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  1. DC Wave 9: Justice League Dick Grayson Batman/Hush Hal Jordan/Black Hand Martian Manhunter(Modern or Classic)/Darkseid Barry Allen Flash/Dr. Light Or a two Blackest Night Box Sets: Hal Jordan Saint Walker Carol Ferris Indigo-1 Black Hand Atrocitus Sinestro Larfleeze Maybe a Black Lanterns Box Set Aquaman Martian Manhunter Earth-2 Superman Firestorm And Maybe another one! Spectre Deadman Hawkman Hawkgirl *Sigh* A boy can dream, can't he?
  2. Bring back DC Minimates! Is there any way we do something like organize a petition and send it to DC Direct, who is responsible for their cancellation? And those The Batman mates looked great.
  3. Hilarious. No, really though, that was actually quite funny.
  4. Marvel Zombies 2 Zombie Black Panther Zombie/Robot Wasp Zombie/Robot Hawkeye Forge w/ Iron Man Armor Marvel Zombies 3 Zombie Deadpool Zombie Morbius Zombie Kingpin Zombie Black Bolt Midnight Sons (Modern) Morbius Jennifer Kale Werewolf by Night Hellstorm Dark X-Men Black Queen Namor Mimic Weapon Omega Could have 2-pack w/ Dark Beast and Mystique 2-pack w/ the Hood and and updated Wilson Fisk Secret Warriors Nick Fury Quake Phobos Hellfire Thunderbolts (Dark Reign) Scourge Mr. X Ghost Paladin/Ant-Man/Headsman More Through the Ages Black Widow Original Iron Man Modern Yelena Belova Some other version
  5. I am relatively sure that he is both Immortus and Rama Tut. Also, Kang is much better than Dr. Light. He's from the future! So, who will we ask for when (or if, as the case may be) Kang gets made? Who will be our next dream-mate?
  6. Marvel and Disney have worked together before. PROOF: While reading through Avengers Vol. 2 issue 1 (heroes reborn), i was looking at the page at the end, you know, the one where you can subscribe to comics? I saw "Disney Comic Hits." OMG. Anyone know anything about this?
  7. Fantastic Four and High School Musical, however, is NOT cool. Though I think I read a comment somewhere about Dazzler becoming the next Hannah Montana The closest thing to a bright side I can think of: Donald Duck meets Howard the Duck? Minideadpool, if by epic, you mean Wolverine beating the @#$% out of mickey mouse in 5 minutes, then yes. Incredibles vs. Dark Avengers! Goofy vs. Lockjaw! Chip & Dale vs. The Wonder Twins! Wait...that's not right!
  8. In the Dark Avengers #2 box set, there is a seemingly random handgun, and I'm not sure whose it is. It would seem like it fits in Ares' leg holster, but (and don't quote me on this) he doesn't seem like the gun-toting type. Plus isn't the leg holster for his dagger? So, that leads me to believe that it's Hawkeye/Bullseye's. And although Bullseye would definitely use something like that, I'm not sure Hawkeye would. Does anyone know?
  9. Kingpins of Crime Box Set: Wilson Fisk The Hood Mr. Negative White Dragon Dark X-Men Box Set: Emma Frost Professor X Mimic Guardian (or Omega Whatever, Michael Pointer) and a Dark X-Men Cloak & Dagger 2-pack Marvel Zombies 2 Box Set Zombie Black Panther Robot Zombie Wasp Zombie Firelord Zombie Phoenix Marvel Zombies 3 Machine Man Jocasta Zombie Deadpool Zombie Morbius and Zombie Kingpin & Zombie Black Bolt 2-Pack Marvel Zombies 4 Morbius Jennifer Kale Warewolf by Night (with removable warewolf by night mask) Hellstorm Son of Satan and Zombie simon garth w/ deadpool head & man-thing 2-pack New Avengers Mockingbird Ronin Luke Cage (better) Jessica Jones victoria hand & hammer soldier 2-pack spitfire & toro 2-pack i know some are 2-packs but still
  10. Yes!!!! I am also dying to have them. And i think that the new thunderbolts aren't supposed to have team dynamic. That's kinda the point. Although you might me able to take the champions black widow and give her blonde hair and emil blonsky's goggles to make yelena belova. Also, they should make a swordsman & songbird 2-pack.
  11. What actually is the Wave 1 of the T2 mates? DST says that its Final Battle T-800 & Final Battle T-1000, Endoskeleton & T-800, and Biker T-800 & Kyle Reese, although it calls it the series 1 asst. AFX says its Terminator & John Connor, Final Battle T-1000 & Battle Damaged Sarah Connor, Endoskeleton & T-800 Model, and variant Endoskeleton & Kyle Reese. Can someone help me with this?
  12. I thought something looked weird with the Hulk movie Emil Blonsky Mate. Another thing: How come DST started with the T2 mates instead of T1?
  13. I just got the T-800 Assault and SWAT Officer 2-pack, and I was looking at the back of the box when I saw that Young John Connor didn't have a nose. Neither did any of the other pictures, or the T-800. I got and home and saw that none of my Minimates have noses! Who knew? I'd been collecting Minimates since 2003, and I had no idea!
  14. New Avengers Mockingbird Luke Cage (without the stupid hat) Echo The Hood Mighty Avengers The Wasp (Henry Pym) Stature For the last two, either jocasta, jarvis, or amadeus cho with an ant-man helmet Thunderbolts Baron Zemo Songird Swordsman Mach IV Misc. Howard the Duck Kang The Amazing Bag-Man The Falcon Completely unrelated, but with every new presidency, they should release a two-pack of the president and vice president. Like now, there should be a two-pack with Barack Obama and Joe Biden.
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