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  1. Massive layoffs at DC, and they are shutting down DC Direct.
  2. Looks like BBTS has the Luke's Toy Store Exclusive up for pre-order, I thought these sold out. Luke, do you know what this is all about?
  3. Cancelled entirely, or just cancelled for Halloween Comicfest? I would think these would have been in production already to make a Halloween release.
  4. I still attest that there is a market for Bob’s Burgers merch besides backpack dangles, clothing, import vinyl toys and branded board games.
  5. Yep, movie and show. I would fully support Select figs, Vinimates, banks of Laszlo’s topiaries , a talking Nadja doll, just think of all the Colin Robinson office toys. DST needs to wake up.
  6. Ordered, but damn, I was hoping we would get an Old Bob exclusive.
  7. Looks like the SHIELD stand from the Marvel Select Winter Soldier figures. DST could probably make a decent business selling stands and display bases for action figures of various scales.
  8. Thanks BHM! Just a bump to let people know these are ending in the next 2 hours.
  9. youbastards

    wave 79

    This wave turned out great! Too bad it is the last of the BAF waves, but at least we got the characters that we did. My Darkhawk arms were fine, HellfireSamurai.
  10. Hmm, I have them listed as US only, but that shouldn't make a difference. If you are still using your old ID, I specifically have it allowed to over-ride any of my auction requirements. Do you go to or Does this direct link work that I put in spoilers?
  11. Closest thing I see is the hat from M Bison, but that would still need a little tweaking.
  12. Thread Necro! I've got one of these going up on eBay tonight if anyone is interested. Initial bid is a little less than what I paid with free shipping. My eBay ID is "minimate-fan".
  13. I have decided to reduce some of my collection, so Luke's wrestling customs are going on eBay tonight starting at 9pm EST. I have all of them he has released so far, and the individual auctions will start for a little less than what I paid. My eBay ID is "minimate-fan". I'm putting the Wrestlemania Ring up too, but the elastic ropes have lost all elasticity and will need to be replaced.
  14. One step closer to comics going digital only?
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