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  1. Would love to add the Civil Warrior to my collection. Thank you for the opportunity Zach!
  2. Seconded, that was an instant pre-order for me. I would also love to see the new Spidey suit that was just recently introduced in Amazing #61.
  3. I hate to admit it, but I've definitely lost a lot of passion for the line. Some if it has been due to limited product releases (as a result of the loss of TRU and fewer waves per year). I was pleasantly surprised to see a new GI Joe wave, and may even have to track down that set. The thing that set Minimates apart from other products for me was the ability to produce newer costumes for established characters quicker than most other toy lines, while also showcasing the lesser known characters that may have never seen a toy release before. We've seen less of that lately, but that may be the best way to bring the line to the forefront. For example, Spider-Man has a new suit that has zero product as of right now. The X-Men are seeing a push with recent story lines, resulting in new suits and alliances. I think DST has a good relationship with Marvel, but seeing their big events and future plans would help them plan waves that are more topical - allowing them to reach a larger audience or be the first company to feature something "new". I also wouldn't mind seeing a partnership with Kre-O or another block company - possibly providing the featured figure and creating C3 like playsets that would engage an entirely different market that hasn't seen Minimates before. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a quick fix, but the more eyes they can get on the product, the better.
  4. That Darkhawk looks great! Hopefully I'll be able to track him down.
  5. I'm a little concerned where the Minimates/Walgreens line is going, are they trying to make the earlier web searches that brought up "personal massagers" more of a reality?
  6. Has anyone seen the last Spider-Man Animated wave? I recently found the Black Widow wave at my local store, but have never found the Superior Spider-Man/Peter Parker set in the wild.
  7. Honestly, I could see the black and red suit sticking around, especially if this is the suit that it looks like he's designing in the trailers.
  8. Based on a lot of coverage I've seen from Toy Fair, Far From Home had a limited presence by Hasbro and Funko announced the first five FFH POP's and 1 POP key chain. Pretty underwhelming overall, but we may see more product after Avengers: Endgame gets released.
  9. That looks slick. Shame that we likely won't be seeing an official version for this suit.
  10. Just ordered the Iron Spider set. Hopefully this is a sign of these becoming more readily available via the website.
  11. Would love to see it happen. I personally think the Advanced suit and Velocity suit would both look great as minimates.
  12. I honestly feel like the only successful ST line was the original Playmates line from late 1992. It was the only ST line that I fully collected and I had figures lining my room. Given the current action figure market, and the popularity of Marvel and DC figures, there doesn't seem to be a lot of room for nearly any other property - Star Wars included. Without a marketable property to reach kids (something Discovery isn't), it's difficult to even think about decent sales for almost any ST figure, especially since most of the core characters have been produced over and over again. As much as I would love to see ST recover and be successful, it's hard to fathom given the current toy environment.
  13. Congrats man! Glad to hear that the job hunt went well!
  14. All too true. I've had a heck of a time finding recent waves from them.
  15. Has Walgreens been confirmed as getting this wave?
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