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  1. Watchmen Minimates

    Well, I'm 25, and I'm the one who caught it, so I'd say it's not quite an exact science...
  2. Watchmen Minimates

    I picked these guys up last week from TRU and have really been loving them so far. I did find one small oddity when I was looking closely at the packaging, specifically the Rorschach/Manhattan bio: I think DST got the wrong name for Rorschach, cuz Ernie Kovacs would be this guy. And while Ernie may well have had a troubled mind, he definitely wasn't Rorschach!
  3. Homecoming

    Well, regardless of how this all plays out, we won't really see the impact for several years anyway, since Holland's already filming Infinity War (and presumably its sequel), and this movie's sequel seems like a lock as well.
  4. Homecoming

    No offense meant PL, but I really think people are looking for things to panic about on this one. Most of this worry was generated by an off-hand comment by one person in an interview, and it's a comment that can be taken more than one way. I'm of course not privy to the details given to licensees, but there's hardly going to be a shortage of Homecoming product this summer. I know there are some oddities with how things are packaged, which doesn't allow MCU and Spidey characters to be together unless under specific circumstances (hence Spidey only being in the big multi-pack for Civil War and Iron Man only being in a two-pack for Homecoming). It's possible they're trying to avoid potential issues should a licensee want to do something with Spider-Man and Iron Man for instance. If they use Disney's in-house product, there are no issues, but if they use Homecoming, there are extra hoops to jump through. I can also see Disney not wanting their take on Spider-Man to be totally overlooked in favor of Sony's. The point is, I think it's a bit early to start worrying.
  5. MMC Reviews Discussion

    Banshee & Cyclops
  6. Homecoming

    She says "May never happen again--except of course for the sequel." I think Spidey's safe where he is, I think she's just saying it's unlikely a similar deal would be occurring for any other characters (i.e. Marvel and Fox teaming up to do the FF).
  7. I've seen multiple Shatterstars and Symbiote Spideys, but my parents actually found the Colossus for me, and I've not yet seen another in person. Of course, if the last X-Men set is anything to go by, that'll change eventually.
  8. Netflix Iron Fist

    I finished it earlier this week. It's not a perfect show, but I liked it. Personally, I found it to be a lot better than Jessica Jones, which I just re-watched with my girlfriend and discovered I liked a lot less than I remembered. I can understand why some people were let down by some aspects of the show, and I do hope that a potential second season explores some more of the comic's concepts a bit more. I'd put this on par with Luke Cage as a show that is mostly solid, with a few rough spots. I look forward to seeing Danny interact with the rest of the Defenders.
  9. He is admittedly an acquired taste. I've always had a soft spot for him, ever since his appearance on the '90s toon. Wow, I hadn't realized how long we'd gone without comic Spidey coverage. Guess he's falling into the same trap the Avengers were falling into for a while. I'd definitely be down for Jackal and a new Shocker (especially if we could get the rest of the Superior Foes!)
  10. I haven't seen new Legends on shelves since the Doctor Strange set, but the news that the Warlock series was hitting Target and Walgreens early was enough to get me out hunting again. It took about two weeks, but I was finally able to piece together a full set (Colossus and Cyclops were a b**** to get). Along the way, I also managed to find the whole Sandman series as well, after initially missing most of it. As a whole, the X-Men series is my favorite of the two. Warlock is possibly my favorite BaF ever. Cyclops is probably my personal favorite of the singles (despite some of his minor issues). I was also pleasantly surprised by Sunfire and Shatterstar. If I had to pick a weak link in this set, it'd be OML, but that's mostly due to his lack of any extras. This was a really strong series. The Sandman set is fun, but I mostly only got the lot of them because I found them during Walgreens' $11.99 sale. Kamala and Shocker are probably my favorites, and I also dig the symbiote Spidey. Like Sunfire, 2099 was a pleasant surprise (I like that new body they share a lot). Goblin is cool, but I'm not sure he's going to replace the TB ML13 version, which is still a favorite of mine. Now I'm pretty well and content until the first series of Homecoming figures hits, though I'm still hoping Space Venom will show up in better quantities at some point.
  11. Kong: Skull Island

    I will defend the Josheph Culp's Dr. Doom to my dying day. That dude is the best version of the character ever to grace the screen. If only they'd re-dubbed his lines so you could actually understand words other than "DOOOM!!!"
  12. *slight rant incoming* I want to support this line. I really do. But I fail to see how moving to a *more* expensive sales strategy is going to keep the line going. As awesome as the BTAS Mr Freeze is (and he's really, really awesome), I just can't see myself getting that set at full retail, because at most I only really want Freeze, Montoya, and Ivy (and even Ivy I can sort of take or leave) and $175 is too much for three figures. I get rather tired of lines that try to force collectors into going all-in or nothing, especially at inflated prices. It didn't work out for DCUC, and I don't seeing it going well for this line either.
  13. Minimate Reviews at the Figure in Question

    Marines! We are leaving! the Minimates APC, reviewed here
  14. MMC Reviews Discussion

    Black Widow & Crossbones
  15. Minimate Reviews at the Figure in Question

    Going way back to look at the Throne Room Battle set!