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  1. TRU Series 26

    I completely disagree. This isn't the proletariat vs bourgeoisie, it's a reflection of a business that has been unable to adjust to the times. It's completely unfortunate that it came to this, but we've seen this pattern before where stores increase their debt and eventually become unable to operate. Hills, Ames, Montgomery Wards, KB Toy Stores, Woolworths, etc., the list could go on and on, but each was beaten by their competitors and sustained significant debt when sales decreased. Our society has moved to an online arena that TRU was never able to develop or compete with (just look at some of the stories on these very boards for examples of TRU's shipping of goods). I do hope that TRU is able to find a buyer that has the ability to keep some of the US and Canadian stores around and eventually expand their marketplace share. At this point, it seems like a long shot, but the potential for a deal still exists. Additionally, it appears K-B Toys may be coming back with an aim at carrying much of the inventory that was produced for TRU and doesn't have a home now. Depending on how these pop up shops go, we may see the return of one toy icon while TRU is either rebuilding or already ceased their operations. Back on topic, TRU mentioned today that closing sales will begin as early as tomorrow at many of their locations. As a result, they are expecting shipping from their distribution centers to pick up over the next few weeks, with some of these hubs closing down before some stores as a result of product being moved. My guess is that if the latest minimate wave was shipped to TRU and was awaiting distribution, we'll likely see some of these hitting stores shelves relatively soon.
  2. TRU Series 26

    Mnemosis, thank you for posting. Most of us can't imagine what you're dealing with right now and I appreciate you sharing your feedback. Good luck on the job hunt (and future DST position ).
  3. TRU Series 26

    Agreed. As has been stated by many on this thread, my heart goes out to everyone impacted by this rather sudden news. I'm still hopefully that we see the Canadian brand and the 200 top performing US stores remain, in hopes that it someday reclaims its former luster. Unfortunately, that seems to be a long shot. On a more selfish level, I'm disappointed that the minimates line (among others) is losing a strong advocate and ally, while my kids lose one of the few remaining toy stores around. I doubt Zach has any idea what the size of the impact will be at this point, but I'm looking forward to any information he can share and what DST is looking at right now.
  4. Infinity War

    I have a Star-Lord/Proxima Midnight set available if someone is still looking for it.
  5. Long shots.

    Kaine Clash New Scarlet Spider costume Cyber Scarlet Spider Clash Steel Spider Blood Spider Darkhawk Nightwatch Not sure if this counts, but I'll leave this here as well:
  6. Infinity War

    I don't probably need another statue, but I have a feeling that Iron Spider is going to be added to the collection once it's released. Very slick looking!
  7. TRU 25

    Not sure if you have any extra mates lying around, but this is a perfect opportunity to switch in the torso and legs from another mate to create the Chameleon. At least, that is what I did so I could essentially get three mates out of the one set.
  8. Happy Birthday Luke and Boyd!

    Happy Birthday guys!
  9. There goes the Multiverse....

    Agreed, part of the fun was tracking down some of the older issues referenced or piecing the story together. I grew up in an age where X-Men was ruling the airwaves and Marvel trading cards were all the rage. Between multiple formats, you could easily learn about most of the Marvel characters and read all about them. It would seem like this mission would be even easier in this day in age with countless video games (including mobile), cartoons running wild on Disney XD, the countless internet resources and Marvel Unlimited. Perhaps they should consider moving away from trade building everything, create stories that don't feel drawn out and emphasize "fun". Finding a cheaper price point for kids and adults wouldn't hurt either - maybe re-introducing an Adventures style book at a $0.99 or $1.99 price point, using newspaper print pages and a glossy cover. I hope this re-boot helps but since the Disney takeover, it seems that Marvel has been completely lost in the comic world, even as their movies are dominating.
  10. TRU Series 26

    Looking forward to adding the new Iron Spider costume to the collection.
  11. WAVE 76

    I support this post 1000% percent. Package it with Cardiac, just to complete the 90's awesomeness!
  12. WAVE 76

    Doppelganger! YES!!!!!!
  13. TRU 25

    It looks like the closest TRU to me still has 5 or so complete sets of this wave. I'll likely be down that way next week if any is still looking for help.
  14. Symbiote Speculation

    THIS! So much this! Venom INC was one of the more fun Marvel events in recent memory and there were quite a few, unique designs that could come out of the series as mates. I would love to see Spinneret and Poison Spider-Man, among a few others. For symbiotes in general, I wouldn't mind an Eddie Brock Toxin, a new Agent Anti-Venom, Lasher, a Black Costume Spider-Girl, an April "Mayhem" Parker - complete with both suits, and a Normie Osborn Venom.
  15. wave 74

    This is the first time in a while that I'll actually be searching out all three TRU sets. Hoping these are easier to find then the last wave was.