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  1. Gillbob316

    SDCC 2018

    I am now severely disappointed this wave doesn't include a giant flaming Mammoth. I realize this is a weird quesiton given they're cavemen... but do these characters have civilian 616 equivalents? Who is this lady Iron Fist? (Or is it just a: Caveman Iron Fist is a lady, go with it!" kinda thing)
  2. Gillbob316

    SDCC 2018

    Is BC a Walgreens Wave? I absent just assumed it was the new comic book specialty wave. They look comic booky. (Is this a Toys R Us wave that got repurposed to Walgreens?). I know literally nothing about this concept or story. These minimates are the first I'm seeing of BC Marvel. Ever. My first reaction was, "What are these 1602?" Clearly I haven't been keeping up on comic book news. Can someone break down the characters here for me? Some of them are easy to put together (Ghost Rider and Phoenix), but some not so much... big guy looks like Juggernaut, but seems more likely he'd be Hulk, given... niche waves like this tend to stick to headliners. That said he's not green, so I don't know what to think, lol. Is that Moondragon? Is the Asgardian guy Odin or Thor? And what in god's name is that decidedly non-BC Purple Robot that looks entirely out of place? Someone break down this wave for me. And this story. lol...
  3. Gillbob316

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I like Hammerhead for being a new character that could pass for a comic book minimate. I like Warlock for being an interesting new look that could also blend w/ comics imo (I don't know that he's ever worn this exact look, but it's similar enough). I like Rocket for looking a little more comic-y frankly... We've never gotten a comic book set of Guardians, and this Rocket at least looks a little more illustrative than the movie versions. As for the rest... Strange & Ghost Rider look decent, if not amazing. Ghost Rider looks a little bare bones, as minimates go. Aside from his flaming head, he's a blank minimate, which rarely seems to happen anymore outside of Spider-Man. I'm surprised Dracula was actually correct (saw someone guess him earlier and thought it a longshot)... that said, I wish they'd given him a more classic look... instead of a rehash of the one Dracula minimate we already have (that said, if this is what he looks like in the cartoon, I guess this is what he looks like in the cartoon)... I have no idea what's going on with that Widow, but I don't like her. Not a knock on the minimate, just a knock on the animated design. Doesn't ring true to the character. And I don't like her blonde. Is that Natasha or Yelena? I don't watch the cartoon. ANYWAY... Venom... meh. Looks like 100 other symbiote minimates we've gotten in the past. I feel like I could reconstruct virtually the same minimate from similar existing parts. BUT As I always say... I'm a completionist, so I'm going to buy them all anyway and be happy to find them, lol. Still love the line, but with 1000s of figures, they can't all be favorites.
  4. Gillbob316

    Deadpool 2?

    ^ This whole Yukio thing is my single biggest problem with Fox's X-Men Movie-verse in a nutshell. They literally just pick names that sound cool out of a "Big Book of X-Men" when making a new movie, and if the name is relatively unknown in the mainstream, they treat it as, "Hey we can do whatever the hell we want with this character, who cares!?" Change their powers. Age. Backstory. Put them in eras they don't belong in. Stick them on teams they have no history with. With each sequel it's literally just become, "Pick a mutant! Any mutant!" And if it sucks, who cares, we'll just recast and reboot the character in the next movie and hope no one notices. I mean Negasonic is the same basic story... really. As well as countless other characters in other X-Men movies. Many minor, but some relatively major. Drives me friggin' insane how sloppy and unfaithful this franchise is at times.
  5. Gillbob316

    Infinity War

    So umm... @Zach & Luke The Ebony Maw I ordered from Luke appears to have two left arms. Normally I've had success getting replacement parts from DST in the past, but I'm really not sure how easy that will be given this figure's weird TRU/Specialty release situation. I'm struggling to decide which of you I should take this problem up with. Any advice? lol. I'd hate to take another of this sought after set out of Luke's inventory if I can avoid it, but I'm not certain this is a part easy to replace.
  6. Gillbob316

    Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    This would essentially be akin to me making a Krakoa custom... except more obscure, because Krakoa has resurfaced a few times in more recent years. But I'm trying to draw a parallel that's an obscure X-Men villain that's beloved to me due to being from a comic book I owned as a kid. I guess Ogre almost fits that description too, but I never loved Ogre. Banshee was clearly the standout in that Factor Three issue.
  7. In mildly related news, I was just sitting around watching the Star Trek episode of Season 2 of "The Toys that Made Us" when suddenly I said, "Hey, it's Zach"
  8. Gillbob316

    Antman and the Wasp

    Clearly the 4th figure is Noob Saibot
  9. Gillbob316

    Antman and the Wasp

    But... people here have seen it. Several were shown it at C2E2. They said as much earlier in the thread. That said, I have no idea if Matt was or wasn't one of those people. Just saying... clearly the info is in the wind.
  10. Gillbob316

    Any more best of waves?

    I feel like putting a Build-A-Figure in this line is contrary to its purpose. Furthermore Super-Adaptoid in no way fits the "All-Star" nature of the line at that.
  11. Gillbob316

    Antman and the Wasp

    Just reaching for a guess here, but... it's possible since this movie is bridging the gap between Civil War and Infinity War for these characters... it could theoretically be a real WTF twist character like Captain Marvel or Iron Man or Thanos or something. Hawkeye? Some 11th hour of the movie cameo appearance, and not something directly Ant-Man & Wasp related, is the point I'm driving at. Though it would have to be a fairly significant presence, as it's unlikely they'd do toys for a cameo (or reveal said cameo to merchandisers)... so this seems unlikely. But like I said, reaching for a guess. Someone just come in here and say it already.
  12. Gillbob316

    Any more best of waves?

    I don't think all the extraneous Guardians would be good for a best-of wave at all... I think there's an argument to be made for the core five being available regularly (Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Drax & Gamora)... I frankly don't even think you need to argue Star-Lord and Rocket being in a best-of at this point... as they've been making more and more and more multimedia appearances since the movies took of. And would only fill one two-pack. I think comic Drax, Rocket and Groot are easily recognizable as the movie characters. They're more stylized cartoony versions, but they're still a racoon, a tree and a green shirtless guy w/ red tattoos. With Gamora I think it depends on which look... cape and sword Gamora is less recognizable as movie Gamora than some of her more modern battle-suit looks are. I think Star-Lord is the biggest leap, and even then, I don't think Star-Lord's comic book look is WHOLLY unrecognizable. There are similarities in the mask, so it's easy to see one is adapted from the other. He's no more of a leap than "Yellow Spandex" Wolverine is to Hugh Jackman in any case. Packing him unmasked is also an option, if they went with a Chris-Pratty face. Just put the helmet or alt-head in the tray. In any event, as long as his package said "Star-Lord" I think the point would come across. Especially if you packed him with Rocket. After bridging from the X-Men animated cartoon to comic books as a child, I didn't initially understand why Storm had a mohawk in a lot of the merchandise at my local shop... but I connected the dots quickly enough. In any event, I'm not insisting they be a best-of, just chatting for chatting's sake. I think they'd make just as good a regular wave (and then we could put in a couple of the more extraneous ones too). I do think if we ever got a new best of wave... you could justify putting a few of them into it.
  13. Gillbob316

    Any more best of waves?

    I honestly wouldn't mind comic versions of the Guardians. We haven't ever gotten comic versions of the Majority of them (and the two we do have, Drax & Gamora, are pretty far removed from their modern GotG looks) Then again, they often change modern comic looks to be more and more in-line with the movies so... the difference between the two often begins to get blurred. Still wouldn't mind some in the blue & red comic uniforms. Wouldn't mind any new best of's though really. These were always some of my favorite minimates. Definitive looks in bright colors. Still my favorite versions of many of the characters.
  14. Gillbob316

    Infinity War

    You know... I've seen a lot of people say Thor needs Stormbreaker and an Eyepatch... but technically having Stormbreaker AND an eyepatch would make him LESS accurate... because... he had 2 eyes by the time he got Stormbreaker. And he only had one eye before he got Stormbreaker. The two are mutually exclusive. That said... an alt head cures all that, I'm just nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking, lol.
  15. Gillbob316

    Storyline themed holy grail

    Not if you're anal retentive.