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  1. - X-Men theme: flying Lockheed sculpt (that can be attached to a flight base) - Cosmic Marvel theme: Pip the Troll - Hulk theme: Gremlin - Thor theme: Throg with an Asgardian *cough*WarriorsThree*cough* boxset. - Avengers: smaller Minimate-sculpted versions of shrinking characters like Ant-Man, Wasp, Yellowjacket in various poses (punching, running, heroic stance, etc). - Inhumans: Since we already got a poseable version, a large molded Lockjaw if it meant we could actually get a boxset of all of the Kirby Inhumans. Another avenue to explore would be to provide accessories of importance instead of small characters. - Book of Vishanti, Darkhold - Cask of Ancient Winters, Crimson Gem of Cyttorak - Wand of Watoomb, Eye of Agamotto - Zodiac Key, Cosmic Cube (not built into a hand, Kirby Crackle effect)
  2. “Three all-new characters, four if you count an alternate look for one of the heroes.” - Moon Knight/Mister Knight - Shang-Chi - Daredevil - Bullseye - Frog-Man - Echo
  3. Zach - does the D&D license include the new movie?
  4. I think the set is fine for what it is, my only issue is that we are getting a set of What If Minimates long after the first season aired, but a second set of Endgame figures with the Final Battle was out of the picture due to “timing”. Can we please get a $50 Hex set of Endgame final battle figures?
  5. Speaking of Minimates and Ms. Marvel, those totally were Minimates costumes in the first episode, right?
  6. Transformers Series 2 is in-stock at Entertainment Earth, free shipping code SUNFREE22 for orders over $40.
  7. I can't think of a Marvel team formed in the last 10 years that only features one woman.
  8. My guess is it is based on the first GI Joe Animated Mini-Series from 1983. Dr. Vandermeer? Gladiator Ramar? Salina? Not from the first mini-series, but other contenders: The old blind hermit that found radioactive Snake Eyes? (He recently got a Reaction figure) Fatal Fluffy? The Viper?
  9. The only characters that I know are “off limits” at this time are The Fridge and Hooded Cobra Commander.
  10. CORRECTION! I picked up a bunch of these on sale and opened them up, the standard body figures (Spidey, Iron Man, Cap) actually have 7 POA, there is forearm rotation. The larger figs (Hulk, Venom) still only have 5 POA. The Torch doesn't have forearm rotation as he has sculpted flames. Overall, I am really enjoying this line. This design simplicity and ease of collecting is what originally drove me from ML to Minimates back in the day. I need to dig out some of my Minimates power effects because I think they would work well with this line, specifically the electricity effects for Electro.
  11. Got mine today, Thanks BHM! Overall they are really nice ‘mates, but I am surprised nobody has mentioned Deadpool’s weapons. They are molded in a noticeably thinner and softer plastic. The swords barely stay in his hands they are so thin.
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