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  1. Well, DST is now taking orders for their Select Taskmaster (which is again a silhouetted solicitation?)
  2. My guess is Walgreens won't want an assortment because Captain Marvel did not sell well and that toy buyer left the company. Zach already stated that recent boxset sales have been poor so specialty isn't getting a movie release either.
  3. So we are looking at 2 waves a year at specialty accounting for a 6 month +/- window between solicitation and release. What happened to the boxsets that used to help fill in the gaps between releases? I thought retailers preferred those because they don't have to order by the case? The last comic themed boxset we got was the X-Men Brotherhood set in 2017. We still need those Warriors Three and Wrecking Crew boxsets.
  4. youbastards

    wave 79

    So what happened with John Wick? Did it get cancelled? Did someone forget to tell the factory to press the start button?
  5. youbastards

    wave 79

    Unfortunately given the state of the line, all Minimates enthusiasts need to treat every release as vital to the continuation of the line and pre-order at your retailer of choice at the time of solicitation. The days of picking and choosing are over. Preorder or expect it to not get produced at all. Looking at that list of canceled DST solicitations, it's clear that DST needs to clean house as the current leadership is no longer effective.
  6. - Stealth Iron Man / Ghost - Miller Black Widow / Red Guardian - Silver Sable / Paladin BAF: Yelena Belova BW
  7. Wow, Lange's must be the place that DST clearance dumps leftover inventory to...he has 84 Zoot packs, which translates to 28 cases. Where were those 28 cases all these years, lost in a warehouse? Maybe if these had been available to purchase, you know, at the time they were actually released, the line would have continued. Was DST sitting on these unsold cases since 2017???
  8. Yay, another license for which we won't get Minimates!!!
  9. I just got cancellations from BBTS for the Bruce Lee Vinimates, I guess nobody pre-ordered those either.
  10. Unfortunately, no. DST instituted these 250 run production numbers for con exclusives and they are selling out quickly at the shows.
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