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  1. Wave 73 - Spider-man Homecoming

    I really like this wave, but Spidey has always been my favourite. The new MCU costume is such a great design for toys. Credit to DST for getting this wave out before the movie. Not sure that's happened before, and they normally get a lot of flak for missing a movie release.
  2. SDCC 2017

    The Spidey cover is gorgeous! Hoping a few of the Iron Giant will be available after the con.
  3. This is absolutely amazing! Great work!
  4. ABCs Inhumans

    This photo looks so cheap, and that wig! Bleugh!
  5. Consider this a reintroduction...

    Thanks everyone.
  6. Kingdom Hearts

    Looks like I came back at just the right time! Definitely interested in these, and that Mickey select figure.
  7. Long story short, after being let go from work ive been keeping an extremely low profile while I look for something new. Fingers crossed I have something lined up now and after a looong absence I'm back. My buying habits will change, I'll be a lot more picky than I was, and for a number of reasons I also want to cut down on my collection. I'm sure I've missed a lot so I'm looking forward to getting caught up around here!
  8. Dr. Strange

    I needs that Astral Strange!!!! And yes, the box art is amazing on these.
  9. 1/6 Scale Action Figures

    I have a similar problem with my hobby room, it's just full of boxes atmo. I have bought the shelving though, and just need some professional help to get it to how I want it. If you're handy, a few people have built their own armour bays/boxes with some LED lights. If you're not (like me), a local carpenter might be able to do something simple/cheap to give you the look you're going for.
  10. SSC's Spooktacular

    Nice! ?
  11. SSC's Spooktacular

    I managed to grab about $30 I think. I now have just about enough in rewards points to get the Stan Lee figure.
  12. Dr. Strange

    Yeah the soundtrack was good, one piece of music seemed to be a theme based on the 'Avengers' music. I saw this a couple of weeks ago and loved the visuals although the path of the story felt a bit samey at times. I thought it was fun overall, probably going again tomorrow night.
  13. Unread new content

    Just noticed those options, and I have the same problem as you.
  14. Hi. Not been around here much lately as I'm finding the new site a bit hard to use. It used to be that when I went to the unread/new content section and clicked on a topic it would take me to the last read post. Now I get taken to page one of the topic and I have to then go through the pages to figure out where I was last. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Also having trouble making the site fit properly on my iPhone (some drop downs etc are too wide for me to see on screen). Thanks! :-)