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  1. They should make Disney store exclusive Tron Minimates!!
  2. Im going to be listing a few of these on Ebay soon. I'll post a tread on here when I do..
  3. I think Im gonna try cleaning a few of them up with a dremmel then list them for sale on Ebay. I'll post on here when I do.
  4. Tell me what you think of these? Ooops, forgot the guns...
  5. Ive been using the "lost wax" casting method. I cast in white investment powder. Here are some more pics and Im going to put some pics of the Legos Ive cast in the Legos section of the forum.
  6. I need to get a better pic of this. I think I need to take a dremel to it. Solid brass, non poseable... What do ya think so far?
  7. I just love this little bunny!!!! It makes me want to run outside and tare all my clothes off and scream at the neighbors that I am Jimmi Hendrix!
  8. I just opened my Spiderman Scorpion Minimate and his right knee joint isnt green, its white. His left is green though. I wonder is this just a one time accident, or are they all like that?
  9. You could say I know him, because I am him. Glad you like it! It's a sweet figure, but I couldn't bare to have a stay-puft the same size as the 'buster, GITD or not. Wow it's a small world!! Yea I LOVE the fig bro!! Thanks for selling it! Im not a huge ghostbusters minimate fan (Im mainly marvel) But I got the clear slimer 2 pack and I am a sucker for glow in the dark stuff so when I saw the stay puft all by himself I was like "man I wouldnt mind that". I think now Im going to have to get the glowing slimer too. I was going o bid on yer dr. doom but I forgot , oh well at least I got Staypuft!! Rock on bro!!
  10. Why yes I did...why do you know of him? IT glows GREEN TOO??? Im going to have to try this!!! I think it looks pretty darn good with the white underfig. My camera is broke though... I wonder if glowing slimer glows blue too?
  11. I just got my glowing stay puft minimate from ebay. IT GLOWS BLUE!!!! Other than glow sticks, I have never owned something that glows in the dark that wasnt green! And even better, his "underfigure" is a "blank" that ALSO GLOWS BLUE!!! I replaced my underfigure with one of my extra white Free comic book day mates and now I have my glowing stay puft mate AND a blank mate that also glows blue. (cept for his white feet and hands). THIS ROCKS!!!
  12. A dancing bunny minimate with a santa hat...
  13. I dont know quite why, but this little Bunny emotion makes me feel like there is peace in all the world, and everything is gonna be ok.
  14. Bro, I hate to sound like a flaming homosexual here but, ebay is great!
  15. Ya gotta open it!!! Hasent ANYONE ever seen Toy story 2??
  16. SWEET NEWS!!! Id shave all my girlfriends cats to get one of these!!! Then it can sit next to my old FCBD mate on my shelf. And they can be friends!
  17. I got my blue mate on Saturday!! Thank you so much!! He now lives with my eccc blanks and the red one my friend got me from sdcc 08'. Now I just have to track down a yellow and green and Im all set...YAY!!! Thanks again!!! notice how much darker blue the eccc blank is?
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