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  1. OK, so this isn't about minimates (directly), but more about "blind box/bag" packaging in general. Now let me start by saying that I like living in the US & like a lot of the things that that affords me, but people here are dumbdumbdumb when it comes to this kind of packaging. Not everyone but huge chunks of people. For whatever reason, tons of people see all the characters/figs (in the particular series) pictured on the front & assume they will get all of them. Look at any retailer offering Lego Collectible Minifigs/MB Minions/etc/etc (anything in blind box/bag packaging) & read the reviews -- especially TRU & Amazon. Stupid people are constantly dinging these items for "false advertising" & what-have-you because they themselves are the idiots & can not comprehend exactly what "blind box" means. I honestly can not understand why this concept is so hard for so many people to grasp -- it's not rocket science (which I've stated in comments to poor reviews). It's mind-bottling. (Sorry, I just watched Blades of Glory last nite.)
  2. The TRU that used to be here in Duluth turned massive profits -- I know because I worked there for 4-1/2 yrs. It was a complete surprise when they closed it (to everyone, customers & employees). In MN especially, the farther away you are from Mpls/StP the less important you are. It's like a bullseye painted on the Twin Cities with concentric circles radiating outward, for everything -- education, construction, you name it. (We had massive damage done to both commercial & residential property several yrs ago due to heavy flooding & only a few businesses were able to get aid -- the majority of the commercial & ZERO residential victims saw nothing. It was like pulling teeth to even get anyone to come tour the destruction in the first place. It was awful -- cars were swallowed up due to huge sections of the roads/streets caving in; bridges collapsed; there was a lot of damage. Even months later.) When they closed my TRU, they said it was because there were too many in the MN area -- too much overlap eating at their profit margin. But they kept all 8 stores in the Twin Cities area. Some stores were only TWO BLOCKS away from one another!! My closest TRU (up until last fall) was the St Cloud store -- 1-1/2 hrs away. (And originally St Cloud had 2 TRUs.) Now I have to drive even farther (an additional hour+) & they rarely carry minimates. Luke & a few others have mentioned that very few MN TRUs even carry them anymore.
  3. Happy Birthday, B! You know the best way to cure a hangover is to start drinking again!
  4. I love how they made sure to add tbe nipples! Hehe heh.Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!
  5. Target also has the bags for Series 3 -- they are also on sale.
  6. This one is bigger but (apparently) less relevant. Happy Birthday regardless.
  7. Just announced. Gotham set is at B&N. Nice that it'll be easier(?) to get.
  8. At least you guys have TRUs (somewhat) near you. Here in MN they are few & far between -- every one keeps closing (& the ones that are still around don't carry minimates). Hey, Zach -- is there anything being done about TRU being more "even" with carrying 'mates? I mean, since some stores carry them while others don't. Or some get all lines/waves, while others skip over (or seem to pick & choose which ones they carry).
  9. I wondered the same thing. My local B&N re-started carrying minimates like in Feb. (They stopped for awhile.)
  10. I love the minions & have been picking them up whenever I see them. They are perched on my window sills around the house with most of my other figs. Super cute!
  11. Whose head did you use for Enchantress? It's a lovely face with green eyes that I could use for a QC. Great work, btw!
  12. Here's what my Joker looks like: (I would show a pic, but he's packed away with Harley.) I love this movie soooo much -- just get the jibblies when they flashback to Tim as Robin (poor kid).
  13. Pepper "Rescue" Potts is my #1 (thx again, Zach!) & (Ivan roolz!) is my #2 -- I think it's cuz his cape fans out (& he's just so darned cute!).
  14. I've ordered a few sets of minifigs off eBay. Like others have said, some are great & others are not quite as great. Mostly, they are pretty inexpensive & fill in gaps (like Fantastic Four or Hulk Buster). I started looking for these after playing Lego Marvel SuperHeroes & realizing so many haven't been made.
  15. True. Spike didn't even get a face. (Not that he's a 2", but you know what I mean.)
  16. Chicks dig giant robots!

  17. Then mayhaps I bought the last one. (I bought the 2nd one for the extra hands & cuz it had 2 women.)
  18. They are also both $11.95 each on Amazon (with free Prime shipping).
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