Veridiohm (translucent green), and a bunch of Gohlems - Obsidian (Flaw), Glowstone, Golden, Veridiohm (trans. green) Tough to find a checklist online of all the colorways but I think that's all I need to complete it. I'l have to update my Want/Have list but I thought I would start here (if that's okay, mods) Happy to buy multiples or lots as well as single figures.
  6. Awesome work! You captured all of their likenesses really well! Would love to see an official box set from the show.
  7. What is involved with 'running' such a site ? I'd be fairly interested unless it involved computing genius . I'm not very computer-saavy and it was easy. It was through WordPress I believe and involved a tiny amount of html knowledge. Basically, we would scour the internet for Minimate-related news (ala SDCC etc.) and post articles about that. We had other features such as Barry Bradfield's control art (before DST hired him), the JP1000 & Friends strip (which I wish was still up!), and some others. Someone at the helm posting a few articles a week with the odd contribution for reviews and whatnot and the site could be back at full strength.
  8. Hey guys, yes I ran the HQ for a bit along with JattaPake and drgnrbrn316 and I carried on after JP departed (athough the archives were lost so few here will remember that). Drgnrbrn316 fully took the reigns and has been running the site solo. Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything from him about why the site is down or if it's coming back. As I said to Shane in a PM - I'm sure someone here in the community could take it over and continue running it.
  9. The amount of time and effort that went into this is staggering. Well done, Eric! Can't wait to see how you'll top yourself next year!
  10. I think this line should have been rolled out the same way that Thundercats was. Small, limited run but pushing to cover the major characters in the first 4 box sets. I just don't understand how a line based on a comic that's been around since 2003 didn't have the legs to keep going. Maybe I'm overestimating the popularity of the comic or the cross-over potential between Invincible fans and Minimate collectors. But it seems to me that this line filled a void in Invincible merchandise. Anyway, I'm hopeful we still see more box sets but at this point I'm doubtful. Zach, out of curiosity, how many box sets were produced? 3000?
  11. Amazing work as always! Any plans to tackle the Invincible Universe?
  12. It's nice that someone gets this info, but the fact is still that Digger should be communicating this info directly to each and every person that contributed to his project. A huge 'thank you' to you, Luke, for keeping us informed about this. And I couldn't agree more. Why the #%$^ can't Digger just SAY THAT ON THE KICKSTARTER PAGE if that is indeed the case?! Anyway, just glad this fiasco might have a happy ending.
  13. If DST does a classic TMNT line I hope they look this good! Well done! And I'm particularly fond of their facial expressions. You captured each character well.
  14. Love the last two 'shots'! Keep up the great work!
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