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  1. youbastards

    wave 79

    Getting a sculpted helmet for Darkhawk in Wave 79 would require a tooling budget, apparently Minimates budget has been redistributed to make more $40 PVC GameStop statues.
  2. So eBay should be flooded with scalped 2019 SDCC Vinimates this week?
  3. Unfortunately, DST has made it clear that the path forward for Minimates is to expect nothing and hope you get surprised.
  4. I agree, I'd rather they announce the line ending and do 2-3 waves of long-requested character than just perpetually feel like the line is on life-support. End the suffering, pull the plug.
  5. Ugh, that Peter Parker looks like it should have shipped with the Speed Racer line.
  6. These Select figs and Vinimates look so good, I don't even care if we aren't getting Minimates.
  7. But guys, Next Gen doesn't have a proven track record of successful merchandising like Kingdom Hearts, Bruce Lee, or Sonic the Hedgehog.
  8. youbastards

    wave 79

    Sure, chief.
  9. youbastards

    wave 79

    I want to say Inhumans, but the numbers don't add up. We would need 4 new characters to complete the Royal Family: Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, and Crystal Black Bolt is definitely eligible - Redo #1 Lockjaw was released in 2010 - Redo #2 Medusa was made recently as an Animated figure only - Redo #3 This lineup is 90% there, maybe Zach is mistaken in thinking one of the unmade characters was previously released?
  10. Zach, since the Far From Home costumes were added to the PS4 game, does that allow DST to produce merchandise using those costumes?
  11. youbastards

    wave 77

    Love this wave despite the Miles and lack of accessories. Spider-Slayer is the best BaM so far, and makes me really want a BaM Destroyer in a classic Thor/Warriors Three/Wrecking Crew Wave
  12. youbastards

    wave 77

    Walking Dead Wave 4 Bruce
  13. THIS is how you do a con exclusive...
  14. youbastards

    wave 77

    Luke, we need some accessory yay shots of these ASAP so I can know if I need to order extras of certain packs!
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