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  1. Anyone in Maryland have any luck? I stopped by two TRU and found an Annihilus set, and a whole lot of stragglers from wave 16 and Iron Man 3. Something tells me eBay may be my only hope for a few Ultron drones and an Absorbing Man set.
  2. Been out of the Minimate game for some time now, but after seeing that Carnage I'm officially back in. Lizard I'm on the fence about, but that Carnage is a thing of beauty and it's nice to see an update on Sandman and Ock. Now to catch up on roughly 3 years of Marvel releases..
  3. I'm pretty psyched about having a chance to add Michonne and the Govenor to my collection, and I can't argue with owning a herd of zombies. My only complaint is I'm not a fan of the colors used on the zombies, it puts me off a bit. I was a huge fan of the skin tones used for Maximum Zombies, they looked a lot more grounded despite the crazy accessories(which were awesome). But the pastel blue/purple color on these guys reminds me much more of Tom Savini's zombies in Day of the Dead. Not a deal breaker, just a minor gripe.
  4. That's a good point about the suit, but the head still seems a bit large to me. As I said, I just crave some consistency on the use of those masks. Drives me nuts when I have Bullseye and Crossbones standing side by side and Bullseye has this Uatu cranium. Bullseye didn't need one, and I feel Flash Thompson doesn't require one either. Those masks should be limited to the more massive characters like Crossbones or Gargan Venom. Or just not used at all Still a really neat set, I just always nitpick when it comes to a characters anatomy and how large they should be. Bad habit.
  5. Really dig this set. My only gripes are along the same lines everyone else had. I'd prefer the Flash Thompson Venom to have a bit less bulk and a basic painted head instead of the slip over mask, it makes him look massive compared to the basic Venom and She-Venom. I wish there was a bit more consistency in how they used the slip over masks, it looks very odd when stood next to a 'mate who simply has their mask painted on. But overall it's a very impressive set, doesn't look like they cut any corners when going through with it. I'm really hoping all the new pieces leave room for a Carnage U.S.A box set or two, Carnage is in need of an update and the event includes all the "mandatory" characters like Wolverine, Captain America and Spidey that DST loves to make.
  6. Alrighty, no clue why I haven't posted in this thread(the mushroom head thread reminded me of this) but it's time I shared what I've been listening to lately, because my taste in music is important to all of your lives! LOTS of Tom Waits. Finally managed to get my hands on Rain Dogs, I'd recommend it to everyone who doesn't suck. The album is great from start to finish, and it's got some great tunes(Singapore, Rain Dogs, Jockey full of Bourbon, Tango Til They're Sore, just to name a few). I don't like the album quite as much as the 3 disc Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards which I got around April, but it's still a phenomenal album. Now I really gotta get my hands on Bone Machine. Tons of the Gorillaz, their debut album, Demon Days, Plastic Beach, it's all incredible stuff. Love how all their albums have their own sound. I've been trying to get myself pumped for their concert October 8th, even though I'm already uber excited about it. NY here I come. Upon hearing the band was going to reunite I've been listening to a good bit of GY!BE. Mostly been listening to the albums F♯A♯∞ and Yanqui U.X.O. I've been pillaging record outlets in search of Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven but to no avail. That album has my favorite track of theirs called Sleep, which is a really mellow but haunting tune. Lonely London Lad. I bet none of you have heard that name, I'm not shocked either. They are an Indie Band, but an incredible one at that. Their music range anywhere from quirky fun tunes(Dick and Jane, Idiot, Lady Macbeth) to good old rock(SPQR, Beyond Mercury). If you're in the mood for something different you should absolutely give these guys some thought. Just google them and check out their facebook or website where you can sample most of their songs. Metallica. Pretty much Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, and every now and then And Justice. Also been listening to a bit of Mos Def, Slayer, Talking Heads, Snoop Dogg, The Residents, MF Doom, George Baker, Jefferson Airplane, and Arthur Brown. So yeah, all of this stuff is pretty much what I've been listening to over the last two months. My apologies if this was a tl;dr post, I'm bored.
  7. YESYESYESYES! Honestly, they've always look liked Slipknot knockoffs to me. And if that's the case that's pretty bad since Slipknot is pretty darn awful.
  8. WOAH. Way cool brobotc! Weird thing was I'm currently trying to make a Soundwave. This makes me wonder if a WFC Soundwave would look better, cause this Prime looks freaking great!
  9. Really nice wave, I'm uber excited for these new FF mates. I do kinda hope we'll see some FF in wave 38, since I see a few useless figs in this wave. We have 2 perfectly good Namor mates, and this Doom looks awful. This would've been the perfect opportunity to get a few new FF Rogues like Wizard, Annihilus, or even Dragon Man. Still, I'm all for Mole Man and an updated FF team. Too bad we don't get the Moloids.
  10. My God, now I'm not too familiar with Hellboy but that is quite possibly the best minimate custom I've seen. EVER. Simply amazing work, Shamrock!!
  11. My stilt man isn't as big as he could be, but I've been buying certain things to enhance it.
  12. I don't know much about Scott Pilgrim, but these customs alone spark a bit of interest. Fantastic work, man.
  13. Sweeeet! Thanks for the pics Magnus! The gold one by FAR looks the best from all 3, imo. I'll really need to track this guy down!! I just hope he doesn't continue to demand outrageous prices, he really just isn't worth $50.
  14. This seriously had me laughing like crazy. I'm not digging the 'Evil' Daredevil look. I think it woulda looked way better if instead he wore the costume the Hand Ninjas now wear, and the ninjas just stayed the same. Their Daredevil-esque costumes look fantastic.
  15. Agreed, thanks for the great coverage Storm. Just wondering, but would any of you happen to know where there are some decent pics of the AoA sets? I can't seem to find a good picture of the actual Apocalypse mate or the Dark Beast.
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