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  1. I totally understand your motives and around your age, I did quit a lot of stuff I did before, too. Some of those things I started to get back into some 10 years later. (Enough two-cent-wisdom) I wish you all the best, hope you have a great time in college and start to become the guy you really want to be in your life. It was really nice to have you around (and other than Sham and Punisher, at least 'we' know where you are heading ) And good luck with that sale! But please, keep at least one old 'mate and take it with you. Sometimes it's nice to have something small reminding you of a good time (thank your personal deity you're not collecting 1/6 scale figures...) Cheers
  2. Welcome to the 'verse! You know your ways around, so our casa is your casa. Cheers.
  3. Great work, Eric! Absolutely loved it. My favorite parts were the Tarantinoverse Situation, the whole Luke's Toystore thing going on and the "He truned me into wine" moment! That was bloody brilliant! I really do hope DST is providing you with all their releases to come up with something like this. If not, I hope Zach will start talking to the guys about it. Thanks mate!!!
  4. Happy belated birthdays, guys! Hope you had a great one. Each of you.
  5. ALL THE BEST TO ONE OF OUR BEST OLDEST! Hope you had agreat one, Rob! Cheers
  6. Miry, in case you ever drop by, here's hoping you have a great day!
  7. The whole thing is mind-boggling (btw, this is such a funny expression! You English people really know how to come up with stuff like this!). Since we talk a little about how each of us gets this thing done... I usually let the best minimate category out at first. After goping through all the other categories, I just check which 'mates come up most often in there and vote for those. Other than that: don't forget to vote guys!
  8. Welcome to the 'verse and your full blown addiction, Other Bob.
  9. I already received my brithday gifts last week, but waited patiently to open it up on my actual birthday... Besides Luke's exclusive OMFG figures and a Pathfinder 4-pack (which was on top of my list and these guys look just great!) I got a custom 12th Doctor! Including his screwdriver and his psychic paper (very clever executed!) Just love this guy! Thank you very much, Luke!!! (Little side note: it's especially funny that he was my Secret Child and we both did a custom Doctor Who figure for each other. )
  10. Thanks a lot guys! I had a pretty good day and a nice party with all my friends. HP: I know German Chocolate Cakes. But only from the US. I don't think there is anything like this offered here. Rob: I'll let her know what you said in a couple of minutes... (Btw. did you guys receive our mail?)
  11. No definitive top5, since you asked for "today". I guess these are the albums I am listening to the most in, say, at least a year or two. Order is arbitrary. Yoko Kanno - Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack (I usually do not listen to soundtracks, since they are more of a compilation. this here is different.) Morrissey - You Are The Quarry (I was born too late to be a Smith-fan, but you gotta love the Mozzer!) Esbjörn Svensson Trio - Good Morning Susie Soho (probably one of the best modern jazz trios) Macklemore - The Heist (Grew up with hiphop in the late 80s, but don't like modern stuff. Except this guy. He states a real opinion on things and is refreshingly self-deprecating) Laura Mvula - with the Metropole Orkestra (This is just fantastic. I think this really shows what "pop-music" can actually be nowadays.) K80: Smashing Pumpkins were important for me, too. I never really got into Pearl Jam and I always thought Green Day were just blah. YB: Wolfmother! I was really surpised when these guys came up. Who could expect this kind of music would be cool again? But yes, they are. Edit: K80: I am listening to Wes Montgomery: Full House right now (thanks internet). I get why it's in your list.
  12. Those paper dinos are incredible! Who ever you are - Jeff's Secret Santa - you NEED to post pics of those things you are doing!
  13. Good choice, Mrs. Lurch!
  14. Luke, glad everything arrived safe and sound. I totally forgot to take a picture of the Gunslinger before I shipped it, so I'm happy to use yours for my collection. And you really need to try out that card game - although I'm not sure if your kids are old enough. We played it with friends every second day during the holidays. Cheers
  15. Great idea for a contest, Lurch! That said, it's pretty tough to narrow it down to one person, because there are quite a few pillars of this great community! Since I'm only allowed to name one, I'll go with Mini_Myte. Eric does an amazing job on all the Mini Bar comics that just stand out and make me laugh every time he puts a new one up. And he's the man behind the most amazing awards show in all toy collecting history. The time he must invest to come up with all the setting and taking pictures alone must be half a live time. Without him, our community would loose a lot of great fun. Oh, and he's Canadian, so Logan might feel home up there. My vote: Mini_Myte. Now I'm hoping the other folks I had in mind will be nominated by someone else.
  16. No worries, great gift! Cheers And let me just say, it's great to have something like this going for years now. Thanks for doing this guys! And special thanks for organizing, Nessex.
  17. What the others said. Great shots!
  18. My gift arrived! And it's großartig! Here you go: Big one. First hint: it's from the US. Lara Croft with one of the most amazing villains/post apocapyptic army bulider. Love the sculpted parts on that one! But that's not all. And who doesn't love an Iceman and a Sentinel, right? (Plus: I really didn't have these guys, yet.) Wow! These guys are great. Why? Well, on my wish list, I pointed out some things I'm gerenally interested in. And this guy is an amalgam: post apocalyptic jazz samurai! (Very clever, Secret Santa!) And since I do love me some candy... Looking delicious. But I might have to share these with the wife... But that's not all! I also got two tpb comics by Paul Pope... who I only know by his name (because of some Eisner he won, right?) and never read anything from him. But it looks very post apocalyptic and pretty clever... But there's even more! The Kill Bill set with the Bride which was on top of my wish list! Woohoo! Thanks, Secret Santa! So, who's the generous Secret Santa behind all this? There's a hint: Secret (Squirrel) (Robot) Santa... that was rather easy. Now came the harder part. A baseball player. My gosh, don't you know that baseball here is like Soccer where you are?!? Thanks to google (and me knowing at least that he's a Boston Red Sox player), I fihured out who he is. David Ortiz! Yeah! But that didn't really help. Until I checked out his wiki page, finding out he's nicknamed "Big Papi". Well, OK. The last picture is one of those comic villains that I do know somehow but really can't pin point, from where. My guess is Marvel, though. My first attempt to google him (comic villain marvel fat upper body mechanical spider legs) showed me a hell of a lot guys that where crazy insane, but not him. Thank God there's a nerd google (comicvine) and with some more precise keywords (Marvel alien fat exoskeleton villain legs yellow, etc.) I finally found him: Mojo! Now, the scales fell from my eyes: Secret Santa Pappy Mojo! Thanks man! Awesome job! I really, really like what you got me and solving the hints you left were great fun! Vielen Dank!
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