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  1. I just bought a VAMP too, was hoping it would be a little bigger. I guess the way out of proportion minimates body is what makes it tricky. should be the correct scale, but i guess 1:24 is more accurate? Might be time to look into 3D printing some vehicles..... i'm really hoping these do well enough to get some of the smaller vehicles and playsets, like the VAMP, RAM, JUMP, FANG copter, etc... Was hoping to see some Joe reveals for NYTF, wonder when we'll get some official word on the next 50 ( ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) waves! or at least the SDCC exclusives. YOJoe!!!
  2. I'm very happy! I Love the G.I.Joe stuff, and will buy all of it. Two of my real world buddies have also bought the 4-pack, and plan on collecting the line. I think this is big for minimates, price change doesn't bother me, especially since its been my #1 franchise that i never ever expected to happen. Close to 20 years of making different Joe/Cobra customs, it feels so awesome to have an official SE and CC at my desk. Hmmm, look forward to seeing what this means
  3. Here's my interpretation of what the line is .... Two box sets - one for the good guys, and one for the bad guys. Within each box/package, there will be four individually carded minimates ...
  4. I made one a few years ago, using bits from Thor and Dr. Fate. I think he's got one of the best looks out there, and multiple configurations.
  5. I can't wait to see them... carded GI Joe like old school joes have been in the back of my head since i started collecting minimates, with my first custom Joes over 15 years ago.
  6. I don't know if has been mentioned, but I have always thought a "1602" themed set would be pretty sweet. Some very different costumes for most of the characters...Plus its one of my favorite looks for Thor! I'd also love a Squadron Supreme comic set. Oh, an also something that would get me a blue Marvel! I also love the handbook idea, there are so many cool older characters in there with awesome costumes.
  7. Woohoo!!! this is as exciting to me as the actual mates themselves (well, almost). many hours spent with my brother staring at the card art and the back especially, picking out who our favorites were... I very much look forward to seeing this packaging. Thanks for the news, Zach!
  8. I agree with this as well, GI Joe collectors love the army builders just as much as the regular cast of characters. As cool as the multiple man -pack was, I think a two/four pack of cobra troops would blow by those numbers.... of course i have nothing on the line by saying this, lol.
  9. Fingers crossed for a throwback style with an action pose artwork for each character and an explosion behind the actual figures!!!
  10. I'm just seeing this post... I want, and have wanted everything you mentioned here!
  11. Thank you!!! Thanks man! I never loved the character, but loved the costume... Hey BHM, glad to see you. I'll admit I've missed you since i left before. Mostly everyone else I've seen around on either FB or IG. It's nice to be back, and thanks for the compliment... Thanks!!!
  12. I think I've had the same top 5 Marvel mates forever, and some are probably headscratchers for some folks. But, these are my personal favorites... My #1 Marvel mate is: -Nick Fury Jr./Commander Rogers The rest of my top five in no particular order: -Wave 31 Angel (blue costume) -The Sentry (Dark Avengers boxset) -Mr. Fantastic (wave 2 best of) - Iron Man (best of/greatest hits) ... and a new contender is Gladiator, which might move into my top 5 soon... These are my favorites, not claiming they are the best made. just my favorites... Also, two of my top 5 favorite characters didn't even make it. I love Thor and Colossus. I don't think good enough versions of either have been made. I can get an almost perfect Thor by mixing and matching, but i'd love an official one that i didn't feel the need to mess with. Colossus has other issues, he's a super tough one to get right. The official ones either look too puny, or too clunky (with tiny arms and legs) He's one of a few that i feel should be at 2.5" scale (but would probably look out of place) I've liked the thinner torso jackets/shirts/etc.. and if he ever was redone might need some updated boots and torso cover and boots similar to version 1. I just think he's hard to get perfect...
  13. Now that we have an official Gladiator, i can update my own personal wishlist. Genis-Vell/Crazy Genis-Vell (as a chase perhaps) Comic Red Guardian The Patriot The Destroyer Comic Heimdall Updated Hercules The Phantom Eagle The Watcher (oversized head a must!)
  14. Here's one of my more recent customs (done in 2020) Some of you guys have seen this already on FB and IG. I had to swap out the arms with regular ones because the one kept snapping the torso shoulder peg off, and ended up losing two torsos out of it. DC hero Firestorm, one of my favorites and one i had wished for when DC was being made...
  15. Oh no doubt, I meant to imply that thereโ€™s definitely enough characters for them to start making them again without needing to do all the same figures. super 7 is killing it, and I have just about all of the thundercats and silverhawks preordered. Just got my slithe and haha, and loving them ๐Ÿ˜
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