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  1. Oh, I was looking at Hilltop Carl, oops.
  2. I am almost positive that is the only time DST used that specific sculpt.
  3. Call had the same hair from Marvel Wave 51 Maria Hill or Walking Dead Wave 5 Maggie if that helps.
  4. You guys already paid someone to design the Aliens Dropship, Ferro, and Bishop, right? This would be the perfect way to test those waters, assuming you still have the license.
  5. I know for certain he was taken to court over the situation.
  6. The show seems to have had a bit of a resurgence this year, and despite most of the original cast having moved on it appears to still have viewership. I would love to see the line return in some way. The biggest problem with the comic line was poor line planning, and including duplicates of very specific zombies without alternate looks. Why did Battle Damaged Tyreese come with a farmer zombie??? Why did we get Battle Damaged Tyreese before a standard Tyreese??? In hindsight, DST should have provided multiple heads for the prisoner and riot gear figures instead of taking up multiple slots with these figures. Walking Dead very well may have benefitted from only 3 packs per wave instead of 4.
  7. Knowing Walgreens distribution, I won't find these in store until whenever the movie is eventually released.
  8. Thanks Zach, any other exclusives (BAM!, Hot Topic, etc) we should be aware of?
  9. Someone from Timonium, MD named "DIG" was this from the 2019 convention or upcoming 2020 convention?
  10. DST has done that with all of the Select figure lines at Walgreens. LCS gets more accessories at a higher price point. Walgreens wants a lower price point so fewer accessories. All of the LCS NBX figures came with parts to build scene dioramas, but Walgreens was figures only. The only exception I can think of is the Tron line, LCS was *supposed* to get parts with each figure to build a Recognizer, but apparently those parts were scrapped without notifying retailers to let people who pre-ordered know that they were getting less than they expected
  11. [Record scratch]
  12. Wonder where this Ex will show up now?
  13. How we still haven't gotten an AIM soldier update is beyond me...
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