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  1. For the record. I never specifically called out any board members by name on here. I told this DST representative that I didn't want to start a flame war with him on the board or else his loyal ass kissers would come out in force and try to fight his battles for him . And right on cue, look what happened. Generally, if someone tries to incite me on an internet board, I usually try to ignore it because after all they are just anonymous posters that I do not know. However, this poster is just not any ordinary poster. He is a DST representative and as such should act like one and is a reflection of DST whether he wants to be or not. A DST representative mind you that just insinuated he wanted to further incite a flame war on this board by posting e-mails between me and him (I suggest you remember that door swings both ways internet tough guy). That is real PROFESSIONAL! I wonder what your superiors at DST will have to say about that or do you NOT forget what almost happened to you last time? Once again, I apologize to any board members for going off topic and out of respect for them this will be my last post on this subject. As for this DST representative, I abhor internet tough guys that hide behind their computer screens. I prefer to do my talking FACE TO FACE! I take it you reside in Arizona, correct? It just so happens, I am back in Houston, Texas preparing my house to either be rented or sold. However, I will be returning to California, via 1-10, within the next month before summer classes begin at Stanford. If you want to continue this subject off the board in pm's to discuss where we can meet up to have this DISCUSSION. I am all ears! Have a happy Easter everyone!
  2. Does the internet automatically have people that have to interject their opinion without having the slightest clue what they are talking about? According to you, we should all go hold hands and kumbaya on the internet. That sounds great in theory, but in reality guess what me and my friends do? We hang out in REAL LIFE not on the internet. If your social life is lacking so much that they need to come on the interment to make friends more power to you, but sorry if I have better things to do with my time than hang out and post over 2,000 times on a website. I interjected MY opinion because this DST employee has pissed off other board members in the past (including myself) with retorts that never needed to be made in the first place. He is a representative for DST and most of the time he does a good job. However, on occasion, he gets pissy with board members when their opinions don't coincide with his own. This is a pattern that has continued for a LONG TIME and needs to END. I didn't mindlessly offer my opinion, me and this representative have a past. As for why YOU felt the need to act as the internet police and voice your opinion, I am still trying to figure out? Did you just feel the need to be included in something that isn't your business or did you just want to feel important in your own mind? So Lighten up yourself mnemosis. It isn't FUN for some board members to be talked down too by a DST employee that has a history of doing so. As you said, this is about about collecting stylized two inch tall action figures. You'd think some people would mind their own business when they have no idea about the past history between me a THIS specific board member. I have NEVER had an issue with any other board member on here except for this DST representative and do not go around mindlessly starting drama for dramas sake. I like to think I have contributed to the board and its members because of the few times I have pointed out minimate discoveries at TRU and other retail stores, as well as, my Modifying Marvel Minimates thread. Therefore, I apologize to MisterPL or any other board members for going off topic. Oh and happy Easter everybody!
  3. Sorry Shanester, but I have to agree with dr baghead on this topic. On too many occasions, this DST employee has responded to board members in a condescending manner just because he didn't agree with their opinion, which quite frankly is juvenile and pathetic.
  4. It figures, the first time I buy some minimates in a long while and my Ronan has two right arms!
  5. sigh....I feel for you guys....this is one of the reasons why I quit collecting minimates.
  6. This set almost got me back into collecting minimates, but when I heard Luke ran out of his bonus kits....I think it was fates way of telling me to stay retired.
  7. I hope you liking Texas Mystery Man! Austin is a great area. I live in Houston, and actually will be moving out of state this summer. Oh well, at least we were neighbors for a short while.
  8. Anybody know where you can still get wave 1 blind packs?
  9. Finally, these are scheduled to come out at my LCS next Wednesday! Hopefully, Luke gets these in next week as well.
  10. I see these are not coming out on the 5th. Does anyone have an update as to when this wave will be released?
  11. I finally found all of these, but this was the hardest wave to find IMO since the Silver Surfer/Swordsman wave 5.
  12. I guess these are not coming out this Wednesday. Does anybody know the date when these are going to be released?
  13. I can't wait till these come out on Wednesday!
  14. Great pics Bruce Highlander!!! Those are excellent...keep up the good work.
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