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  1. In the case of the FF set, I think aside from the price, the biggest problem was none of the characters were new and the looks/costumes aren't classic/iconic enough to trigger nostalgia for someone on the fence about a purchase. If that FF set was a classic Kirby FF with classic Surfer and Doom with the new cape, it would probably have been a better seller. Look at the Marvel Legends Retro 3.75 series, by no means "great" action figures but the presentation/characters/costumes chosen are outstanding. Marvel Minimates needs to reboot/relaunch the line and get back to basics, focus on iconic looks of characters and avoid the temporary story elements like Elektra Daredevil, Silver Surfer Black. Treat the line like the "Greatest Hits" waves from a few years ago, build out a few waves of ICONIC versions of characters while throwing a bone to the long time collectors by including long-demanded characters and spend a few years trying to build up the customer base. As far as distribution goes, go back to 2-packs at a higher price point if needed, just make sure the accessories included help justify the pricing. Make these 2-packs the core of the Marvel series featuring the big names in bright iconic costumes (ala Greatest Hits). Supplement these 2-packs with boxsets (maybe DST Direct timed pre-order exclusives) catering more to unique looks, modern or alternate costumes, and lesser known characters for the long time collectors. Marvel Minimates needs a new #1, but keep the legacy numbering.
  2. The fact that DST isn't just auto shipping one of everything to Ivan directly is still a huge WTF to me. The guy has been an invaluable source of information and free promotional marketing to the brand for years. But they have no problem providing merchandise to "SMASH THAT LIKE, CLICK THAT BELL" YouTube channels that aren't passionate about the actual product.
  3. If these were 2-packs I would buy multiple DD packs for that accessory alone.
  4. @DSTZach any chance you can grab a handfull of the promo AEW mate for us?
  5. - X-Men theme: flying Lockheed sculpt (that can be attached to a flight base) - Cosmic Marvel theme: Pip the Troll - Hulk theme: Gremlin - Thor theme: Throg with an Asgardian *cough*WarriorsThree*cough* boxset. - Avengers: smaller Minimate-sculpted versions of shrinking characters like Ant-Man, Wasp, Yellowjacket in various poses (punching, running, heroic stance, etc). - Inhumans: Since we already got a poseable version, a large molded Lockjaw if it meant we could actually get a boxset of all of the Kirby Inhumans. Another avenue to explore would be to provide accessories of importance instead of small characters. - Book of Vishanti, Darkhold - Cask of Ancient Winters, Crimson Gem of Cyttorak - Wand of Watoomb, Eye of Agamotto - Zodiac Key, Cosmic Cube (not built into a hand, Kirby Crackle effect)
  6. “Three all-new characters, four if you count an alternate look for one of the heroes.” - Moon Knight/Mister Knight - Shang-Chi - Daredevil - Bullseye - Frog-Man - Echo
  7. Zach - does the D&D license include the new movie?
  8. I think the set is fine for what it is, my only issue is that we are getting a set of What If Minimates long after the first season aired, but a second set of Endgame figures with the Final Battle was out of the picture due to “timing”. Can we please get a $50 Hex set of Endgame final battle figures?
  9. Speaking of Minimates and Ms. Marvel, those totally were Minimates costumes in the first episode, right?
  10. Transformers Series 2 is in-stock at Entertainment Earth, free shipping code SUNFREE22 for orders over $40.
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