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  1. Hooray! More pics! Thanks Mimi_Myte! Hey, I'd have felt super mean if I'd just sculpted it for myself and not shared!
  2. YAAAAAAAAAY!!! In hand pics! Aces! Thanks for sharing, SCW! Yeah TENIME_art, I think it was just straight up Mechanious Standard Grey.
  3. Hey, dudes! Thank you, I'm glad that you like the fugly little guy! For his skin I used Citadel Mechanious Standard Grey, the teeth were Ushabti Brown, with a drybrush of White Scar, the gums were a mix of Doombull Brown and Ubshanti Brown. I'll definitely sculpt more, I've got a Heisei era almost done, which would work well on the Burning Godzilla we got in the last set, and maybe some more, if we don't get official ones. I'd love Anguirus and King Ghidorah.
  4. Ooooookay dudes and dudettes, sorry for the delay in getting this posted, the Showa head is now up on Shapeways! Huzzah! If any of you do pick one up, please post some pics in here of i! Cheers!
  5. Shapeways sounds like the way to go! I'll put it up there for like a dollar or something, I'm not going to rinse you dudes out of your hard earned pay just to get a decent G head.
  6. Thanks for all the kind words, dudes! I'm pretty stoked with how the little guy came out. Honestly happy to share this with anyone who wants it. What's the best way? I could upload it to my Shapeways account or something like that? Or DM it to anyone who has their own 3D printer?
  7. Thanks, dude! Nothing more Godzilla wise, although it looks like I might have to sculpt Anguirus and King Ghidorah, then get them up on Shapeways for us all to complete our collections! Maybe King Caesar too. I wonder if I could get Manda to work as a Minimate?
  8. I absolutely freakin' ADORE the Godzilla Minimates, but really wasn't digging the production head, so I sculpted a new one in ZBrush. I went for Showa era, to match the rest of the range, althuogh now there's a BBurning Godzilla I might sculpt Heisei too.
  9. Okay, dunno if any of you gents are ablye to find these on pegs or in hand, I have to order online, but there is a way to find out who is in which bag. With a bit of pushing about you can get the figures' face )or identifiable t shirt design) under John Cena's upper chest on the front of the bag. The bag is juuuuust translucent enough to see who you've got. Happy hunting!
  10. The Intercontinental belt with Kofi is open backed, easy for attatchment and removal, that fits perfectly on a 'mate. The Championship belt with Stone Cold doesn't, it's a closed loop, so you have to unplug a figure at the waist to get it on. That doesn't fit on a 'mate.
  11. DAMMIT!!! Now I've got three of Kofi! Still no Rock!
  12. Ahh gyped, got my first three blind bags, got Bad News Barrett and two Kofi Kingstons! In the plus column, Kofi has the intercontinental championship belt from the regular box set released last year. Although mine immediately lost it to Barrett. Although I'm super tempted to give the belt to Dolph!
  13. I think my only issue with them is the hands. I can understand the logic behind it, but if their hands were square you could still have the lock in holes for them to support dynamic moves, while actually having a larger element at the end of their arms. Some of the faces are great, and some are a bit shonky. I've ordered Stone Cold, but he's gonna get a bit of modding to make him look more like the Rattle Snake. At the moment he looks like he wants to cry.
  14. I actually really love these little guys! Yeah, we're all here for our love of Minimates, but these little dudes have got me back into WWE! I'm going to see it live at the O2 arena next month! I've got a little Dolph Ziggler dropping the Zig Zag on Sin Cara off a ladder on my work desk!
  15. A shop in the UK has the character list up, but as yet unavailable to order. Looks like Goldberg and Rey Mysterio got dropped in favour of Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara. We are getting Roman Reigns and Bad News Barrett!
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