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  1. @DSTZach, are the bonus parts for an alternate look of a character still happening?
  2. Zach uploaded a booth tour video, it had the 60’s GI Joe boxsets and the AEW ring, but that was it as far as I could tell.
  3. Got my sets today, and I have to say that THIS is how a Minimates boxset should be done. Beautiful bright colors, lots of accessories, and the thing is heavy! Zach, have there been any discussions of continuing the line after Series 2? With all of the classic D&D monsters, a boxset of army building monsters in animated colors would be so much fun! A Skeleton, Lich, Owlbear. A Beholder and Gelatinous Cube would be amazing non-articulated additions. Maybe an opening treasure chest with alternate parts to make a Mimic? Include a few exclusive weapons, artifacts, treasures…maps, spellbools, etc.
  4. Entertainment Earth has the Series 1 Boxset for $22
  5. Nerdzoic has a great price on the Series 2 and 3 boxsets: $14.99 each*
  6. Nerdzoic has a great price on the Ninja Force boxset: $12.99*
  7. Here’s a link to his YT channel, his collection is amazing.
  8. Check his recent collection videos, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some scattered throughout his collection.
  9. Does DST provide anything to Michael Crawford? That guy is the original toy review site and still gets a lot of views. He’s started posting videos of his collection, it is insanely cool. I think he lives like 20 minutes from me, I should try to reach out to him and meet up.
  10. Zach, the YouTuber I mentioned earlier got the package I sent him and is going to do an unboxing. He’s big into the retro stuff and loves the VHS packaging, Check your email.
  11. If anyone is looking for the Carded Wave 1 figures, EE has them for $29.74, Free Shipping code FREESHIP59 on purchases over $59.
  12. Agreed, it's been a few years but I think I finally tracked down enough Aliens to represent each person in Hadleys Hope. I have a minimum of 20 of each Marvel Army Builder, like 30-50 Madroxes, (Madroxi)? I even Army Built around 5 of those damn Sentinel Max statues. I would approach GI Joe Army Builders the exact same way. If given the opportunity.
  13. We were one Bishop (non battle damage) and Ferro away from a “world’s first” complete set of ALIENS action figures. I think NECA eventually did it.
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