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  1. My favourite wrestler when I was a kid, I had a goldfish named after him. 👍👍👍
  2. Recently picked up a few pieces, absolutely love them. Great work. one question anyone got tips for painting in regards to what to use?
  3. To the land of failed licenses... Video Game lins have always been a tough sell, this was a line I was pumped for a few days ago when they announced the license. seeing the actual mates on display. Tails and robotnick are spot on, but the rest are just meh. this was a line I wuld have bought every thing for but with the sculpting completely missing the faces. this line is dead in the water for me. just to be negative, its maybe 2 waves before it joins the rest of the video game lines
  4. JoeyCrypts

    WAVE 76

    I'm wanting to see, what they do with venom. the problem I have with bulked up mates is they are all the same size. but in comics, Hulk, Colossus, Venom, Thing, aren't so experimenting with different ways is cool with me,. I've always preferred my carnage to be clawed rather than blobby tendrils hands, so glad to see them, but not changing up the paint is kinda crap BC's hair is wave 34 Jean in White, dagger is rocking the Disco Dazzler/Siryn hair and Shriek's was first seen on TRU14 Storm, so glad to see they're not resorting to the same generic hair with the girls like the have with the guys. I'm loving th Spider-Man love, but as an x-fan I cant help but feel a little miffed that when x-men get 3 waves in within 10 waves of each other theres a lot of complaining yet nothing when Spider-Man seemingly gets 1 main and 3 TRU waves in a row all for himself. over all I can only see 7 new sculpted pieces, Demo-Glider, left and right Carnage claw hands, a new carnage extended hand/blob, Clawed feet, Cloaks Hood, Cape and the Spider-man Blaster. If venom is a new style of bulked up then that adds a few, and the clawed/thwip hands on the spider-men just look like re-uses on the wave68 GSXM nightcrawler. with the hairs, longshot throw, blackcat fur, carnage axe, arms and pumpkin bomb hand also reuses its a good mix of old and new that I appreciate so overall its an interesting wave, with New Characters, some needed redos but also quite a few unnecary additions, but I suppose you cant do maximum carnage without carnage and venom. even if its just another venom that they try something new with, just to justify his inclusion and not make him the same as the others. I'd have much preferred a classic Iron FIst Redo and our first Deathlok, and with TRU26 only needing the X-men members announced it doesn't look like we'll be getting them there either
  5. iv not watched DD2 yet, the sword in the boxset is it for electra or Stick?
  6. can anyone do some tray shots for 24 and ragnarok exclsives?
  7. didnt they say they were moving away from blindbags for certain licenses
  8. meh, i'll pick them up as a Turtles fan and I'm in for casey but honestly the original cartoon is bollocks, i'd rather see mates based on the current IDW or Classic Mirage Books
  9. Cool, I suspected mine was missing the bag, but wanted to check first. Thanks
  10. I'm just wondering if hobo strange came with a backpack like in the promo pic
  11. can anyone provide a list or photo of what accesoriess came with this wave, just got my order from luke and i'm sure theres something missing but want to make sure before I do anything else
  12. can anyone provide a list or photo of what accesoriess came with the DD and JJ boxsets, just got my order from luke and i'm sure there's something missing but want to make sure before I do anything else
  13. obviously without seeing what it will actually look like, when I think of an artulated rocket, I would have it so you have the length of legs they seem to have went with and then just standard minimate feet to provide a little extra and make the arms not seem so big
  14. who are the other characters in this wave, i'm not familiar with them?
  15. if such a head was later repurposed for a Kryten from red dwarf i'd support this
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