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  1. I think it would be fun for con exclusives to be cartoon episode specific sets... Like two of my favorites, The "Viper" episode or the one featuring "Cold Slither" .... or team sets like Tiger Force costumes , or The Dreadnoks
  2. I love that you are making these... i was so bummed we never got the classic versions. I'd be interested in buying a 3 pack with the Viper, Raider and Starfighter... I wouldn't mind a SD versions of the A-Team van, Ecto-1 and 69 Dodge Charger šŸ™‚
  3. Nice to see you... I just came back not too long ago myself...šŸ™‚
  4. I'd be happy with any of those lineups... Not including who we know we are getting, here's my personal top 5 for each side... some not likely at all. My top 10 list changes all the time, so these are the guys I'm feeling right now... The Joes: The Cobras: 1.Gung Ho 1. Firefly 2.Airborne 2. Major Bludd 3.Snowjob 3. Big Boa 4.Doc 4. Cobra Eels 5.Torpedo 5. Snow Serpent Biggest longshot ; Starduster Biggest longshot: Cobra De Aco I'm hopeful the Dreadnoks show up as a 4-5-or 6 Pack. Torch is my favorite Nok, but I I'd have a hard time just having one of them. So. its all or none for me on them. -Nerv I'm sure in five minutes I'll want to tinker with this list, lol. Too many great characters on each side.
  5. My guess is it will be like the old D&D toy horses. The legs are sculpted on the side, and the torso sits on a peg on top(the old toy would just pop into the horse with little springlike trap door on top ... Its how I always felt minimates horses, and maybe motorcycles might be done. I love these, and it proves how well minimates translate into colorful 80's cartoon properties..... So lets see some more 80's like Silverhawks, Masters of the Universe, Tigersharks, Bravestarr, M.A.S.K., Inspector Gadget, etc... And then lets take it a little further back with Battle of the Planets, Star Blazers, Robotech, Voltron, and the Hanna-Barbera catalog
  6. Will we finally see the D&D minimates at NYCC?
  7. Iā€™d like to second everything you said! But would like to add Battle of the Planets šŸ˜Š
  8. Thanks for the update.... I get it ... still bummed. I'm very, very excited for both of these properties!!! Do we have a date for GI Joe series 1 yet? It seemed like everything got pushed back. Is the plan to alternate between Transformers, Power Rangers, GI Joe? Thanks again
  9. Hey Zach, was there any specific reasons for not showing D&D and the GI Joe series 3 and 4(cannot remember if 4 was ever mentioned as a possibility or not)... Pretty bummed we didn't see those. ??
  10. Not yet...for a few reasons...not in any particular order... -The cost of these custom figures is very high ( based on reactions of the minimates price increases, you guys would flip). So, my priority is to go literally by my own character ranking. -Based on my own Ranking, female characters are not near the top. I don't tend to collect many,if any, female characters. For me, anything i collect (except mezco 0ne:12) is based purely on nostalgia, and/or memories of my brother and I playing in the backyard, or in our bedroom. Those are the characters i love the most. -disclaimer, lol... I love women, I just don't need toys of them ? My wife has even been compared to the Baroness (coincidentally, by some folks on this board) I will buy every GI Joe minimate, and will proudly display the ladies, but in my head there's other characters I'd have preferred in those slots.?
  11. Same for my Megatron...But, other than loose shoulders,I think he may be the best of all the Transformers mates (Bumblebee close 2nd).
  12. OK, don't beat me up too bad over this pic...But, this is what I'd hope to eventually do with minimates...I started tracking these down before i ever knew there'd be minimates, or I may not have. I also have built a bunch of the vehicles, and am working on the GI Joe Headquarters. Still a bit to go for that though. A few little mods and i was able to fit minimates into the vehicles i made, and they actually look a little more in scale, so bonus ?
  13. I'd be all over that...I think minimates is the perfect line of toys to pull off something like this...Which is why I still love them...
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