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  1. Hey guys and gals. The time has come for your pal Nervous Rex to ride off into the sunset. I'll be signing off today, and not sure when or if I'll be back. Everything is ok, and my real world ain't too shabby these days, its just time for me to say goodbye. Stay Classy, your pal, Nerv
  2. i drew this a few years ago, would absolutely love this and vacation mates...
  3. Seems like a fine time to roll out some MOTU and GI Joe Vinimates, if you ask me .... I think this is where my focus is going to be in the near future.
  4. i love it, very well done and exremely well thought out!
  5. To get technical for a second. He doesn't have a nose, it is his mask that has a nose shape. Same with Green Lantern.
  6. I'll be 100% honest here, that statement from Chuck gutted me. No exaggeration, an I do not want to seem too dramatic, I'm not sure I want to keep collecting minimates. I have been patiently waiting and hoping for the return of DC for so long, this is devastating to me (for reals). I will probably get some of the DC vinimates, to display at work, I do really like what was shown and hope for some favorites to pop up, like Firestorm and The Atom. Also Elf (if we ever even see that) and The Iron Giant. After that, I don't think there's anything for 'ol Nervous Rex to look forward to. I am in the process of getting my workshop finished at the new house, so it'll be a customizing life for me. I do love the format of the figures, so now I will just make all the DC characters I have been holding out for.
  7. Those are absolutely brilliant! The Sorceress and Orko are perfection! I want them all, the promo Faker will be hard to track down! Loving all the extras too!
  8. All I want is a Genis-Vell,with Crazy Genis-Vell variant (heck, they made Selects of both of these and they are magnificent!), and Gladiator. There are more I'd like, but these are my biggest wants/needs ...
  9. As much fun as i have had the last few years, I will not be able to make it this year either... and if truth be told, not sure I'll be back any time soon, for this or any other convention. I will still be looking forward to all the reveals, hopefully some good ones. I'd personally like to see some more movie licensed minimates stuff similar to Caddyshack, Elf, and hopefully Vacation (we need a Wally world Moose mug in minimates scale!) or even nostalgia based shows like The A-Team, or Dukes of Hazzard. Also, very curious to see Kingdom Hearts, I think I'll like the minimates from this series. Never played the games, but they look pretty colorful, plus Disney figs will be a welcome addition to me collection!
  10. ok cool, thanks for a little more info on that. It seemed like it was a lot, but never really touched on (that i saw anywhere) That's great if Injustice 2 is included, i feel the main looks, so far,are much better than 1 (not including all the alt. costumes) Actually getting excited for these, and the potential they bring!
  11. Quick question for anyone in the know ... Has it been revealed how much of the DC universe is available for the Vinimates? Is it all movies,tv, comics, animation and games? Reason i ask, Injustice 2 just revealed Dr. Fate, and he looks so bad to the bone..... as well as the new Blue Beetle. I think both of these would look amazing! and many more, but these two stand out for me...
  12. my two cents .... I don't think any points of articulation are needed for something to be considered an action figure. If you can play with it and have fun with it, that's enough for me (let's keep it G-rated, folks) Just last night my son was in the tub playing with some unarticulated toys, and there was so much action, we both got yelled at for getting the floor all wet! ... So, maybe one POA (point of Action!)
  13. There you have it folks, confirmation on Butterfly Effect Vinimates! true story, I once told Ashton Kutcher to scram, when he tried to sit in a seat next to me that i was saving for a firend..... He looked very confused, and walked away..... more on that at a later date... I'll admit, I am actually looking forward to buying quite a few Vinimates going forward. I was back and forth for awhile, and knew I wanted to get at least the Buddy the Elf (fingers crossed for Santa) , and Iron Giant ones. More than likely I would be buying the Beetlejuice, Ty, and Maybe the Gopher from Caddyshack. I waited now a few weeks to truly digest what we saw at Toyfair, after my initialreation was oh heck yeah! Considering that my minimates purchases will be pretty minimal compared to the last several years, and have been wanting DC to come back more than anything, I'll be diving in head first to those vinimates. I love how the color on superman just jumps out, so vibrantly, and the Flash looks awesome, in that pose (even though I'd prefer a much more vanilla stance, similar to Buddy, or the Iron Giant). I don't now, and have never displayed my minimates in a dedicated space, other than a random handful on random shelves for short periods of time, but these should make good display pieces, especially on my work desk (which happens t be 20 feet away from a V-22 Osprey, and teenie tiny parts are a big hazard and no-no) It'll be cool to finally have something from this hobby to display and not worry about. I actually got my boss the Jay and Silent Bob vinimates last year for christmas, since hes a fan of Kevin Smith movies, and he's had them on his desk, and they look pretty sweet. So, long story short, Count me in!
  14. My brother and i literally broke the video tape from rewinding Weird Science at the "your stewed, buttwads!" part... R.I.P. :-(
  15. Any word on when we'll see images of the next wave?
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