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  1. Walgreens needs to discount older product, but since they reuse the same SKU, the most we can hope for is a buy-one-get-one sale. Some of these older packs lingering should be $2 - $3 by now This is how most retailers make room for new product, not sure why Walgreens is so hesitant to do this.
  2. Wasn't this the guy that royally fucked over Groundhog in a trade?
  3. So because you can't keep track of your username and password, the site has issues? Got it. Have you tried sending a PM to Shane?
  4. We all agree it is one of the greatest successes in the Minimates line, that is why we don't want it to end. I can understand the lukewarm reception to the last TRU wave, but I attribute that mostly to the lack of new tooling coupled with movies that aren't fan favorites. I just don't see how putting together some Army Dumps aren't a viable option if you still have the license. New Alien variants, Ripley/Hicks, and Ferro/Bishop. No new tooling required and *most* of the figures can just reuse existing tampos. Maybe some new facial expressions on Ripley and Hicks to set them apart from the initial releases. The original Aliens Army Dump sold through, and that was almost a year before the LCS and TRU waves.
  5. Holy hell, look at that Ian McShane likeness....
  6. @DSTZach I'm loving the new Select figures shown at Toyfair, but with no new Minimates shown, can you please confirm if the line is still active?
  7. @DSTZach are you able to confirm if Sonic Minimates are still happening? With this Jakks announcement and no new Minimates shown at Toyfair, some clarification on the line would be appreciated.
  8. Since we're getting Archangel and Beast here, we can always get Ice-man in the inevitable Jim Lee X-Men #1 wave.
  9. I want countless new color variations of Xenomorphs....bloody, white, translucent red, anything. Army dumps of Xenos!!!!
  10. what's going on here? SEGA of America Taps JAKKS Pacific as Global Toy Partner for Sonic the Hedgehog Product Line to be Revealed at New York Toy Fair 2019 SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Leading U.S. toymaker JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAKK), today announced it has entered into a multi-year, global toy licensing deal with SEGA of America, Inc. to manufacture, market, and distribute their iconic Sonic the Hedgehog video game brand. The entire line will be showcased at the International Toy Fair in New York February 16-19, 2019. SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog franchise launched in 1991 and continues to be one of the most-popular gaming brands of all time with over 800M units sold or downloaded to date. With a methodical and organic approach, Sonic the Hedgehog has expanded its footprint across multiple platforms including games, mobile, TV, comics and other entertainment areas. JAKKS will be showcasing its line of Sonic the Hedgehog action figures, playsets, plush, collectibles and novelty items. One item fans will speed to the store for is the Pinball Track Set. This set brings the iconic videogame to life with its customizable track. Fans simply pull the pinball launcher and shoot the Sonic Spheres through the loops and turns. The set comes with an exclusive Sonic Sphere and removable figure. “We are incredibly excited to work with SEGA of America to bring this iconic property and character to life,” said Craig Drobis, SVP Marketing, JAKKS Pacific. “The JAKKS line of toys, role-play, and dress-up extends the ‘Sonic’ experience from screen-time to play-time.” “As a best-in-class toy company that possesses an exemplary track record with legendary brands in the gaming space, it made perfect sense for us to enter into a partnership with JAKKS Pacific,” said Anoulay Tsai, Licensing Director, SEGA of America. “This is a great step forward for Sonic the Hedgehog as we endeavor to break barriers at the speed of sound in toys!” The global launch (except Asia) of Sonic the Hedgehog toys will be available at retail this Fall for fans ages three and older with prices starting at $4.99.
  11. Yeah, Alien(s)/Predator needs to be a tent pole license for Minimates.
  12. Diamond Select Toys, part of Steve Geppi‘s great Diamond comics, collectables and games producing and distributing empire, has bought one of the major producers of collectable statues, Gentle Giant. Specifically, Diamond Select Toys is purchasing what they describe as ‘select assets of Gentle Giant, taking over manufacturing and distribution of many of the company’s key lines.’ There has always been some inherent conflict of interest, as Diamond distributes Diamond Select Toys items alongside items from other producers, this move is likely to exacerbate that. At the beginning of the month, Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles assumed operations for all of Gentle Giant’s existing licenses, and previously developed and newly created busts, statues and scaled-up vintage action figures. And stating that ‘any in-progress and future products will be offered to retailers through the Previews catalog, published by DST’s sister company Diamond Comic Distributors.’ However Gentle Giant Studios is not part of the acquisition, and they will continue creating products and designs. That won’t be confusing at all, will it? Diamond states that Gentle Giant’s collector club, the Premier Guild, ‘will continue to operate, with exclusive items for members and reserved access to certain products. DST has pledged to fulfill any outstanding exclusives and rewards to current members, and to expand on the club’s scope going forward.’ Will DST take over Gentle Giant’s licenses? Including Star Wars? Yes, DST will take over the majority of the Gentle Giant Ltd licenses and will continue the existing lines that Gentle Giant has started, releasing already-developed items and developing new items. Each license will be reviewed and discussed, and we will update you as soon as possible on their status.
  13. The shade of blue on Sonic looks way too dark.
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