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  1. DC Vinimates

    Thanks for the info, its odd, not all Walgreens around me even carry Vinimates. I would actually say the majority of them don't, as I've had to go out of my way to track down the previous exclusives. So should we add the Black Lantern Batman to the cancelled list with Slimed Egon and Winston?
  2. Predator Minimates

    Wave 5 Wishlist Predator 2 - Danny / Boar Predator Predator 2 - Leona / Borg (Lost) Predator Predators - Mombasa / Tracker Predator (Masked) Predators - Stans / Berserker Predator (Masked) Wave 6 Wishlist - The Last Hurrah Predator - Billy (w/Hat, long sleeves & alt laughing face) / Blain (Long sleeve, camo outfit) Predator - Jungle Hunter Predator (w/ firing Plasma Caster and spinal column accessory) / Skinned Corpse Predator - Mac (alt yelling face w/ hat, M60, razor) / Hawkins (long sleeve camo outfit, alt face, comic book) Predator - Poncho (with Grenade Launcher) / GITD Stealth Jungle Hunter
  3. DC Vinimates

    Zach, is the Walgreens exclusive Black Lantern Batman still happening? It was revealed in December. What about plans for continuing the TRU Teen Titans Go! line? The movie is right around the corner, I would love to see the line continue somehow.
  4. Antman and the Wasp

    No Walgreens assortment?
  5. WAVE 76

  6. Infinity War

    Nice, thanks for the confirmation, Zach!
  7. Lost in Space

    Hey Zach, maybe it's time to revisit the LiS license...the new Netflix series is good and the suits would make for nice Minimates.
  8. MARVEL STUD10S: The First Ten Years

    C'mon DST, you got this beat! (gotta love how all the ladies are relegated to the back row)
  9. Infinity War

    We aren't going to get Cap's Wakandan shields, are we?
  10. Infinity War

    My guess is Universal Monsters, the Select line always did well for DST, and there are still some cool monsters we didn't get as Minimates. Just focus on the Monsters and skip the B&W variants this time and we should be able to get 3 - 4 very solid boxsets. Although I could totally see Walgreens wanting Spongebob Minimates, they would be a great fit.
  11. The Alien™ Franchise

    Aliens Wave 6 wishlist! - Ripley (End battle/tank top variant) / Clemens (alt parts for Andrews) - Dog Alien / Prisoner Golic (alt parts for Morse) - Dog Alien (molten lead variant) / Prisoner Junior (alt parts for Murphy) - Charles Bishop Weyland / Weyland-Yutani Commando
  12. Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    Same, I found some really nice Teen Titans Go "face swapper" figures by Mattel last night.
  13. Infinity War

    My guess is Zach considers "returning" as a line that made it to production.