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  1. Cool, you win man, you're a better person than I am on a toy forum.
  2. Sure, this forum sucks now anyway, so why not. You've been bitching non stop about this Silk list, and as soon as you find an extra, instead of offering to help one of the other members on the list, it turned into "well, what can I get out of it".
  3. Well, assuming he bought 15 cases (looks like he might be getting them direct from Diamond now), that's still 255 Minimates that he needs to try and recoup the cost on aside from the 1 per cases. I bought a Silk from him for $25. I've also been selling the Hot Topic blind bag exclusives for $25-$30. I used to condemn Menagerie, but when it comes to Blind Bags, we're all getting ^&#$ed anyway, so might as well play the game.
  4. Just got 4 of these for Christmas, NBA Batman and Freeze, BTAS Joker and Robin. Any suggestions on replacement stands that fit the foot peg holes?
  5. Why not just offer up the extra to the next member in line for cost plus shipping?
  6. My daughter has a bunch of those blind bag minifigs in her stocking right now. Santa also found a full set of the TRU exclusive TTG Dorbz.
  7. Legends foretell that the coming of Toad and the Wrecking Crew will signal the beginning of the end-times.
  8. Maybe it's the Guerrilla soldiers from the first film.
  9. Frog Thor and Warriors Three Vs. Wrecking Crew!
  10. Also, Mandroid Unit Alpha is my favorite Zappa!
  11. I have to think that we're going to finally knock out the Wrecking Crew in 2017!
  12. Yeah, I sent in an ASK DST basically stating that even with the success of the Iron Man films, the last comic Iron Man themed wave we got was Wave 36 from 2010 and we could really use some more comic villains. Iron Monger, Blacklash/Whiplash, Blizzard, Ghost, Madame Masque and one character that would translate really well as a Minimate, Unicorn.
  13. Six seasons and a movie!
  14. Because preschoolers will get a "My Cousin Vinny" reference? Or when they make fun of a movie about "those guys whose mom's are both named Martha"? You really need to watch The Cape, like now.
  15. Not necessarily, they could easily be normal sized with characters like Mammoth being bulked up.