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  1. Yeah, those days of obscure characters/costume variations are gone. Or maybe not, by the time these actually get released, Spider-Woman's costume could be considered an obscure variation.
  2. I agree 100%, and I got the same notification!
  3. Minimates finally made the new DST website, with some cool G.I. Joe artwork showing Duke and Roadblock! Zach, if there is a better uncut image, can you please share?
  4. Zach, is this just a restock/reissue of the one released in 2017, or is this a new variant? Forbidden Planet Vinimate Robby the Robot
  5. So apparently BBTS set a limit of one per person and is showing as sold out. Zach, there aren’t going to be inventory issues with these are there? I really hope Luke is going to be able to fill his preorders. DST / Luke / Minimates collectors all need a win with this set.
  6. Zach, one of the things that is going to make this line successful is character specific accessories being included and as accurate as possible. I understand that Hasbro probably can't use/approve the use of the licensed weapons like they did before (Uzi, M-16, Desert Eagle, etc) whether due to licensing or a conscious effort to distance from realistic weaponry. That said, things like v2 Snake Eyes falchion sword and backpack are going to help make up for other weapon inaccuracies. Storm Shadow v1 needs a bow/arrows, nunchuks, katanas. Scarlett needs a crossbow as it was iconic
  7. BHM, IMO these designs contain a mix of the 80’s animated series, the original RAH toy line, and the 25th anniversary toy line. Most old timers consider the original 80’s toy line looks to be the definitive, but Hasbro is intent on making unique designs for almost every new toy line. even the recent ‘Retro’ line strays far from the original 80’s versions despite being on 80’s style cards.
  8. Solicit the next set before this one is released, show consumers you have confidence in the line and they will buy in. The wait and see approach with months of no new product is hurting Minimates as a brand. Try to have new product in consumers hands every 2-3 months to keep people interested. By the time this set is released, there should be 1-2 other sets available to preorder.
  9. While these look great, just from the solicitation picture, Cobra Commander is the only one that is perfect. Storm Shadow’s gear needs to be black. If you have to, just reuse the Walking Dead crossbow tooling for Scarlett and the Sin City Big Fat Kill Uzi or Pulp Fiction Gimp boxset MAC-10 for Snake-Eyes. the Sin City boxset is $10 on Amazon if anyone wants to score an Uzi before this is released.
  10. Exclusives tend to ruin the fun of collecting, and I quit collecting Legends back when they started doing exclusive waves at Target and Walmart (around the Fin Fang Foom wave). Thank god nobody cares about Minimates and I can easily walk into Walgreens and buy as many full-priced Black Panther and Captain Marvel exclusives as I could possibly want in 2021.
  11. Its Transformers, not My Little Pony. (Hope you are well, TM2.)
  12. Another missed opportunity for a fun wave or boxset.
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