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  1. Sorry to necro this thread, but just tried to visit database & message told me I was forbidden. Anyone else get this?
  2. I just want the shark if someone gets an extra.
  3. Happy birthday, all!
  4. I'd date Coulson if I could.
  5. Sorry to be late, but Happy Birthday anyway!!
  6. Are we doing a new BE for 2017?
  7. I have a couple up on my "have/want" list if you want to trade.
  8. That's the whole point, Zach. Like how weird/silly Media Day is with the NFL.
  9. Happy Birthday to you both!
  10. Here is my haul, which arrived right before Christmas. Super cool reversible wrapping paper & tons of 'mates -- I can't even pick my fave cuz of all the goodness! Thanks, Mattallica!
  11. My package arrived right before Christmas, but then we left town for the cabin. Sadly, no internet, but the stocking made up for it BIG TIME! I still can't figure out how to load pics (there is no "arrow" icon that Shane mentioned), but I can't believe how much was stuffed into the stocking!! Candy, my 2nd fave Disney princess Tiana (next to my fave Rapunzel -- I lovelovelove Tangled), 'mates, other assorted toys & stickers!! Thank you very much PK!! Happy New Year's everyone!!
  12. To PK & everyone else involved, may 2017 bring you endless joy!! You all have made this year amazing -- not just because I won, but because of the overflow of generosity & inclusiveness you've shown to all of us. This right here is one of the biggest things I am thankful for every day. Thank you (to everyone) for being such a supportive & positive group & for making this place somewhere we can all feel great for belonging. I love you guys!
  13. Happy Birthday!!
  14. It's a tie between Pepper as Rescue (cuz badass chica) or Death Archangel (cuz look at how adorable that mask is -- like "Mom, you know that if I wear this outside, all the other guys will make fun of me!") We do a Toys for Tots drive at my job & I also go pull a "mitten" on the Giving Tree at the local High School (the mittens have 1 item listed that a teen would like for Christmas - you buy the gift, wrap it & bring it back to the HS so they can give it to the teen to unwrap on Christmas morning). Sometimes people seem to forget that teens are still kids & appreciate getting something for Christmas -- this year I picked up 2 gifts for them. Good luck to everyone & I hope you all get something AMAZING for your awesome-ness!!