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  1. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    May I add my name to the list for CW & Guillotine? CoC is one of my guilty pleasures & no way I am able to attend NYCC. Please & thanks in advance!
  2. Take Care, MMMV

    Sorry to see you go -- you will be sorely missed. Like others have said, please drop in now & again to say "hi" or whatever. May whatever you choose to do in the future (with collecting or just in general) bring you joy & laughter. All the best to you!! PS - You are forever tied to the Red Cross for me (bcuz of your awesomely big heart). When I see it, I think of you.
  3. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Hey. I found a spare Man-Thing/Spyder-Knight 2-pack when I was looking for series 5 (which I found - minus Bruce/Leader). Does anyone still need it? I have a "want" list posted.
  4. Happy Birthday Lobsterman!!!

    Yet again late, but Happy Birthday, buddy!
  5. Sorry to necro this thread, but just tried to visit database & message told me I was forbidden. Anyone else get this?
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean

    I just want the shark if someone gets an extra.
  7. Happy birthday, all!
  8. Wave 73 - Spider-man Homecoming

    I'd date Coulson if I could.
  9. Happy Birthday Mattallica!

    Sorry to be late, but Happy Birthday anyway!!
  10. Are we doing a new BE for 2017?
  11. Alice Through the Looking Glass

    I have a couple up on my "have/want" list if you want to trade.
  12. Ask Zach

    That's the whole point, Zach. Like how weird/silly Media Day is with the NFL.
  13. Happy Birthday K80 and Wug@10mfH

    Happy Birthday to you both!
  14. Secret Santa 2016 - A New Hope

    Here is my haul, which arrived right before Christmas. Super cool reversible wrapping paper & tons of 'mates -- I can't even pick my fave cuz of all the goodness! Thanks, Mattallica!