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  1. youbastards

    Kingdom Hearts

    To be fair, the line could just as easily fail if instead of recognizable characters with mass market appeal, they were full of spikey haired emo JPop figures.
  2. youbastards

    Marvel 'Best of ' wave

    @DSTZach - any chance of more Best Of/Greatest Hits assortments? It looks like DST is out of stock on the store website. A couple Marvel Cinematic Universe themed assortments would be VERY welcome, as a lot of the early MCU mates could use a redo.
  3. youbastards

    wave 77

    Hey Zach, it looks some of like Miles’ black costume elements (hands, legs, head) should be a dark crimson, that might make the figure ‘pop’ a little more. Are you able to show the artwork from that comic to the design team?
  4. youbastards

    Bruce Lee

    I might army build this entire box set for an inevitable Shang-Chi release...
  5. youbastards

    Kingdom Hearts

    This is the first KH Wave that has me excited, but I couldn't care less about the Squaresoft characters or designs.
  6. youbastards

    wave 77

    My guess is Black Suit Spidey is a full figure, but the dirt accessory can be used by removing the legs.
  7. youbastards

    wave 77

    What a creative way to release another Black suit Spidey, but holy hell that Miles Morales costume is awful, no fault of DST of course. That dirt and tombstone sculpt REALLY makes me want those MAX Zombies we saw years ago... I get why Mysterio is included, but I feel that spot could have been better occupied by a new classic Scorpion or Electro. Prowler, Vulture, Kraven, Molten Man, and Hydro-Man are perfect!. Hopefully Kraven comes with a variety of weapons. Spider-slayer is a cool BAF choice.
  8. youbastards

    Bruce Lee

    A Diamond Select Toys release! Bruce Lee returns to the Minimates mini-figure line! One of the original Minimates licenses when the line first began, the acclaimed martial artist makes his 2" debut in this all-new box set! The many looks of Bruce Lee are on display here, as his Dojo, Clawed, Track Suit and Casual looks make up the four-pack. Each has interchangeable parts and accessories, and the set includes bonus accessories to create alternate looks. Designed by Barry Bradfield
  9. youbastards

    DC Minimates & everlasting optimism

    So 50% off at Amazon 3 months after release, because that's where I'm getting most of mine.
  10. youbastards

    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    Rumor is that is appearing in Far From Home before getting a film in Phase 4.
  11. youbastards

    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    My guess is since it appears we are apparently getting both Hydro-man and Molten Man in Wave 77, we shouldn't expect to see them in whatever Far From Home releases we get, like Ragnarok/Surtur/Wave 74.
  12. youbastards

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I need Waves 9, 10, and Captain Marvel. If anyone needs Wave 8 or BC Avengers, I can help.
  13. youbastards

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    They are not elusive at all, I can walk into multiple stores today and buy some of the packs from 3 years ago with no problem!!!
  14. youbastards

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    Guess we aren’t getting a new cat sculpt.