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  1. @DSTZach Can we expect an Animated Wave 11 after Wave 10 eventually ships?
  2. We're almost a year out from the demise of TRU and the effects are definitely starting to be felt in the line. With newer licenses like Sonic, Bruce Lee, and Kingdom Hearts (and Castlevania?) not finding the retailer support they needed, DST needs to refocus on the lines that have been proven successes, Marvel, Alien, Predator, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. These have been the tent poles for the Minimates line for the last 5+ years since the demise of The Walking Dead and TMNT lines. Refocus on these existing lines, keep new product coming, reissue some older characters where appropriate, and don't be afraid to get creative. Since I mentioned TRU has been gone for almost a year, it's time to stop advertising TRU merch in the included Marvel poster. Make a Checklist for Marvel Minimates being released in 2019, throw some "Coming Soon" prototype artwork on there or something, but stop wasting time, money, and effort marketing product that consumers physically can't go and purchase at retail anymore.
  3. An easy Walgreens Wave 2, or just split into 2 boxsets:
  4. If Bruce Lee and Kingdom Hearts are indeed cancelled, then Marvel Wave 77, the Captain Marvel boxset (fingers crossed) and John Wick 2 boxset are the only properties currently in production. Alien and Predator are done, nothing in the works for NBX, and Sonic the Hedgehog appears to have been D.O.A. Nothing new has been announced for Walgreens past Marvel Animated Wave 10. Zach did say that Marvel 78 is moving forward for preorder, I think next month, so anyone even remotely interested in 90's X-Factor needs to preorder multiple sets if possible. DST should be doubling down on Marvel releases to fill the void and build consumer confidence in the brand. If these other licenses are failing to bring enough preorders, then focus all development on the one constant license that has proven results and a dedicated fanbase. Take a year or two off from trying to get other licenses in Minimate form and just refocus on what we know works.
  5. There are the 3 Batman comic variants, comic Aquaman, Shazam, and Darkseid, too.
  6. Great to hear! Nice work on the product timing, Zach and DST!
  7. Yeah, offering both a closed mouth and snarling mouth Outrider would definitely get me to buy multiple packs at Walgreens (if I can find them....)
  8. Glad I ignored that clown during his tantrum last week.
  9. Lack of licensing would be a very specific reason.
  10. Zach, does Thor get Stormbreaker this time? Are there any chances of SDCC exclusives for missing characters or alternate looks?
  11. Walgreens needs to discount older product, but since they reuse the same SKU, the most we can hope for is a buy-one-get-one sale. Some of these older packs lingering should be $2 - $3 by now This is how most retailers make room for new product, not sure why Walgreens is so hesitant to do this.
  12. Wasn't this the guy that royally fucked over Groundhog in a trade?
  13. So because you can't keep track of your username and password, the site has issues? Got it. Have you tried sending a PM to Shane?
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