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  1. youbastards

    wave 79

    Up for preorder at BBTS! Looks like Darkhawk may have a sculpted head???
  2. @DSTZach Did the Sonic boxset get another run along with Endgame? These started popping up on eBay in the last couple of weeks with this sticker on the front.
  3. I'm guessing these got cancelled after all.
  4. Apparently they fixed this in the re-release. What's odd is that instead of just modifying the name locations on the packaging, they manufactured a new tray??? Also swapped the War Machine helmet for Hawkeye's head.
  5. Strong Guy's bulked torso slides over a standard Minimate body block. The standard block arm balls sit flush into slots in the bulky torso. The bulky torso has its own arm balls to attach the arms to give him a proportionate look.
  6. Zach, were there any variants for the Pennywise Vinimate? I have a hard time believing that Hot Topic didn't get an exclusive or other variations weren't produced.
  7. i'll keep my eyes open too.
  8. Look what I just happened to have in front of me!
  9. We could also be dealing with TRU waves 1-9.
  10. The Long Awaited Hero redo has to be Stealth Iron Man....easy design, no new sculpted parts.
  11. Yeah, got the HCF ones on eBay, they arrived last night.
  12. Found the BAM Godzilla exclusive in store today.
  13. I recently learned of a Kingdom Hearts Wisdom Form Sora variant at Target that I didn't know about previously.
  14. These are out now, btw.
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