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  1. I hate to be all gift-horse mouthy, but MAN does this make me want the rest of the Starjammers now. Particularly Hepzibah
  2. He went by "Cactus Jack Manson" during some of his career, but wikipedia does indeed say "Mason the Mutilator" so maybe you were just transposing the two... since apparently both Mason and Manson were tied to him at different points.
  3. Dusty Rhodes springs to mind. Definitely a world champion in other organizations. Honestly don't remember if he ever held a title in WWE. I *think* he was both a face and a heel in WWE. And he seems like a name who would fit this line well.
  4. Have invoices for Razor gone out yet? Don't seem to have gotten one, but it is a holiday, so figure it's not impossible it's just delayed a bit. But he was always one of my favorites in my tweens, so I'd hate to miss him. Just wanted to double-check.
  5. There's 0 chance in hell of the Nick Cage wave getting released at this point. If you look at pics those minimates aren't even up to the line's current quality standards anymore. Even if by some miracle Ghost Rider became the most popular character in the world and the wave got pushed through, they'd never release them as-designed... they'd look to be very poor quality compared to todays minimates. They'd have to "re-do" them all... That said, since they're based on an unpopular movie most people have forgotten... even updated versions are very unlikely. I think the best we could hope for is a Comic-Book wave or boxed set INSPIRED by the movie wave. Not re-creating it. I'd be in favor of them doing a Ghost Rider Wave, calling it "Wave 15" and marketing it as "The Lost Wave" ... it's annoyed me that Minimate numbering hasn't made sense for years.
  6. My store had... Crimson Widow & Dracula x1 Dr Strange & Ghost Rider x1 Hammerhead & Venom x2 And none of the Warlock & Rocket set. Almost seems like they're packing these 4 to a case randomly, without regard for packing 4 UNIQUE sets per case. They also appeared to get a re-stock of Wave 9 at the time. Haven't seen any signs of 11. Anyway, bought one of each + The Hobgoblin set from Wave 9. Went back the next day to return my original Hobgoblin set w/ the receipt from the new one (My original was a defect - had 2 left legs) and the additional Hammerhead set was gone, as well as all the remaining Wave 9 sets. All they had left was about 10 to 20 Captain Marvel sets that are going nowhere fast.
  7. PS. I'm mildly concerned at the fact only 7 figures are shown for this wave (and Ghost Rider potentially noted as a build a figure?)... instead of the 9 figure format of the past few waves (8 + Build a figure) Or even the 7 or 8ish format of old (7 + a duplicate, or 7 + an army builder, or even just 8...) Is the line scaling back? Are we only getting 3 two-packs at specialty now? If so that makes me sad. Or is pack #4 just not ready to show off yet? Any insight at the panel?
  8. No offense intended to his fans, but I personally don't know or care enough about Darkhawk to be concerned by how his helmet is realized. I'm not gonna lie here, Cosmic Marvel has really never been my favorite cup of tea, so I really only have a casual knowledge of the biggest headliners. I could write you an encyclopedia on Mutants, and at least provide a few reasonable notes about Avengers or the Spiderverse... but... Space Marvel is not my area of expertise. THAT SAID... like any good comic nerd, I've been watching the MCU form in its entirity for the past 10 years, and like many, I'm a big fan of the Guardians movies. I'm also a giant Disney Parks fan, so the fact that they're currently the only Marvel Property with a Disney ride makes me love the movie team a little bit more. SO... Not gonna lie. I was one of the many supporters saying for years, "We need a comic book Guardians wave!" ... but I admit, when I said that... I just meant I wanted a version of the movie team I could display alongside my other comic book minimates. So this Gamora works. Perhaps this Star-Lord. But the rest of this wave is... admittedly not what I'd hoped for. I'd have greatly preferred comic versions of Groot, Drax, Rocket & Mantis (maybe even Nebula) over 2/3 of this wave... ideally all 6 of them in the red & blue uniforms. Honestly, the Adam Warlock & Angela minimates we have already do me just fine for those two. I'm mildly aware of Moondragon & Darkhawk, but as I said... don't know enough about either to really get excited about them. I had no idea Cosmic Ghost Rider was even a thing before I started reading this thread here today.
  9. I was going to say, "Or Nimrod" but then I remembered there's already an official Nimrod minimate, a fact which momentarily slipped my mind, so that would be a rather lackluster custom choice. And Mastermold is the only other Sentinel-y enemy I can think of and his scale makes him rather... not probable. That said there are other potential candidates. There was a big crossover of anti-mutant villains a few years back... Stryker, Bastion, Donald Pierce... I want to say Cameron Hodge... maybe others I'm forgetting. Could be any of them.
  10. Pretty sure it's Jerry Lawler. And not that I didn't have confidence in my own guess or anything... but I discovered you can pretty much find Luke's hint verbatim on Jerry Lawler's wikipedia page *cough* To be a nitpicky nerd for the sake of being a nitpicky nerd, I don't really think of Lawler as an 80s WWE wrestler. He rose to prominence with the company more when they put him on commentary during the 90s/New Generation (and then later, obviously, the Attitude Era). Actually, by the letter of his very own wikipedia page, he didn't even join the company 'til 1992... so yeah, totally not 80's WWE, though still most assuredly an 80s wrestler... His career certainly goes back much, MUCH further than 1992 (as the hint suggests), but yeah, He wasn't a thing in WWE 'til the 90s. But it's not like these customs haven't had some New Generation overlap already. I'd argue Bret Hart (the very first one) was far more 90s than he was 80s. And Lawler is a great companion piece to Bret Hart, since they feuded quite a bit back in the New Generation. AND it's not like these are hard and fast rules, Luke can make whoever he wants. And I personally love Lawler (and the New Generation) so more power to it. My only question is... will he be Blue & White... or Red & Black...
  11. I actually said this a while back (probably way earlier in this same thread) but I'm honestly thankful that Archangel is paired with Multiple Man. I wouldn't mind having multiple Warrens to update the wings on some of my older Archangels. I can't stand the wings on the older figures. Mine are constantly curling inward and forming a metal shield tube around him. At least I'll at least get some use out of those multiple Warrens! Honestly, I'd probably buy one or two just for the wings even if the two-pack IS Multiple Multiple Men.
  12. I've never once seen Wave 9 where I live in the Chicagoland Suburbs. Though luckily I've found 3 out of 4 sets in Orlando FL area Walgreens. I have a Disney-Crazy family, and an annual pass for the Disney/Universal parks, so I actually get down there several times a year and check... semi-regularly, lol. Weirdly. Still can't find the friggin' Hobgoblin set to save my life. I have yet to see Wave 10 in Illinois. Going to Florida this weekend though, so fingers crossed. Note: I had little trouble finding BC, Captain Marvel, or any of the other movie waves in Illinois. They seem to be stocked more consistently than the animated waves. I was actually one of the lucky few who snagged the Infinity Wars mates before the street date, when that walgreens leak happened last year, lol.
  13. Alright, as I’ve said about a zillion times around here, I’m an X-Men nerd, so these are always my favorite waves. You’d be hard pressed to ever see me poo-poo a classic mutant wave… That said, my thoughts… Jean & Cyclops are my least favorite of the wave, though that’s not to say I dislike them. I think I prefer these versions of their X-Factor costumes to the ones we got earlier. Though the X-Factor costumes were never my favorites in general. I do have a soft spot for that cyclops though, being that was his first costume to be an action figure back in the 90s X-Men toys. I know some would disagree, but I’ve long been an advocate for an update to classic Blue & Pink Archangel, so I’m happy to get one. The first version was one of those minimates that was right on the cusp between old-style minimates with minimal detail, and newer ones with lots of detail. He wasn’t in DIRE need of an update, but I always knew they could do better. I’m also ECSTATIC that they final made new metal wings for him, as I hate the old ones… they’re way too oversized, and mine often had heavy curling, which made then form a shell around the figure, lol. I’m half-tempted to pickup spares just so I can upgrade my older versions of Warren with the new wings. I’m OVERJOYED to get a new version of Blue Beast, as classic Jim Lee style Blue Beast is my preferred version of the character, and I’ve never been happy with the 90s one. He was too gangly and awkward, and I hate his giant topheavy hairpiece. On to the more exciting half of the wave, imo… What’s actually weird is, we already have 4 out of 5 of these characters… just none of them are this particular classic 90s version. Over-the-moon happy to get Strong Guy. Always love a new mutant joining the line. I’m trying to decide how I feel about Lorna, Havok & Wolfsbane. I’ve never been quite sure if I prefer classic Lorna & Havok or 90s Lorna & Havok. I similarly can’t decide if these are my new favorite minimate versions of them or not, lol. I think they look very nice, but there’s something about that classic costumes that’s ya’know… classic. In any event, happy to get them. I have similar feelings about Wolfsbane, though see my aforementioned comments about hating that hairpiece. This may be my go-to wolfsbane if I can find a reasonable supplemental hairpiece to replace that. Though it’s kind of a unique one, so I don’t know if I will. I’m pretty damn ecstatic to get Multiple Man, as I’ve always preferred Jamie in his Skullcap costumes over the modern day “street clothes, guy in a sweater & coat” Madrox. I’m a fan of super heroes in costumes over street clothes. This will definitely be my go-to version of the character. I’m sure we all plan to pickup spares, lol… It’s probably too much to hope for that Madrox would be paired in a 2-Pack with Archangel right? Since they’re from 2 separate incarnations of X-Factor. I doubt that’s the plan, but it would absolutely be the setup that would save me the most money, lol… This wave pleases me. Now we can finally stop begging for 90s X-Factor, and instead start begging for Generation X or X-Factor Investigations. (Either way, I need Husk & Monet minimates in my life.) EDIT: Okay, I just scrolled back over the thread and I'm realizing for the first time that the old & new teams are paired up one and one, and GOD I HOPE MADROX IS PAIRED WITH ARCHANGEL... I will ABSOLUTELY want extra pairs of those wings, so it's a win/win scenario for me.
  14. So um... not to be a nag or anything, but i haven't heard anything about those replacement parts since this post. *Blink Blink*
  15. I remember Martel's time in 80s/90s WWF well enough, , Strike Force, The Model, etc... but I admittedly have no memory whatsoever of his later WCW Career.
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