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  1. Wow, that is a cool surprise to find. Still one of my all time favorite 'mates. Happy New Year, Zach.
  2. Aside from the packaging, the only variation between the LCS/Walgreens Black Hole figures is fewer parts/accessories and a lower price.
  3. I'm pretty sure Diamond is sold out on their website.
  4. Luke, can we please get an update on the pending customs?
  5. Zach, can you please re-announce wave 12 in 14-16 months so I can start looking for them? Thanks!
  6. Look at that classic vintage design, it may be out-dated and worn out by some modern standards, but I think it still holds up well after all these years. The Playmobil figure is nice too!
  7. @DSTZach are we getting more Maximum Venom mates at Walgreens? All of the stores near me have reset with a Marvel section or end cap and have empty pegs with Maximum Venom skus. Also, with Walgreens love for Nightmare Before Christmas and all things Halloween, have you guys pitched them exclusive Minimates recently? It would be nice if you could do an annual NBX release to fill in some of the missing character slots. Unique variants of the main characters are always welcome too. Are there plans for more Gamerverse mates? I would love an opportunity to army build AIM enemies fro
  8. Yay, maybe Series 11 will finally show up for me! I look forward to seeing Wave 12 in early 2022.
  9. In roughly 2 weeks it will have been a year since Wave 11 was first found in-store and I have not seen a single pack in person in a Walgreens. An entire year. Before that, it was 14 months before metro Detroit got wave 9 after they were first found in-store. These distribution issues are killing any interest I have in these Walgreens waves.
  10. Here are a couple of Quick Customs I put together: Sharon Carter and Maria Hill These were made from: Body: Black Widow (TRU IM2 Excl) Hands/Feet: Angel (Series 31) Sharon's Head/Hair: Rachel Grey Head (Series 33) with Dagger's Hair (Series 23) Maria's Head/Hair: Rachel Grey Head (Series 33) with Jigsaw's Hair (Punisher War Zone Box set) [EDIT: I replaced Dagger's hair with Ms Marvel (Dark Avengers 2 Box Set) - a big improvement!] Conan [i'm getting some waterslide decals from Luke to use his chest decal] Body/Arms/Legs/Hands/Bracers: Hercules (Champions Box
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