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  1. I agree, most of the figures for sale at my Walgreens are "BS".
  2. youbastards

    wave 79

    @DSTZach Any idea when these will solicit?
  3. John Wick Boxset - John Wick (alt parts to make Avi) with Daisy - Viggo Tarasov - Marcus - Ms. Perkins John Wick Chapter 3 - John Wick - Sofia with dogs - Charon (Hotel Manager) - Zero - Deluxe 1969 Car with Battle Damaged John Wick and Iosef Tarasov
  4. Consumers want to see confidence in a brand, announcing a boxset for JW1 or JW3 would help solidify sales of JW2.
  5. Well, since they were exclusives to a defunct retailer, I guess one could say that they *sold* perfectly well for DST. However the fact that we never got further full team boxsets after that retailer went tits up kind of tells the whole story.
  6. Hope it sells better for Hasbro than it did DST.
  7. If you include all the Best Of/Greatest Hits/TRU/Walgreens waves, Marvel Minimates are around 150 "waves" without counting any boxsets or convention exclusives. That seems like something a business would want to try and capitalize on, especially when confidence in the brand is at a low.
  9. Here you go, Rob! 😛
  10. Black Bolt / Karnak Medusa / Triton Crystal / Quicksilver Lockjaw / Gorgon BAF: Maximus the Mad
  11. Thor / Wrecker Fandral / Piledriver Hogun / Thunderball Volstagg / Bulldozer BAF: Destroyer
  12. Adam Warlock (70's) / Magus Nebula / Thanos (Bulked) Captain Mar-Vell / Gladiator Quasar / Mantis BAF: Starfox
  13. Namor / Attuma Silver Surfer / Mephisto Dr. Strange / Nightmare Valkyrie / Malekith BAF: Hellcat
  14. Hulk (Green, Ripped Shirt) / Leader (alternate heads) Rocket Raccoon (1st Appearance) / Zzzax She-Hulk / Abomination (Bulked) Hercules / Wendigo BAF: Thundra
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