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  1. Amazing, thanks for posting them, Zach!
  2. Zach, do you have any packaged or yay shots you can share while we anxiously wait?
  3. Anything you looking to trade for?
  4. 72 just hit my pile of loot at BBTS!
  5. 8/10...Not enough burps.
  6. Will anything new from DST shown today for ALIEN Day? NECA announced a Kenner repaint of Vasquez.
  7. Zach, does the TRU23 brown Wolvie have bonus parts to make a classic brown costume, or is there belt detail under the blue belt piece?
  8. At this point, unless DST did a big boxset of the Warriors of Asgard, I'd rather just get a comic version Warriors Three anyway. in the six! years since their release, MCU Sif and Volstagg probably wouldn't mesh well with 2017 versions of the other characters.
  9. Is Surtur in the style guide?
  10. Thanks Zach, I saw the Muppets Select over at ToyNewsi, love Rowlf's piano!
  11. This! One of my stores has 10-12 Wave 1 and 1.5 packs that they just raised the price on, for almost 2 years they were $7.99 but now are $8.99. This shared sku is killing the momentum for this line. It also seems like different regions get the new packs in more volume than others. Wave 2.5 was non-existant in my area, but Wave 3 is everywhere. 3 weeks ago I randomly found a full set of Wave 4 at one location, about 45 minutes away, but it got restocked with Wave 3. The randomness of what stores get new waves has killed my interest of this line and made it feel like a burden to collect. These are legitimate issues that need to be addressed by the toy buyer for Walgreens.
  12. Zach revealed Thor Ragnarok is only getting a boxset at specialty, not a full wave. TRU is getting an assortment, most likely 3 2-packs. Gamestop, Hot Topic, or Walgreens (retailer not yet revealed, but an existing one) is also getting an assortment of 4 2-packs. 2 of the Minimates in the boxset will also be packed together in a 2 pack at TRU and at the unknown retailer, so if you buy the boxset you don't have to buy that shared 2-pack at either of those locations. The assortments aren't yet final due to lack of reference art provided to DST.
  13. 74 hasn't been revealed yet? The only new Minimates shown at C2E2 are PotC TRU, Beetlejuice, and Walgreens Wave 5? Anything new for Gotham, Predator, NBX, PvZ, or the remaining Watchmen characters? Any new Muppets Select figures shown?
  14. Zach, are the 2-packs equally distributed at the retailers not yet revealed, or will there be short-packs?