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  1. Little thread necro, but my old TRU manager let me know that he set aside Batman Begins Batman and Arkham City Harley Quinn for me today. In 7". Yep, that's right: brand new surprise from NECA - 7" Bale and Harley. Picked them up tonight and they're PERFECT. None of the issues from the last round of figures last year. I love them; Bale may be my favorite Batman figure (next to Knight and West). Great accessories too.
  2. Click on the timestamp in grey below the thread in Unread Content; clicking the time will take you to the last post, clicking the # of replies or the name of the thread will take you to the first post.
  3. Halloween is an excuse for me to do photoshoots and pretend I'm a rad fictional character, so this year I had to go full-on Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4.
  4. If you want an open coat, i'd pick up and repaint a Gods & Monsters Superman for cheap. Probably the most "normal" and will fit the body type better.
  5. Haven't bought anything because I'm waiting for the Shoretrooper and the Target 3-pack with Jyn, but check your Gamestops when you're hunting. I saw practically 9 regular 6" Jyns alone the other day.
  6. DCC got rid of the big billowing cape in the Expressions set and just lost a sale. I can't buy that figure for a new head AGAIN, even if there are 7. November is gonna be rough.
  7. Batman, Clayface, and Harley have been set for the 28th now. No word on Firefly. This has been a rough year for DC, especially considering how vastly they've improved quality across the board. Very "water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink."
  8. Heads-up, Doctor Strange wave is out. Sort of. It's at a few of my local Targets but street dated for October 1st. A few people have gotten lucky but the employees I've asked to check all came back with the street date response (which I totally get). DPCI is 087 - 06 - 5409. This has been the easiest year to ever buy Legends, but a pain in the ass to keep up.
  9. The wave with Gordon, Ra's, Zatanna, and Etrigan/Klarion recently came out (i picked up Gordon and Ra's - both amazing). These are the figures that were slated for September; I don't believe anyone has updated shipping info for them, and they have not been found overseas yet. The New Batman Adventures - Harley Quinn, $28The New Batman Adventures - Firefly, $28The New Batman Adventures - Fire Suit Batman, $28Batman The Animated Series - Clayface, $28Batman The Animated Series - Harvey Bullock, $28Batman The Animated Series - Talia, $28Batman The Animated Series - Scarface, $28The New Batman Adventures - Joker, $28The New Batman Adventures - Girls Night Out 5-pack, $80
  10. I only recently found a Bucky at a far-off Walmart. A local specialty toy shop got in Cap Wave 3 surprisingly, so I was able to pick up Iron Skull, too.
  11. I'm glad it's NOT Johnny Blaze. Blaze needs his own super-dark Netflix show, not a guest role on ABC. Not thrilled with the CGI skull/mask/helmet, it looks very cheap in a still image.
  12. Pretty sure it was Dorkside Toys over on the Fwoosh. They were the first to confirm their store was also getting solid cases of Gwen and Nick Fury this year, too.
  13. Word is full cases of Deadpool will be shipping so I'm not expecting there to be any difficulty of getting a hold of him.
  14. Nearly perfect wave with a BAF I have no use for. I'll be grabbing everyone except rerelease Strange and Voodoo. Love this version of SDCC Enchantress, and movie Strange and Mordo look fantastic. Rerelease Strange is pretty unforgivable to me, though. It's like Malibu Stacy's new hat.
  15. The head is definitely Thor 1 Loki. That's about as far as I got.
  16. Cap Wave 2 also has Black Panther, Scarlet Witch is in Cap Wave 3, and Spider-man is in a 3-pack available at TRU and Target. Giant-man is obviously a BAF. There's also, apparently, a Disney Store set with Cap, Iron Man, Falcon, and War Machine, but it may be a UK exclusive. Winter Soldier is gonna be a bitch and a half to find affordably.
  17. Not really sure I'd diminish it that much either, though. Anymore most Legends are just repaints with new heads and maybe a belt. Rocket was a BAF, Groot was a BAF, Drax has been significantly improved, Star-Lord was only available in a Convention Exclusive, and Gamorra is a new character. For the BAF characters alone I'd count that as a steal. Here's some poor iPhone Punisher pics, click to enlarge. Note that he does NOT have trigger fingers, they have to be cut in, and the pistol is from Scourge. I absolutely LOVE this figure; he's currently tied with Cable and Jean for my favorite Legends. All joints are tight and fluid, the paint is on-par with the prototype, and he really comes alive once you cut the fingers. Accessories are great, especially the head options (both of which are SO Jim Lee), but I hate the white shotgun-type weapon. Heads sit a little high, but not nearly as noticeable in-person. He could have used pistols. Watch out for paint on the skull, it's the one issue I saw.
  18. So, here's a weird one. I found Punisher today at a way out-of-the-way Walgreens. Didn't even know he was out yet. Perfect figure once you give him trigger fingers.
  19. Ordered Jean online because there was no way I was missing her. It seems that every Target in my area has the X-Men wave, but they're all in wrapped pallets for the toy reset happening this week. Most of them seem to be set to go out by Wednesday. Fortunately, I only really want Cable and Rogue right away. Finally managed to find Namor, and Nick and Nuke from the Giant Man wave. Nice little Legends flood all at once here.
  20. UK is getting a Poe in his "street clothes" which are basically a mix of Finn and Han (and a Riot Gear Trooper) and i'm really pulling for that to be part of the Target two-pack over here. I can't imagine Hasbro not releasing certain SW product in the US. This is definitely my preferred look for Poe; I've got little to no use for pilot figures and still haven't found a justification for X-Wing Luke.
  21. Phasma and Poe have only been spotted at Meijer's so far.
  22. Speaking personally about my store, we got in just 3 cases of Black Series which amounts to 6 Kylo Rens and 3 of each other character, and maybe 3 cases per SKN of the 3 3/4" line (Jungle/Desert&Snow/Armor), while we had an unbelievable amount of LEGOs, science and interactive toys, Nerf, and Pop. I would assume this was for sales data to send back to Hasbro for the rest of the season, but needless to say the actions figures were the only item that sold out and they did so by 12:30.
  23. I at least hope IF we get Noir that he has alternate parts for his coat. And that he isn't in this weird orange-y color i keep seeing from Granov and the like. I really, really want Noir. Haven't seen the Walgreens wave yet but do have Stealth Spidey and Sandman. Really want 2099 and Star-lord.
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