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  1. *slight rant incoming* I want to support this line. I really do. But I fail to see how moving to a *more* expensive sales strategy is going to keep the line going. As awesome as the BTAS Mr Freeze is (and he's really, really awesome), I just can't see myself getting that set at full retail, because at most I only really want Freeze, Montoya, and Ivy (and even Ivy I can sort of take or leave) and $175 is too much for three figures. I get rather tired of lines that try to force collectors into going all-in or nothing, especially at inflated prices. It didn't work out for DCUC, and I don't seeing it going well for this line either.
  2. Marines! We are leaving! the Minimates APC, reviewed here
  3. Black Widow & Crossbones
  4. Going way back to look at the Throne Room Battle set!
  5. Grabbed a few figures from the latest Cap wave off of Amazon, since all but Scarlet Witch have been marked down to $13. Picked up Wonder Man and Captain Britain at the lowered price and a Wanda for just below retail. Very happy with these three! Not sure if I'm going to finish Abomination, though. Time will tell.
  6. Finally got a chance to pick up my set of 68 (they were on hold at my comic book store, which is 10 hours from my current residence). I'm beyond thrilled to finally have these guys. Hands down my favorite X-Men line-up, and easily my favorite wave of figures since wave 48. There are a few QC issues here and there, but I'm overall very happy. The one change I did make was swapping the hair on Banshee with the wave 60 version. The Morbius piece is a perfectly fine match for how he looks in GSXM, but Cockrum started drawing his hair a bit more "flippy" pretty early on.
  7. Saw this last night, and I absolutely loved it. There were a few minor nits (as there are with pretty much any movie), but I thought it really worked. The whole cast was fantastic, but Cumberbatch and Ejiofor really stood out to me. I also really loved the soundtrack, especially over the end credits.
  8. Saw the TRU APC yesterday. Holding out for the regular version with Gorman later this week, but it was cool seeing it in person!
  9. Happy Halloween! Today I'm looking at Imhotep and the Sarcophagus!
  10. Yeah, Jervis is pretty good. I suppose Gordon could work pretty well too.
  11. Well, Jerry from Jessica Jones *was* originally Danny Rand's lawyer...
  12. I finally finished this. I really liked it, and it did a lot to turn my opinion of the Netflix stuff around after I was a little let down by Jessica Jones. I felt this show did a much better job handling Colter as Luke. He was very likable and relatable. Music was great, all of the actors were great, and there were several comics references that had me giddy for what's coming in later shows. I also liked that this show, while still sporting the "edge" of the last two, was a bit more upbeat and hopeful.
  13. Aliens TRU Series 3
  14. It's gonna be hard to say on Kylo. He was the one I was expecting to see hang around, but so far the only one to really do that has been the Rey figure. I actually missed Kylo at the midnight opening. That being said, I've actually been seeing just about every figure in the line more than once, and I got Kylo at my first stop Friday morning without any trouble. As a whole, I don't think we're going to run into the same sort of drought of product like we did after the first Force Friday.
  15. I snagged 3 of the 5 Black Series figures, as well as the TRU ex Hover Tank Pilot, and then the smaller Jyn and K-2 and two of the three 2-packs from TRU's midnite opening. I also hit up Target yesterday morning and grabbed the two Black Series figures I missed, as well as a Stormtrooper and one of the Imperial landing strip guys. I'm loving pretty much all of them so far, but the two K-2s are probably my favorites.