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  1. One of my local Walgreens that has been stocked with packs all the way back to Ragnarok/Black Panther suddenly has no Minimates at all, and the pegs have been replaced with other merchandise, SKU sticker and all.
  2. Hopefully this packaging style remains, as I have been sorting through my packaged collection and a large chunk of the glued on blister bubbles have completely separated from the card due to the weak/little amount of glue used at the factory.
  3. They can only show a percentage of the Marvel figure in the package, hence the window style packaging, where most other Minimates lines were full bubbles.
  4. There’s a fantastic video game out with loads of variations of Aliens, Marines, and Synths. Any interest, DST?
  5. One's "drums up enthusiasm" is another's "defibrillates the fading heartbeats".
  6. I finally found a Cap/Peggy and Panther/Shuri set in a local Walgreens, 1 year and 11 months after they were first found in stores.
  7. I have a feeling we won't be seeing anything at Walgreens in the near future.
  8. @DSTZach Any idea when we might expect to learn more about these 'changes' that you have dropped hints about?
  9. Since TMNT is dead, any chance someone can share those infamous pix of the proto-turtles with sculpted heads?
  10. Are the molds the same as Kubricks though? They look pretty close.
  11. Rob, have you seen this? Are these bootlegs being sold by Disney?
  12. We got multiple waves for X-Men Origins Wolverine and Spider-Man 3, lol. Thank god DST is focusing on the hot properties like Logan and Deadpool. It gives me hope that maybe they will release Shang-Chi Minimates in 5-6 years, you know, when the product release window is right. I personally can’t wait for next year’s Fant4stic and New Mutants releases.
  13. If anyone is looking for Walgreens Series 9, 10, or 12, I have a couple extra sets of each wave available for cost & shipping or for trade for Series 11 Cap & Peggy.
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