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  1. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    Found full set of 4 movie BP sets at 1of5 local Walgreens here in Duluth -- all mask tampos are properly aligned. Sooooo happy! Also, found Cap Marvel/Rulk 2-pack. Others in wave had been sold by the time I got there. As a side note to whomever it was that hid the 2-pack, sorry I bought it. (I know it was hidden because it was tucked waaaay down & purposely behind other stuff.)
  2. Funko Pop!

    So I broke down & bought my 1st Pops (full-sized ones) yesterday. I want to be mad -- like really really angry -- but I can't. I bought these dorks: I lovelovelove Angry Beavers & couldn't resist. I also got the 2 Pickle Ricks & Rocko for Christmas (but I haven't been home to unwrap them, so they don't count). I'm honestly surprised that I was able to resist for so long.
  3. So I received my gift right after Christmas, but I've been struggling to find a way to include pics with my posts (since the last update) -- so I apologize for my tardiness. When I got my package, I was like, "what??" at the return address, because I couldn't figure out why someone's address would be an issue. Then I opened it & everything made sense. When I saw Pepper Potts, I freaked. I have wanted that custom since IM3 & was super touched that Luke remembered from that long ago to make her for me. Thanks again, Luke, for being AMAZING!!!
  4. You are very welcome! I ran out of my usual HK cards last yr, so I had to improvise. Glad you liked everything!
  5. I'm in the process of getting mine together, so please don't forget me!
  6. all of a sudden my profile is all wonky? Like my profile pic is gone & I had to fix some profile info. For my profile pic, I uploaded it from my laptop (so it wasn't hosted anywhere). Has anyone else been having problems like this?
  7. Secret Santa 2017?????

    I, too, would like to see it continued, but I would not be able to organize it either.
  8. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    May I add my name to the list for CW & Guillotine? CoC is one of my guilty pleasures & no way I am able to attend NYCC. Please & thanks in advance!
  9. Take Care, MMMV

    Sorry to see you go -- you will be sorely missed. Like others have said, please drop in now & again to say "hi" or whatever. May whatever you choose to do in the future (with collecting or just in general) bring you joy & laughter. All the best to you!! PS - You are forever tied to the Red Cross for me (bcuz of your awesomely big heart). When I see it, I think of you.
  10. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Hey. I found a spare Man-Thing/Spyder-Knight 2-pack when I was looking for series 5 (which I found - minus Bruce/Leader). Does anyone still need it? I have a "want" list posted.
  11. Happy Birthday Lobsterman!!!

    Yet again late, but Happy Birthday, buddy!
  12. Sorry to necro this thread, but just tried to visit database & message told me I was forbidden. Anyone else get this?
  13. Pirates of the Caribbean

    I just want the shark if someone gets an extra.