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  1. Thanks for the update.... I get it ... still bummed. I'm very, very excited for both of these properties!!! Do we have a date for GI Joe series 1 yet? It seemed like everything got pushed back. Is the plan to alternate between Transformers, Power Rangers, GI Joe? Thanks again
  2. Hey Zach, was there any specific reasons for not showing D&D and the GI Joe series 3 and 4(cannot remember if 4 was ever mentioned as a possibility or not)... Pretty bummed we didn't see those. ðŸ˜Đ😔
  3. Not yet...for a few reasons...not in any particular order... -The cost of these custom figures is very high ( based on reactions of the minimates price increases, you guys would flip). So, my priority is to go literally by my own character ranking. -Based on my own Ranking, female characters are not near the top. I don't tend to collect many,if any, female characters. For me, anything i collect (except mezco 0ne:12) is based purely on nostalgia, and/or memories of my brother and I playing in the backyard, or in our bedroom. Those are the characters i love the most. -disclaimer, lol... I love women, I just don't need toys of them ðŸĪŠ My wife has even been compared to the Baroness (coincidentally, by some folks on this board) I will buy every GI Joe minimate, and will proudly display the ladies, but in my head there's other characters I'd have preferred in those slots.😎
  4. Same for my Megatron...But, other than loose shoulders,I think he may be the best of all the Transformers mates (Bumblebee close 2nd).
  5. OK, don't beat me up too bad over this pic...But, this is what I'd hope to eventually do with minimates...I started tracking these down before i ever knew there'd be minimates, or I may not have. I also have built a bunch of the vehicles, and am working on the GI Joe Headquarters. Still a bit to go for that though. A few little mods and i was able to fit minimates into the vehicles i made, and they actually look a little more in scale, so bonus 🙂
  6. I'd be all over that...I think minimates is the perfect line of toys to pull off something like this...Which is why I still love them...
  7. I'll take one... these could be great con exclusives.... i want one from the Viper episode and cold slither too !!!
  8. And knowing is half the battle... had to do it, lol
  9. Thanks! ha!, had one planned, even have his little neckerchief ready to go! ... never say never, lol Thanks!
  10. Wow, that;s perfect... what scale?
  11. Thanks so much! I love all the older costumes!
  12. Ha! you bet... i bought the marshal willenholly figure specifically for his hat to use for the Sarge. If it looks like he will not be made (due to licensing issues possibly) then i will make him, but I'm planning to just collect The Joes (except for Starduster, which i'll make whenever i get a second Duke) I'm excited to just collect these. I've wanted them from the start, and it is one of the reasons i started making customs in the first place. Now i don't have to , and that makes me very happy 🙂 Hey thanks!
  13. Thanks fellas... Zach, same for me... i think it was his killer backpack. I used him for every backyard mission i could think of, lol here's a few close ups of the joes. I had plans of doing all original 13 and a whole bunch of characters, but these are pretty much where i was when the Joe minimates were announced, so i buttoned up a few things and called it a day. Not sure if i'll be making many more customs for the Joes/Cobras. I'm hoping all my faves get made. There are only a few i think I'll have to make who I doubt they will get to, Like Starduster, so I'll make him as soon as i get Duke, because he uses his straps (or Recondo's, depending on which version you make). Just for fun I might make some of the toon characters like The Viper, or Hector Ramirez, Col. Sharp, Mara, Ramar, Honda Lou etc...
  14. This is an important statement... Most of my minimates career (going on 20 years now) has been looking and scouting parts that would work to make different GI Joe/Thundercats/etc... customs. It is really the only reason i started making customs, to have my favorite characters in the minimates form. So now, with all the Hasbro stuff, I really don't have to do that anymore, which is a little sad, but also makes me very happy, because these are the ones I've wanted the entire time... It hits the most true with D&D because the parts and accessories are so unique to each character, I've never been able to make them the way I'd like to. I'm looking forward to this next phase of minimates, where i just collect, enjoy, and don't have to modify anything, lol
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