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  1. After a bit of radio silence, we return, with the absolute maximum amount of Carnage...provided you don't actually want any Carnage, because it's Sonic Attack Spider-Man & Black Cat!
  2. I'm headed for dark times with my review of The Dark World Thor & Malekith.
  3. It's even better when they pre-date the rest of the story arc's tie-ins by a year! Glad you enjoyed! Today, I'm going back quite a few TRU assortments and looking at Nova & Alien Symbiote Venom!
  4. It's something old and something new, with Scarlet Spider & Carrion!
  5. We're back with a new review! It's Wolverine (Suit) & Mariko!
  6. Glantern

    wave 77

    Yeah, it's Walgreens series 10. These two, Dr. Strange & Ghost Rider, Crimson Widow & Dracula, and Hammerhead & Venom. I'm in MD, but I actually found a whole set of 10 about a month ago during a day trip to Delaware
  7. Glantern

    wave 77

    So...should I not have found these yet?
  8. Wait a minute, is this actually something new? It's Rocket & Adam Warlock!
  9. New reviews, daba dee daba die! It's a decidedly Iron Man 3 sort of a vibe! First up, it's War Machine and Maya Hansen. And following that up, it's Cowboy Disguise Tony Stark and Aldrich Killian!
  10. The X-Men go Outback! Havok & Storm
  11. Glantern

    wave 77

    ToyFare exclusive that's un-made... Havok, Morph, Yellow DD, Wonder Man, Feral, Shadowcat, Guardian, Bullseye, Union Jack, and Firestar have all been made before. Multiple Man's been done, but in a different costume. It looks like the only two that haven't seen any sort of release are Synch and Earth X Venom? Not so sure how well either of them fits with the "recently used theme" hint, though, since Generation X and Earth X have yet to be touched. Maybe I missed someone? EDIT: I Did miss someone--Molten Man. He's not had a figure, and could fit with a Spider-themed wave
  12. Alpha Flight part 3 of 2...uhh, wait, that's not right. Well, here's Box & Vindicator anyway!
  13. Two new reviews for the day! First up, we take to the mean streets of New York, with Jessica Jones & Purple Man Then we head further north, for a look at the second half of the Alpha Flight!
  14. Two new reviews over at the site! “Hear me, and rejoice. You are about to die at the hand of the children of Thanos. Be thankful, that your meaningless lives are now contributed to the balance…” First up is Black Panther & Ebony Maw And next I break out only the best topical jokes from 2012, with Maria Hill & the Chitauri Footsoldier!
  15. Keeping it totally old school this time around! First, it's Devil versus Sin-Eater, with Daredevil & Sin-Eater Then it's Spidey's greatest ally, his greatest foe, and a pair of unrelated army builders, with Aunt May, J Jonah Jameson, & the SHIELD Agents
  16. Another combo of old and new! We return back to Wave 43 for a look at Spider-Man & Jean DeWolff And focus on the now with Marvel Now Luke Cage & Iron Fist
  17. They're the best aroooouuund....Or the Best Of. Right, Best Of. Two Best of Marvel Minimates sets here. First up, the odd pairing of Iron Man & The Thing. And not to be outdone, the more logical pairing of Spider-Man & Green Goblin.
  18. Something old and something new! First, I took a look at the TRU-exclusive First Appearance Thor & Balder the Brave. And I'm following that up with the Infinity War Hulkbuster & Corvus Glaive!
  19. There's a slight case of an identity crisis in today's review of Eric Masterson as both Thor and Thunderstrike, alongside the Kronan Stone Man!
  20. Apologies for our brief absence. We ran into some technical difficulties, but thanks to Luke's diligence working to solve them, the site is back up and running. Like Arnim Zola, the site is very much alive! Speaking of Arnim Zola, he's the subject of our latest review, alongside Civil War Captain America. Check it out here!
  21. Devilish and Ghostly. Today I look at Daredevil & Ghost Rider!
  22. A couple of X-Men: First Class reviews. First up, it's mind over very adaptable matter, with Xavier and Shaw! And following that, two things that really shouldn't mix, Summers and Frost!
  23. Three Asgardians and...Mark Ruffalo? What could possibly go wrong? Today, I'm reviewing the Thor: Ragnarok Boxed Set.
  24. Accentuate the Negative! Negative Zone Spider-Man & Jack O'Lantern
  25. "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn. I can do this all day." The First Avenger's Captain America & Red Skull
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