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  1. To be fair to DST, the lack of plain hands for Jules was a production oversight and corrected in The Bonnie Situation boxset. Not necessarily an ideal solution, but at least they made an attempt to fix the problem, more than most companies would do. But overall, I do agree that there seems to be a noted decrease in accessories and alternate parts lately.
  2. Zach, any idea when the Minimates will be revealed? At this point, I'm guessing it won't be until after Spider-Man Homecoming premieres?
  3. Another SDCC 2017 Vinimate exclusive: Doesn't appear to be available to pre-order anywhere yet.
  4. Yes, unlike NBX series 1-3, Hot Topic didn't ship full cases of Alice Blind Bags to any of the 10-12 stores I checked. I was able to procure the cardboard counter display packaging via a good friend!
  5. That's disappointing, especially because its on the Vinimate.
  6. I don't see Comedian's grenade launcher or Rorschach's grappling hook gun. Are they hidden behind the packaging?
  7. A Christmas Story Vinimates would be fun too, a Minimate style leg lamp!
  8. Zach, are there any plans for Minimates for Caddyshack or the Vacation movies? Does DST's license for classic Warner Bros films apply to the rights to A Christmas Story, or do you have to get each individual license?
  9. Solicitation pic: Pix of the new Vinimates are in the Vinimates thread.
  10. Zach, is the yet-to-be-revealed retailer exclusive Marvel movie Minimate 2-pack the only SDCC Minimates exclusive other than the comic covers? I'm not trying to be too negative, but Minimates collectors just aren't feeling the love at conventions anymore. I know they aren't a big money-maker for DST, but from a fan/collector perspective it is disappointing when the product you support and want to see succeed feels like it is intentionally being left out of the big shows. Does DST just not feel confident offering up Minimates convention exclusives unless a retailer in onboard? Even simple repaints of the Aliens/Predator lines (ala NECA) would be something to get some attention to the property. Is that something you can speak to at all?
  11. Cool, thanks man.
  12. Zach, can you please match the names to the Aliens when you have a moment?
  13. Tennessee and Shaw are in the top row. That's Walter, not David, and Daniels in the bottom row.
  14. Welp, that was something.