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  1. Gillbob316

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    I remember Martel's time in 80s/90s WWF well enough, , Strike Force, The Model, etc... but I admittedly have no memory whatsoever of his later WCW Career.
  2. Gillbob316

    TRU Series 26

    @Zach My Madame Masque has 2 right legs. Considering the weird circumstances for this series, figured I'd ask: Can Diamond supply replacement parts for this wave, or do I need to take this one up with Walgreens? Thanks in advance! EDIT: I see on the previous page I wasn't the only one with issues, sooooo... nvm! Customer service it is... EDIT 2: Sent! Pics attached. Mentioned the forums. I also took the opportunity to bring up the fact my Ebony Maw ordered from Luke has 2 left arms. Because he does.
  3. Gillbob316

    wave 77

    I'm tossing my vote in the hat for Prowler as the villain turned ally, being that he seems to feature in the upcoming Animated movie, and this line likes its indirect tie-ins. The sausage fest comment eliminates my hopes and dreams of getting Scream once again... but I... never really thought she had a chance anyway, sadly, lol.
  4. Gillbob316

    wave 77

    I've never been much for making predictions... but I'm pleased to hear that people seem fairly agreed that Hydro Man's odds are strong. He's been at the top of my list of characters who need a re-do for quite a while. (I think I said so in one of those, "Characters who need a re-do" threads, lol.) ... Not only is the original very dated looking, but the old one has one of the worst hair pieces in Minimate history, which is impossible to keep on, and a redo could GREATLY benefit from some Sandman-style water parts. I'm hoping he's in the same Black T-Shirt "costume" and not one of his more modern supervillain jumpsuits. My dream is to one day have the entire Sinister Syndicate from the Spider-Man ride at Universal Studios. Because I'm a big themepark fan and a big Marvel fan, so I love when those 2 worlds collide. Scream is the biggest longshot, but she recently got a Marvel Legends figure, and the Venom movie seems to have made toy lines pretty symbiote-happy lately... so... *Fingers Crossed* lol... Scream IS an unmade Spidey Villain, as it happens. As are the other Life Foundation Symbiotes. Riot having just made it to the Big Screen, astonishingly. I'm not saying I think they're in this wave... just throwing the idea into the water, lol.
  5. Gillbob316

    WAVE 76

    This question is more important to me than "when" lol... They could come out in 2 days or 2 months, but if I can't find'em it does me no good.
  6. Gillbob316

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    After months of searching locally... I went to Disney World last week, and found the Enchantress & Collector sets at an Orlando area Walgreens. Still haven't found the Kraven or Hobgoblin sets, and now I"m back in Chicagoland, where the odds are even less likely. And apparently now the Marvel BC sets are showing up at some people's Walgreens stores? Ugh... *Facepalm* Not to mention we still have at least one rogue Toys R Us wave in limbo that has yet to show up anywhere...
  7. Gillbob316

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    RE: Godfather and the Attitude Era... A lot of it seems worse in hindsight now that I'm an adult than it did at the time. At the time I was a teenager raised on Beavis & Butt-Head. You're inherently more okay with being an offensive pervert as a 13 year old boy than you are as an adult man. That said, I remember the Godfather fondly and humorously from my childhood, yet still sometimes minimize the video when watching archive footage from the attitude era on the WWE Network while taking my lunch at work. Frankly I always loved Papa Shango too, as a supernatural character from my early childhood, when I actually believed they had the powers they had, lol.
  8. Gillbob316

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    Here's my dilemma in answering this question, lol... Wrestlemania 13 was in '97, which was pretty much the end of WWE's New Generation era ('93-'97). Wheras Wave 1 of your mates Luke has mostly covered WWE's Golden Era ('82-'93)... admittedly there's some overlap, and it's a rough spectrum... I'd say your Bret Hart is more akin to his later, New Generation look, than his early Hart Foundation days. But still... I feel like, were you to jump straight from your current wave 1 lineup, to the Post Wrestlemania 13 Attitude Era.. you'd be doing a disservice to the New Generation era. And that era was my childhood, so I'd had to see it glossed over. SO... in all good conscious, I have to break this up into two parts... New Generation: Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Razor Ramon, Undertaker (Purple Gloves), Doink the Clown, Yokozuna, Sycho Sid, 123 Kid, British Bulldog, Double J, Owen Hart, Sunny, Goldust, Tatanka, Lex Luger (Bret Hart would also easily top this list, had you not already made him, lol), Vader. Hunter Hearst Helmsley would also be a natural fit for the era, but I honestly rather just hold off on him and skip straight to the later, Triple H. Now... admittedly, some of those guys stuck around on into the attitude era, and found greater or continued success. BUT... I do feel like I'd still love to see the New Generation represented. As for the Attitude Era... that list is going to be LOOOOONG... as one of the hallmarks of that era is that it was a great roster from the top of the card to the bottom of the card. The jobbers were just as desirable as the headliners in some cases. Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock are basically your mandatory players. Kane & Mankind are also strong cases. Undertaker yet again (He was around so long with so many iconic looks, it's hard not to put him on every list)... I feel Shawn Michaels would benefit hugely from both a New Generation (Heart Break Kid) version and a later Degeneration X version. Triple H naturally, as mentioned earlier. The rest of DX would also be great, Chyna, X-Pac, The New Age Outlaws. Jeez, too many to list... The Nation of Domination, The Godfather, Val Venis, Al Snow, Goldust again... as lopez pointed out, there's something to be said for doing Mankind, Dude Love & Cactus Jack, since that was such an integral part of Foley's characterization in the era... but... were you to only do one, I'd easily say Mankind is the most deserving, as he was the primary persona most of the time. And then there's the entire WCW half of the Monday Night Wars, which is a whole other can of worms... (But I'm sure many here would love to see you dig into that can, lol) For the sake of being more concise, I'll give you my top 5 for both. These are the names I'd call most essential to each era... New Generation: Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Razor Ramon, Yokozuna, Sycho Sid Attitude: Steve Austin, The Rock, Mankind, Kane, Triple H Give or take an Undertaker on both lists. I'm also going to personally say: For the love of god sneak Goldust in there somewhere, because I love him! lol. Not the most important person in the roster. Never a main eventer. Never held the world title. But one of the most memorable and long-lasting characters in WWE's history. (While he was a huge part of both generations, I think his Attitude Era look is the more memorable, so I'd say skip to that. His early makeup/costume were simpler and less flashy, it wasn't until the Attitude Era he really started refining his look.)
  9. Gillbob316

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    I mean... yeah, I agree. I think I'm more or less in for everyone from this line, lol. Guessing is just fun.
  10. Gillbob316

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I actually moved them all to one peg in my store, to deliberately make the other peg look empty and hopefully make them think, "Why is this empty? Should we be ordering more of this?" (That probably won't work, because their computer makes that decision. But I can dream.)
  11. Gillbob316

    Infinity War

  12. Gillbob316

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    PS. I'm suddenly very mad at myself for forgetting about Honky Tonk Man & Jim Duggan back in my first post of the day... lol. I like Jim's odds a lot. Everyone loved him back then. And who wouldn't love a minimate with a tiny 2x4?
  13. Gillbob316

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    I now also wish to play Tag Team guessing! lol... I feel like LOD seems like a no-brainer at this point. Demand + That perfect Plants vs. Zombies piece + being arguably the biggest tag team of the era = Strong odds to me. The second team intrigues me more. I feel like Demolition & The Rockers are both strong choices. Both seem possible, but I feel like if you wanted to do Demolition justice, you'd need some funky parts. I think you could get away with decals on them, but it wouldn't be as good. The Rockers seem easier to pull off. They're basically any body + long hair and some string/fuzzies like Ultimate Warrior. But those aren't even the only options really. We don't know what madness lies in Luke's plans! lol... could be The Hart Foundation. The British Bulldogs. Natural Disasters, Freebirds, Brain Busters... Lots of other choices out there. As that big longwinded post I just made about Vince McMahon demonstrates... different wrestlers latched onto different people's memories... and what really matters here is: Who did LUKE like? lol...
  14. Gillbob316

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    I feel like Vince wasn't a prominent enough face yet during that era. I guess he was around (obviously) and you do see him doing interviews/announcements in archive footage... God knows I've heard that sound byte of him announcing "Welcome to Wrestlemania!" 1000 times. And I think he had one of those big rubber LJN toys. But I feel like he was more like... wallpaper back then. I dunno. He's not present in any of my childhood memories. The first time I ever remember noticing him was when he and Jerry Lawler did commentary on Monday Night Raw a decade or two later, and even then, he was just playing straight man announcer to Jerry's bigger heel personality. He didn't become like... the big public face of the company until the attitude era w/ the Mr. McMahon character and the dawn of the internet (when they could no longer hide the fact that the guy at the announce table was actually the guy in charge). Honest to God, that was what I based those 5 choices at the top of my speculation off of: "Who do I remember being a thing when I was a child?" ... lol. I remember all five of those guys being a thing when I was a child. I don't remember Vince at all (not that he wasn't there... just that he didn't imprint on my childhood memories) That said, Mean Gene is a HUGE presence in my childhood memories... so... I feel like he's a strong candidate. ... I like this line. I'm going to be sad if I miss any of these, lol. (I know I could have subscribed but... I find it way easier to drop $23 once a month than 2 or 3 hundred all at once.)
  15. Gillbob316

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    I just want to point out the fact that Marshal Willenholly from the Jay & Silent Bob set comes with a damn near perfect hat for Sgt. Slaughter. lol...